Sex With College Room Mate And His Girlfriend

It's another thursday afternoon and I can't get any studying done. There are many distractions when you live in the dorms such as loud music, partying, roomates and so on but the biggest problem I have is having to listen to my neighbor fuck his girlfriend.

I am happy that Jon gets to bang his hot eighteen year old babe but I just don't want to listen to it while I try to study macro economics. Jesus, all I hear is a steady banging sound against my wall. The least Jon could do is tighten the screws to his bed and maybe it wouldn't keep knocking the wall so much.

"I can't take it anymore!!!!" I think to myself. I got up from my desk, swung my door open, slammed it shut and walked over to Jon's romper room. Not thinking clearly becuase of the rage building up in my head I walk into his room without knocking. Whoa, what a sight!!!

Jon, with his sweaty tan muscular body, lay on top fucking Liz as she pulled on his short blonde hair. Liz looked super hot getting slammed by her man. Her long brunette hair was a complete mess and I could make out one of her large breasts hanging off to the side of her body escaping the weight of Jon.

Liz slightly opened her eyes and made contact with me. She saw me there with my mouth wide open not believing what I just did. Instead of getting shocked or getting Jon's attention she stared at me with her eyes glazed over in lust. Most likely Liz saw my raging hard on pressing against my tight jeans. I was hard from observing Jon's ass pump up and down. Liz's eyes suddenly shut and she began to grunt and moan as Jon transported his hot jizz from his cock to her cum starved cunt.

I approached their bed as Jon rolled off Liz, saw me and smiled, then lay down between her and the wall. Without saying a word Liz repositioned herself at the edge of the bed and spread her legs for me providing a great view of her hairy mound. Already I could see some of Jon's white hot cum dripping from Liz's frothy tunnel.

With my eyes zoned in on her swollen cum covered cunt lips I dove in head first. I could have sworn she was steaming hot as my tongue darted around her outer lips licking up Jon and Liz's tangy cum. Once the outside of Liz's vagina was clean to my satisfaction I placed my mouth around her cunt and began to suck all the cum out of her pipes. Liz placed her hands on my head and pushed my face farther between her spread legs nearly choking me on all she had to offer.

Now that my work with Liz was complete I got on the bed between Liz's spread legs and clenched Jon's fat cock in my right hand and impaled my mouth on his meat. I took Jon's meat out so I could lick the sides of his shaft and taste Liz's juices. My mouth went down to Jon's lightly blonde covered balls and licked the salty sweat and cum from him.


Fucking the Sexy Mail Man

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Jon began to moan and started to fuck my mouth once I put his cock back in. I took this as a sign he wanted me to suck his prick off. My hand jerked his cock at a rapid pace and shoved his meat down my throat a few inches. Within minutes I was rewarded with a load of Jon's sticky fluid. Licking his shaft clean I left the room--my job was complete.

God I was so horny!!! I went back to my room and before the door was closed I had my pants around my ankles and I stroked my shaft until I came all over the carpet. AHHHHH

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