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My girlfriend, Amber, and I returned to my dorm room with a friend of mine, Drew, after a party. We were all kind of drunk, and I could tell Amber was up to something. She usually gets pretty mischievous when she's had a few.

"That sure was a fun party. But I don't think the fun has to end just yet," Amber giggled as she twirled around in my room.

Drew and I chuckled as we watched my petite girlfriend dance. Her demeanor slowly changed as she moved to the music. Her eyes smoldered at us as her lithe body undulated provocatively. She began to rub her small, firm tits while her slender hips bucked with the music. Drew looked at me quizzically, and I could only shrug my shoulders in reply.

Amber smiled impishly at me as she danced toward us. Her eyes locked on mine, she ground her crotch against Drew's knees. My friend wasn't sure what to do, but his hands tentatively lifted and began to stroke Amber's breasts through her blouse. Amber raised her arms over her head and arched her chest toward Drew's hands. She moaned softly as she fucked her pelvis against his legs. She then flashed a seductive grin at us and spun away.


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"Sean, what's going on here?" Drew breathed hotly as Amber began to writhe before us.

"I'm not sure, but just go with it," I replied.

Amber began to do a slow striptease for us. She looked coyishly over her shoulder as she pulled her blouse off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She threw the garments back at us, the bra landing on Drew's head. She then turned around and faced us, her hands covering her smallish breasts. She raised her eyebrows and smiled playfully at us, then pulled her hands from her chest. She gave us a quick glimpse of her pert tits, then laughed and turned away again.

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I could tell Amber was enjoying herself immensely. She was a bit of an exhibitionist and liked to dance for me. But stripping in front of my friend gave her an added thrill. It excited me as well. I love Amber's hard, little willing body, but I also love her spontaneous and kinky mind. I knew she was really dancing to entice Drew, but it turned me on knowing my friend was getting hot watching my girlfriend.

I didn't know how far Amber would go with this, but I was bound to find out. Her hips swayed side to side as her erotic dance continued. She then bent over and slowly shimmied out of her skirt. She kicked the skirt aside and, still bent over, tugged down her panties. They stuck momentarily in the wet crevice of her cunt, then slid down around her ankles. I heard Drew gasp as Amber's firm ass waved in the air at us, her swollen pussy-lips visible between her slender thighs.

Amber gave us a long look at her delectable ass, then turned and gave us a full view of her nubile body. She grinned sexily at us as we lustfully eyed her beautiful face, small, pointy breasts, slender waist, and finely-trimmed bush. She then sauntered over to Drew and sat down on his lap.

"Holy shit," Drew groaned as my girlfriend ground her bare snatch against his crotch. She took one of his fingers in her mouth and sucked on it seductively as she squirmed on his lap.

Amber gave my friend a lap dance worthy of the best Las Vegas stripper. She pulled Drew's hands back to her girlish breasts as she continued to suck on his finger and buck against his crotch.

"Uh, Sean, you don't mind Amber doing this?" Drew muttered as he thrust upwards toward Amber's grinding pussy and squeezed her spiking nipples.

"He doesn't mind," Amber cooed as she wriggled on my friend. "He loves me and will let me do anything, or do anything for me. Isn't that right, lover?"

I nodded my head. I really was pussy-whipped. Amber was the dominant one when it came to sex. She'd have me do some kinky and wild things, and I enjoyed submitting to her domineering wishes. She once made me dress up like a woman and fuck her while wearing a bra. Another time she tied me up and ate lunch on my stomach, tormenting me by sucking my cock for almost an hour but not letting me cum. But when I did, was it amazing. I'd eat her pussy upon command, no matter where we were. One time she told me to eat her out in front of her roommate. Afterwards she had me masturbate in front of them while they licked each other. I was powerless to deny Amber anything, and we each got off on the dominating relationship.

I did feel kind of jealous seeing Amber bounce suggestively on my friend, but I had no choice. She wanted Drew and there was nothing I could do but go along with it.

"Mmmm, I can feel your cock all big and hard against my pussy," Amber purred. She then reached down and began to unbuckle Drew's pants. "Let's see if your cock really is as big as the girls say."

We both gasped when Drew's cock sprang out. I had seen his cock in the dorm showers before, and it seemed pretty big soft. But now that it was hard, I was amazed at how enormous it was. His cock must have been ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. And as I saw Amber playing with it I felt another twinge of jealousy. I've got a medium- sized dick, about seven inches, and Drew's made me look like a midget.

"Oh my," Amber breathed excitedly. "Look at huge his cock is. Sean, take yours out so I can compare."

I reluctantly undid my pants and pulled out my cock. Like a girl in a candy store, Amber played with both of our cocks, humming to herself as she stroked my hard dick and Drew's enormous shaft.

"Sean, you know I've always enjoyed your cock. But look at how much bigger Drew's is. I can barely fit my fingers around it, and it's even longer than two hands. Oh, I want both of you naked now. I'd love to get a mouthful of this cock. Then I want to feel this huge pole up my cunt. And don't worry, Sean, your cock will suit well for my mouth," Amber said flatly.

Drew looked at me and said, "Sean, I won't do this if you don't want me to."

"He wants you to," Amber interjected. "He likes me to enjoy myself. Sean, you know you'd love to watch this monster ream my little cunt."

I looked at my girlfriend's dainty hands pump Drew's massive erection and whispered, "Yes."

Amber giggled and sat back with anticipation as we undressed. When we were both naked, she had us sit next to each other on the couch. She gripped our raging hard- ons and licked her lips at the prospect of enjoying two cocks at once.

"Let's see how much of this I can fit in my mouth," Amber breathed as she guided Drew's enormous organ toward her face. Her eyes closed in rapture, she spread her full lips around his bloated knob and lowered her mouth. Her lips were stretched in a wide "O" as she accepted barely a third of his massive tool. She slurped noisily on Drew's member, her mouth clamped around his fat stalk while she jerked on my stiff rod.

I sat transfixed at the sight of Drew's huge cock bulging from Amber's wide- spread mouth, my own cock throbbing in her hand. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked wetly on his fat, veiny shaft, her lovely brunette head bobbing as far up and down as she could. She then pulled her mouth from Drew's giant stalk and slid her lips down my shaft. She could accept more of me than my friend, but there were still a couple of inches left.

Amber sucked my cock wantonly for a few minutes, then went back to Drew. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head of his penis, lapping at the oozing pre-cum, then flickered down his meaty shaft. She pressed her mouth to the underside of his bloated pole and sucked. Her lips then flitted further down his elongated member to his enormous balls.

"Drew, your balls are absolutely huge. I bet you cum a lot," Amber chirped as she lashed his golf-ball sized orbs with her tongue.

"If you keep that up, you'll find out soon enough," Drew muttered.

"Oh, I'd love to gulp down your cum. But I need your big cock inside me," Amber panted. She gave his gleaming shaft one last lick, then knelt on the floor on all fours. "Fuck me like I've only dreamed about, you stud."

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