True To Life II 1

The late afternoon sun covered the large bedroom's far wall as the scarlet haired woman finally stirred. A soft hand reached out from beneath the silk blue sheet, turning the alarm clock on the night table so that she could see it. A pair of sleepy emerald eyes tried to focus on the LED display as they formed 10:47.

"Well there goes most of the morning." the thirty-four year old thought as she retreated back under the sheets.

As she shifted position, she bumped into the other body sharing the large oak bed. Or to be specific, the soft cheeks of her naked ass pressed up against the young man's equally exposed and semi-hard cock. The press of flesh against flesh brought a warm smile to the now fully alert redhead.

Memories of the previous night made her smile even brighter. She brushed a lock of dark brown hair from across the closed eyes of her still sleeping companion. His features were decidedly handsome, possessed of an almost little boy cuteness. The body below was smooth, almost hairless - exercised and well toned. His name was Michael Rossi and he was all of eighteen and a half years old.


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The previous summer, she and Michael had enjoyed an adventurous affair, made even more forbidden by the fact that at the beginning of it he had still been one of her students at Peterson High School. Currently, Michael was a freshman studying Industrial Arts at Brookfield University.

The night she and Michael had first made love had been a turning point in the life of Arlene Koda. She was trapped in a loveless marriage and about to have the one thing she really loved, her teaching career, taken from her. Her now soon to be ex-husband, Doctor Alan Fitzgerald, had been made head of surgery at the prestigious Saint Matthew's Hospital. As such, he expected her to give up the teaching career she'd begun before she'd met him and simply become Mrs. Alan Fitzgerald. It was already a point of constant contention to him that she had kept her maiden name.

The afternoon before her marriage had ended, Arlene had found a sketch book in one of her classes belonging to Michael. Inside were dozens of sketches depicting Michael in various sexual acts with an attractive woman. It didn't take more than a cursory glance to realize that the woman in the drawing was her.

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At first she had confiscated the book, as any other teacher had done. Later, she had a change of heart and called his house to say he could pick up the book that evening. Just because her life was going down the toilet, she'd reasoned, there was no reason his should too .

Prior to Michael's arrival, she'd had the worst fight of her marriage, ending in Alan's ultimatum. With her husband going to a planned awards dinner without her, Arlene had begun to drink rather more heavily than normal.

It would've been easily to blame her seduction of Michael on the alcohol, but she knew that wasn't really true. It just gave her an excuse.

The sexual detonation between the two of them had been explosive. So much so that Michael was originally afraid that she might have claimed he'd raped her after she sobered up. When she'd shown up at graduation after being out the last two weeks of the school year due to "family matters", Michael saw his future behind bars.

Instead, she was all smiles and compliments. In fact, she had offered him a commission to paint a portrait of her to go with the redecoration of her house that she was planning over the summer. He'd accepted the job and as a fringe benefit had gotten to act out every one of those drawings that filled out his sketch book.

The affair had ended in September when Michael went off to college. He went off with the knowledge that his sexual education had been advanced by years.

As for Arlene's marriage, well that had ended during those two weeks she had missed school. Alan had no choice but to give her the divorce she craved -- and on her terms. The threat of a hostile court action where she might stand up in public and tell the world that she'd screwed one of her students was something he'd never dare risk. The Board of Trustees at Saint Matthew's would've never understood.

It was spring break and Arlene had been very surprised by Michael's call last night. He said that he was home visiting and could he stop by? The prudent thing for Arlene to do would've been to make some excuse and let the past stay there. But prudence hadn't been in her vocabulary this past year, so she had said yes. She knew full well that they'd end the night in bed together.

It had been fun she had to admit. Michael had learned well the lessons she'd taught him over last summer. It was also quite obvious that he'd been paying just as much attention to his physical development while away at school as his mental growth. His body was much more defined than the last time she'd seen it.

Had it been before or after midnight that they'd taken a break and talked about his life at Brookfield. She had asked if he had a girlfriend and had been both surprised and pleased when he said that he had started seeing Jenny Greene.

Jenny, of course had been the hottest girl at Peterson High and before Michael's "summer education" wouldn't have given him much more than a casual glance.

"Is she good in bed?" Arlene had asked as she had gently stroked his spent cock.

"Not as good as you of course." he had answered, bringing a smile to Arlene.

"Liar!" she'd playfully hissed, giving his cock a hard tug.

"Okay, almost as good as you." he relented.

Arlene had more than a few occasions to see Jenny's rather impressive body in it's natural state back during the girl's high school days. Every teacher had to take a turn as locker room monitor. A long haired blonde, she remembered Jenny as having a near perfect form, capped by a beautiful pair of 34C breasts. Arlene's own breasts of course were a much more impressive 36D.

In another fascinating turn of events in her new found independence, Arlene had become much more aware of other women's bodies of late. Some nights she wondered what it would be like to be a little more than aware of those bodies. Not any of her students of course, that was a risk that she would never repeat. More than a few times she'd noticed women at the health club she belonged to checking her out. It might be very interesting to invite one of them to lunch one day and see where it developed.

That however was a thought for another day. Michael stirred in his sleep, causing the edge of the sheet he had wrapped around himself to pull away. His semi-hard cock was now fully exposed. The sight brought to mind summer nights he had told his parents that he had worked too late to drive home and would sleep in the guest room. With that memory came another of a special treat she used to give him on those morning afters.

Sliding out from her own side of the sheet, Arlene moved down on the bed and carefully lifted his cock into the air. Moving to within a few inches of his young manhood, she could see the dried residue of their lovemaking. They'd both been too tired after that last session to even wash up. The delight of that final climax fresh in her mind, she guided his cock into her mouth.

It didn't take long for the warm softness of the older woman's mouth to bring Michael to a full hardness. Skillfully, her tongue played across his cockhead, then up and down his shaft. Soft, slender finders stroked his length and her wet trail extended down to his balls. She took first one and then both into her mouth, covering them with kisses.

"Oh yessss." Michael moaned as he woke to such a pleasant feeling. It took him a few seconds to remember the sensation of waking up to a blow job, and an additional moment to reassure himself that he still wasn't dreaming.

Now that she had his full and undivided attention, Arlene's head began to bob up and down even faster. The ripples of delight of that action sent another series of soft moans to Michael's lips. Already he could feel an explosion building deep in his loins.

Lost in the euphoria that engulfed his manhood, Michael didn't hear the sound of the door chimes -- even after they rang a second and third time. It wasn't until the forth time when Arlene let his cock slip from her mouth that he heard them.

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