Wife's First Swing

When we first started swinging we were in northern MI, and I had been talking to my wife about it for some time, as before we got married I had met with several couples for 3-somes, and thought that it would be more fun with her as my partner. She was a bit hesitant at first but she really loved sex, and had experienced her first oral sex with me. She loved giving, swallowing and receiving. We got some swingers magazines; this was in the days before computers, and read over the ads looking for some one K. could feel comfortable with.

We wrote answers to a couple, and then talked with them over the phone. Our first contact was J. a man we talked to on the phone quite a bit, and whom she felt she would like, then invited him to visit. We got aquatinted for a while then began to play around, K. loved the attention and was soon involved with J, kissing him while he caressed her breasts, then kissed his way down to her now very hot, wet cunt, eating her while I kissed and played with her breasts. After a bit he moved up and began to fuck her with a very nice 8" cock while I moved up so she could suck my cock. She loved to suck cock and swallow and she loved to be fucked.

I loved watching his cock slide in and out of her slippery cunt while she moaned and continued to suck on my cock. J started very slow with long deep strokes, then he began to pick up speed, fucking her cunt harder and harder as she thrust her hips wildly against his pounding cock. I was so turned on it was all I could do to hold back and not cumm too soon. About 20 min. and I could hold back no longer, and as I started to cumm in K's mouth, J let out a long moan, pushed deep into K's cunt and filled her with his sperm. She had been having a climax every 4 to 5 min and now climaxed so hard she let out a little scream after swallowing my hot load. She then sucked J's limp cock clean and we lay there for a few min to recover.

We spent a couple of hours always doing something with her, taking turns fucking her while she continued to suck our cocks. He spent the night in ourbed, a lot of couples don't allow this, but whenever she wanted, we would fuckher, so she got fucked about 5 more times throughout the night.

J left after breakfast the next morning and K said she really loved having two men to please her every sexual desire and thought we should do it again.We met with J several more times until we moved, our work taking us back westto our home state of CO, where we met several other men and couples too, but that is another story.

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written by harolds
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