Wife His Wife and College Buddy

My wife knows I'm into guys, and that O.K. with her, because she like girls too. It's a pretty good marriage that way. We're both in our 20's. I'm 5'10", 155#, brown hair, green eyes, a stache, and I work out so I'm in pretty good shape. My wife's biggest assets are her big tits, but she's a pretty good looker too.

One night, we were out drinking with a friend of mine from college. Tom was the same age as me, 27, and a pretty handsome dude. Blonde, blue eyes, good muscles and a big dick. I knew that because Tom was also bisexual and we had jacked each other off a bunch of times when we didn't score with our dates.

Well, we were out drinking that night, going from bar to bar, so by the time we got back to our place (Tom was staying with us while he was in town), we were all pretty toasted. My wife was probably the most blitzed of the three of us, because as we - my wife and me - were unfolding the sleeper couch, she said to Tom, "So, you gonna let Phil (me) jack you off tonight?" I was pretty surprised she said that. Although we all knew about the way things were and we each knew we knew, I never thought she'd say anything about it. I got even more surprised when Tom said, "If he wants me to."

I hadn't even been thinking of it but all of a sudden the idea sounded pretty hot, and I sorta looked at Tom. He'd already started getting undressed for bed, so he was standing there in his underwear, and from the looks of his bulge the idea was pretty exciting to him too. Naturally, seeing him like that brought back some old memories and I started getting erect too. I just said "Sure."


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My wife took charge then. She reached over, grabbed me by my tie and Tom by the waistband on his briefs and said "Come on. Let's go to the bedroom." We both followed - Tom had little choice - and if I hadn't been so wasted, I would have figured out what she was after sooner: she wanted Tom and I to pull each other while she watched!

When we got to the bedroom, she got her dress off in record time, with both Tom and I watching. The dress, her bra and her panties ended up in a pile at the foot of the bed and that left me the only one in the room fully dressed. She hopped onto the bed and told Tom to undress me.

That was something we'd never done before, but I have to tell you, it really turned me on. First he took off my tie, and then he unbuttoned my shirt (he had trouble doing that and had to go around behind me and do it front-wise, and while he was doing that, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass). Then he opened my belt and my pants, and as they were sliding down, I kicked off my shoes while Tom peeled off my shirt. Now Tom and I were wearing the same thing, just our jockeys and socks. Linda (my wife), then told us to take each other's briefs off. He peeled mine down fast, and then I bent down to do his. As they were coming off, his cock stood up and slapped against my face, and then stood there, rock hard against his stomach. Just like the old days!

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In the old days though I didn't have a wife and having a woman around making quite an experience. We had our briefs off and both Tom and I were standing there quite erect, his dick standing straight up and mine pointing straight out. It was obvious that Linda was in charge of this little party so we both waited for her to tell us what to do next. We didn't have to wait long.

"Phil," she said, "come over here and lay down." I did, and my dick was pointing up to the ceiling. I moved my right leg over till it was touching her thigh and looked over at Tom. He looked sexy standing there hard. I guess it was warm in the room because I could see some sweat on his blonde chest hair and on his arms. He didn't have to wait long either. Linda told Tom to come over and jerk me off.

He walked over, slowly, and bent down a little, taking my rock hard pole in his hand. It was wild, the guy I used to jerk off with in college jerking me off now, with my wife watching! I really started getting into it, and I saw Linda drop her hands to her twat and start fingering herself. Tom hadn't lost any of his skill - his hand felt great! - so I reached up with my left hand and wrapped it around his pole. It was so fucking hard I thought it would break off in my hand.

I knew I wasn't going to last very long with this kind of action, so I figured I'd get Tom off quick too. I still remembered how he liked it, so I did it. Linda had other ideas, though. She jumped up off the bed and came around Tom's side. She dropped onto the edge of the edge of the bed, almost sitting on my shoulder (and knocking my hand out of the way), and went down on him! Well, that was pretty hot! I took my now empty hand and put it down between her legs and started fingering her wet clit, while she sucked Tom's cock.

Then Tom did something neither of us ever did before (with each other, anyway). He bent over and started licking the head of my dick! What a fucking scene - my wife blowing my college buddy while he licked my dick like it was a lollipop! I could see the positions they were in were uncomfortable, so I moved over. Tom came onto the bed, laying sideways, and went back to licking my dick. Linda hopped onto the bed, upside down from my point of view, and kept up the hoovering on his prick.

I figured it wasn't fair for me to be laying there doing nothing, so I reached over, bending my arm kind of funny, and started massaging Linda's clit again. I never remembered her being this wet before, but I wasn't offended, since I never remembered being that hard before either! I knew I wasn't going to last long, and sure enough, between the feel of my wife's wet cunt and Tom jacking and licking my dick, I felt myself starting to jizz. I told Tom, "Look out, buddy!" but instead of pulling off, he took my whole fucking dick down his throat and held it there. If I hadn't been close before that would have done it for sure and I felt my cock shoot off down into his throat.

At the same time, Tom must have jizzed off, because I could hear Linda making the same noises she made whenever I fed her my meat. I swirled my fingers around her clit at the same time and she started jumping around on the bed (still with Tom's dick in her mouth), and moaning, the way she does when she's getting off when I fuck her. By the time she stopped, my balls were dry!

The whole thing couldn't have lasted more than ten minutes, but it was intense! Nobody felt like moving very much, and Tom ended up spending that night (and the rest of his visit), in the bed between Linda and myself. She admitted the next morning that that had always been a big fantasy of hers, watching her big macho husband getting off with his college buddy. I didn't mind, I told her, and the next night, she made me suck Tom's prick, but that's another story.

written by brooklyn
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