Swings and Roundabouts

Being with Kathy was great, our relationship had grown to a point where we knew each other very well, our likes, dislikes and sexual preferences. Being with her was a joy - the primaries over and being able just to relax with each other. Like after a hard day at work spending the evening watching TV or listening to our music and just enjoying each other in every way we wanted.

The way she teased me by mock pining to get the attention she wanted. Lots of hugs and loving and then more too, a look into her eyes said everything and when the fever of our kiss grew and she pushed my head down I knew she was hungering for my oral delight, which was so easy to give, her being commando too underneath that very sexy black skirt - as if I didn't know she was commando too! "Do you mind, Peter, I know you like to leave something to the imagination, but I want you so much, you know just how I adore you to do the things you do to me down there."

I was so rampant it didn't matter, I was just hungry for the taste and feel of her - and then I was in another world, her moving for me the way she did, smothering me in wonderful gorgeous wet warm Kathy pussy, the way she crouched over me, tantalized me with it, then kneeling astride me, gradually easing down, enough for me to sniff her but not to touch, then she'd twist a little until I yelled out for her to come down on me completely, for her just to sit on my face and deliver me to her heaven once more.

It was divine with Kathy - all those things we'd do - and that's before we went to bed! But there was something particularly intimate about having her in the lounge, in the kitchen - sometimes over the kitchen sink if we wanted doggy - and especially over the mahogany table, that was a real treat to behold, if I'd fucked her once over the table I'd fucked her a thousand times, yet it was always new and fresh each time, no matter which way, oral, pussy or ass fuck - she was always game and wanting it. Her cock suck was wonderfully stimulating, she'd especially like it on the settee, bent over my lap as I gave her a firm tanning, a slap here and a slap there , then nudging and squeezing the redness as I felt her suck grow stronger.


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To suck her was one thing, for her to suck me, another and when we both did it together, in the sixty nine position, sometimes me on top - other times she, we took it all the way and to be smothered in her body fluid was something I am unable to describe in a way to give the experience full credit, but when I came, and she was licking and eating me all up, I knew we were compatible in every way.

As she sucked me, sometimes I liked to watch her, wondering just how it was like to suck cock. Not realising at the time I was bi-sexual - although, thinking about it now, the way our discovery of each other took us to buying a strap-on so she could experiment in fucking me, well it all becomes rather obvious now - and yet at the time, feeling Kathy's strap-on fuck was so good and it came to the point I wanted it every time we made love.

But then later, when I met Danny - I felt the urge with him and then realized I was definitely bi. The first time, the very first time Danny and I arranged a meeting, it was in a quiet car park and , after talking a bit I boldly sucked him off in his driving seat. It seemed all so very natural for me to undo his zip pull it out, examine and start to feel it grow in my hand. "That' s lovely, Pete, it's always different someone else doing it rather than yourself" Our next meeting was at his place. On arriving he was soon naked, seated on an armchair, his cock pointing upwards and him saying: "Well there it is then!" as if to say well come on help yourself!

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Of course I did. He had an average cock, about six inches I guess, unlike me he was cut and I noticed the slight bend in the middle, He joked that was to turn corners and said he wondered what my corner would feel like. With that promise of a presumed fuck I was soon on my knees, sniffing cock and balling him. Now I could really feel the sensation of what it was like to suck cock as well as being sucked, at first I just planted it into my mouth as I had done in the car before, but then he wanted me to stop fearing we may be seen, just as I was really beginning to enjoy it too, that's when we made a date to see each other privately. Anyway I took time to enjoy his cock this time, to manoeuvr it inside my mouth, licking and tasting it. It was very pleasant and. feeling him feeling me as I sucked made it all the more special.

It would become a special feature of our special times together, me and Danny - the sucking, the tasting and the desert - him asking me if I would like his fuck - then the first time over the edge of the bath, feeling it surge into me like that, it was better than the strap-on I had to admit more moving and yes, that bend in the middle! Deep penetration, him throbbing inside, he stopped for a while, he seemed to want that, he just very gradually moved inside, kneading my ass cheeks firmly and moving my buttocks from one side to the other, him still deep inside, It felt like luxury, the firmness coupled with the wanting. `fuck me, fuck me harder' I said and he did, no holds barred, I felt him hard slapping me too, across my ass cheeks - at first I was going to yell at him to pack it up, but then?, well I don't know, it really seemed to compliment his deep thrust at the time, it stung yes, and how! But then after a few more firm slaps the feeling seemed to change. It was all part of his fuck, the wonderful sensation and the numbness that came then, his thrusts still moving my ass - and then, I heard the sound of his moans first, then the final deep thrusting hard surge as he came inside me.

Danny was just another part of my life, the thing was, Danny could never be demanding like a woman. I mean Kathy, she is a lovely person and I adore her in every way - but I guess she just wanted a straightforward loving relationship and I wanted more.

Women naturally are more emotional and I guess she could never understand my bi-sexual leaning or even the way she caught me looking at other girls on several occasions. How I had to go through the questions and answers afterwards, some women simply can't seem to understand that, even of you do love them and fancy them, us guys get the pangs sometimes to want to fuck another - with no strings attached would be nice, although I have to admit for me there is more to it than that, I have to like the girl as a person too. The times when I was a teenager, seeing a girl I really fancied - and then, still with her image in my mind a crafty wank in a local loo or whatever. My sexual urge was always the same, just a slight flicker of a sexual thought and the tingle below would begin. And then, just a mere touch, through my pocket or over my jeans if I could manage to hide myself, and I was soon stiff.

All that was remedied by my first girl called Angela, and her `seeing to him' in the back seat a cinema, she simply loved to wank me silly and when eventually I did fuck her she was a beautifully untouched tight virgin, what a perfect delight for a first fuck that was.

For me obese girls are out, they turn me off rather than on - I mean how can some of them think they attract with short skirts or tight jeans when their flab bulges over their seams and they give the appearance of a shire horse at the back! But I guess there are many guys who like the big ones but me? I go for the firm beautiful curvatures, the slight gap in the crutch when a girl wears tight jeans, has a perfect ass, the perfect figure complete, and when she turns around, the look are a winner too. I mean let's be honest, what sort of a normal guy could resist a second look and maybe with carnal imaginings g seeping through?

I've been with several giros now, fucked them through and through. I is always a joy to behold, but unless there is something more than just the sex the relationship becomes plainly habitual and boring, then it's time for pastures new - and the sheer enjoyment of discovering the likes and dislikes of a new girl in a brand new relationship. That for me is exiting, but I know one day I will get caught, if there is anyone out there wanting me for what I am,.

As for Danny, well that is a one off, I have never been with another guy let's say. So that must say something?

Swings and Roundabouts really I guess?

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written by writersinterlude
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