Whose Fantasy?

Although my girlfriend Mandy isn't bi she had told me a couple of times when drunk that she fantasized about kissing another girl and maybe going further. Both of us knew her friend Shawna was interested in sleeping with her and it had become a running joke that if Mandy and I split, Shawna would make a move. One night whilst drinking at Shawna's the joke came out again after everyone else at the party had left. Wanting to see some girl/girl action and hopefully get involved, I told Shawna she didn't have to wait.

The girls were nervous, but I told them it was just a kiss and I was the only one who'd see (some of their friends are kinda prude). They agreed and shared the softest, most intimate kiss. I asked Mandy how she felt and she remarked kissing Shawna made her really horny, she didn't need to say it though, I could see her nipples hardening as they kissed. They both looked at me asking how I felt. Slack jawed at my girlfriend's pleasure I could only reply "Hard."

Mandy leaned over to Shawna, whispering something and with a mischievous grin told me I was to do what they said if I wanted to be involved. I couldn't believe my luck, I was gonna see my girl with her best friend. Too bad I hadn't heard what they said.

In Shawna's room I was told to strip, obligingly I did, unable to hide my enthusiasm from them. Mandy had always complemented me on my size and Shawna remarked she could see why. The two girls proceeded to undress and ever so delicately caress each other, as my hand ran slowly up and down my cock. Mandy saw this and sternly told me to stop what I was doing and stand in the corner - and not to play with my now throbbing manhood. The teasing was unbearable. Shawna guided Mandy to the bed and laid her down, running her hands lustfully down the outside of her arms, kissing her as she did. Mandy's hands were ever slowly running over Shawna's breasts, evoking the quietest of moans from her. Shawna has always been sexually aggressive so I wasn't surprised when she dove between Mandy's legs and started lapping at her pussy like a woman possessed.


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I was kind of disappointed that they were getting so heavy so quick, so I told Shawna to slow down. Big mistake. Stopping, Shawna glared at me. Mandy - her face flushed and with a look that I had seen a few times when we delved into some light BDSM - told me it was time I was quietened. She came over, dropped to her knees and hungrily licked up and down the shaft of my cock. Hearing my moans of pleasure she took me into her mouth. The sensation was heightened when Shawna came over and grabbed my balls. The sucking stopped and the grip got tighter. Mandy took a lace out of her shoe which she fastened around my cock and balls, making a cock ring, using the excess to stretch my balls. To say I was about to burst was an understatement; Mandy knew I loved her dominating me. Shawna brought me back to reality by slapping my now pressurized balls and remarking they were both going to make pay for apparently instructing them earlier.

Shawna told Mandy to reach under her bed. As Mandy walked over to the bed, she sexily wiggled her ass at me. This was all I saw for some time as Shawna put a blindfold over me, and kicked the back of my knees dropping me to the floor. My balls were twitching and now in considerable discomfort. I was grabbed roughly by the hair and pulled into an upright position. My hands were tied extremely tight behind my with what felt like the belt I had on earlier. Mandy was telling me that I thought I knew what was happening - the two of us had done this before.

I thought I was going to have my face pulled into their pussies and make them cum. Wrong. My nipples were pinched with such ferocity that I yelled in pain. This was my undoing. My hair was roughly pulled to guide my head. A thick, semi-rigid object was violently stuffed into my throat making me choke and gag. I was rudely slapped in the face and told to suck it properly; the voice was Mandy's. Shawna held either side of my head.

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"Mandy is wearing my strap-on. Guess what, she's making you suck her cock." Instantly my heart rate doubled.

"You'll never try to stuff your cock down my throat again will you?" after gagging me some more Mandy asked. With a throat full of Mandy's 'cock' I couldn't really reply.

My worried cries of no came out more like "Mmnph".

Being abused like this was causing my balls to swell to disproportionate size in their restraints, causing me to whimper. Knowing this Mandy pulled the cock out of my mouth, and ripped my blindfold off. Seeing my girlfriend in such a position of power was so mentally stimulating I was almost shivering in delight but fear was also playing a part as I saw her stroking the rather large dildo in it's leather harness. She was smiling down at me and had such a beautiful look in her eyes, I felt so privileged to be treated like this.

I had completely forgotten about Shawna, but she informed me that my mouth had been used to lube up the dong. I was pushed onto my back as Mandy stepped out of the harness and passed it to Shawna. Mandy stepped either side of my head giving me the first clear view of her pussy I'd had all night. Her lips were red and swollen with excitement. As she lowered herself towards my straining tongue I was allowed the pleasure of smelling her arousal before she dropped her pussy onto my mouth. As Mandy was grinding herself into my face, I was surprised by Shawna yelling

"Tongue fuck her cunt."

I took my time slowly licking her lips and savoring every moment, occasionally rolling my tongue over her clit. Mandy told me I deserved a reward for licking her so well. I felt a hot, wet mouth close around my cock; sucking so hard I thought my spine would come out when I was finally allowed to shoot my load.

Shawna positioned herself behind Mandy, and in one fluent move, rammed the rubber cock into Mandy's sweet pussy. This must have taken Mandy by surprise as she bit down on me a little too hard. Again with my mouth covered my protest was muffled. Shawna laughed, making a comment about more discomfort soon to come, to which Mandy, between her deep moans, gasped


Mandy shuffled back, leant over me and pulled my legs back over my head. Moving forward again she pushed herself back onto my face. I was genuinely scared, as I knew Mandy had wanted me to experience anal pleasure since I had introduced her to it, but was also excited as I had fantasized about her doing something like this to me. Once Shawna released my hands from their bonds, Mandy took them and told me to relax. Shawna rubbed the pussy-juice slicked cock around my butt hole as Mandy slowly jerked my cock. Slowly the thick strap-on dildo was pushed into my ass. Shawna took great care to go very slowly and make this enjoyable for me. The burning in my ass was intense and I struggled underneath Mandy to get free, but she had me pinned and kept telling me to breathe, I had complete trust in her so did as told. Shawna, standing above and pointing the cock down, started to slowly dip up and down and inched the cock further into me. The burning pain started to die and was replaced with a feeling of dull pleasure. I noticed that my breathing had turned from shallow and nervous into a low moan.

Shawna sensing this started fucking my ass a little harder with Mandy encouraging her to.

Mandy decided Shawna had fucked my enough - I was a little disappointed as I was starting to enjoy this new experience. The rubber cock was left in my ass, as Mandy wanted her turn.

"You told me I'd enjoy it if you fucked me in the butt," She said, stroking my cock again. "I wanted you to know how good it feels".

She didn't need to ask if I was enjoying her fucking me, we both had the same lustful look. Mandy was really getting off fucking me as she increased the rhythm and started really slamming my ass.

"Does he fuck your ass that hard?" Shawna asked my cock-wearing girlfriend.

"Yeah, and he normally glistens like I am too!" She was right, she had worked up a glow fucking me so hard. "He normally cums so damn hard when he stuffs my ass, let's see if he does like this too".

"Good idea" remarked Shawna.

Thank Christ too; I'd been wanting to blow since they kissed. Shawna grabbed my ankles and pulled my feet down beside my head, my cock inches from my mouth. Mandy removed the shoelace from my swollen cock and balls and started stroking me at a furious pace.

"That's right," she said smiling above me "You're going to cum in your mouth and swallow it all".

The thought of pleasing Mandy by shooting in my own face was so gratifying I smiled at her as she furiously jerked my cock. Just before the moment of cumming Shawna grabbed my balls and kissed Mandy before telling her how hot it was seeing her control me. My guttural yells of ecstasy reached a high as hot cum spewed from my engorged cock hitting me in the face. At least four shots hit the back of my throat at full force, and after cumming for what seemed like an eternity I had a mouthful of cum, aching balls and a dripping facial. Mandy made me keep my mouth open so her and Shawna could scoop the cum from my face into my mouth. Once satisfied I was clean enough I was told to swallow. I looked Mandy in the eye and gave her the biggest smile as I swallowed my huge load.

I was allowed to shower to clean up some more, the whole time hearing the two girls screaming as they fucked each other through numerous orgasms. Having cum so hard I would have thought another erection wasn't possible, to my surprise I was just as hard as when I came. My fun for the night was over - the girl's were just getting started on each other. Once again I had to watch.

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written by malsalmon
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