Short Story About Nightclub Spank

It was unbelievably hot. And sticky. Really hot and sticky. I couldn't see where I was going, being led almost blind down a narrow staircase. The air was getting thinner with each descent and the heat billowed upwards and sucked me in. The feel of sellotape skin brushing past my own belied people leaving the club.

The asphyxiating lack of oxygen served to exaggerate the dream-like slow motion and made my head swim. A brief repose at the foot of the stairs allowed a moment to catch a breath as my pupils dilated in the ebony room. He pulled me forwards with a clenched fist around my whole hand, snaking through the sea of bodies until we stopped again.

He asked me what I wanted and I said bourbon. As he turned back to the bar my eyes were adjusting and picking out glistening limbs. I took the drink he handed to me and we exchanged a glance. I swallowed the liquid down, enjoying the burn. As he took the empty glass from my extended arm I nodded. He half-smiled and took me into the crowd.

As we moved across the room I could see the object of my desire becoming closer. We only had to wait a while before she beckoned me over, loosening the straps to accommodate me. My body arched over the animal-skinned bench, my buttocks prominent and my arms and legs stretched wide. She wasn't gentle with the straps and I didn't want her to be.

They took it in turns. And I couldn't see them. And I liked it. Anonymous people slapping, paddling, whipping my bare cheeks. I cried out but no-one heard me, not even him. The throbbing grew and spread between my legs and in my mind I begged them not to stop. My teeth clenched as the blows hit and I looked upwards into the dark and smiled.

When they let me go I spun round, crazed. She lent her body into mine, looking to see if I was one of them. My eyes registered briefly but looked past her, storing that pleasure for another time. I scanned the unknown faces looking at me until I recognized his features. And I bade him over and grabbed him and fucked him right there on the floor.

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written by louise
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