It is her fantasy

She stood in the room, nude from the waist up. Her dark brown hair falling softly over her shoulders, touching the top of the tattoos only she could tell you the meanings for. She knew, now that he was here, she could have her way; her fantasy...

With her back to him, she waited patiently, knowing he would hesitate. He did, but not for long. She soon felt his breath on her neck and his hands on her shoulders, caressing her. He pushed her hair to one side, smelling Poison on her neck. He knew she was "Poison", but he couldn't stop.

Softly kissing her neck, he knew he could make her melt. His tongue slid from the base of her neck to her ear as his hands found their way to her breasts. He tweaked her nipples between his fingers, causing them to harden. She stepped back into him, laying her head against his chest, reaching back to run her hands through his hair. She turned her head slightly, seeking his soft lips. Her tongue probing his, she pulled him closer, waiting to devour him.

His hands dropped to her stomach where he undid the button and then the zipper of her jeans. She let them fall from her body and stood completely nude before him. His hands dropped to the soft triangular mat, caressing her. Soft moans escaped her as he parted her lips and slipped his finger in to caress her clit. God! She wanted him, but she would not give into him yet...


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She turned to him and undid his jeans, letting them drop from his sexy, compact body. She began nudging him toward the bed. "Do you trust me?" she asked, her voice husky with passion. "You know I'd never hurt you."

"Yes," he told her, quietly.

She pushed him toward the bed. This was her fantasy...

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She took two silk scarves and tied both of his hands securely to the bedposts. Then she did the same with his feet. She now had him spread-eagle in her bed. Next she took another scarf and blindfolded him. She wanted him to feel what it was like to not see what was coming. In the past couple of months, that was the way he had done her. He would tell her "no," then change his mind.

She lay on the bed next to him, her body touching his. Her tongue flicked against his left ear, her breath warm against his neck. Her hand caressed his chest as her tongue slipped warmly along his neck. As her hand moved steadily down, so did her tongue.

When she reached his nipples, she bit him playfully, then sucked for just a second. Her hand moving steadily down, tracing circles as she went lower. Her hand bypassed his already hardening cock and went to the inside of his thigh. She raked her nails up the inside of his thigh, just enough to let him know she was there. She then slid her hand up to cup his balls. He moaned softly, knowing what she was going to do next. Her tongue had stopped just under his belly button. He felt her shift on the bed.

He wanted to hold her so bad, or at least grip her hair between his fingers, but he couldn't because of the bonds. She knew this and she smiled. Now, he knew what it felt like to be this close to someone and not be able to touch or hold them.

She lowered her head and touched her lips to the head of his cock, her tongue flicking across the head. Then, her lips were around him.

Oh, Jesus! It felt so good. He didn't want her to stop. Up and down; each time moving closer to the base of his cock, until finally she had all of him in her mouth. Suddenly, she stopped. He felt the bed shift and he heard her leaving the room.

"No! She couldn't do this to him! She had to finish it! Please! Don't do this!" his mind screamed, but he didn't say anything, because he knew this was her fantasy...

She returned in about ten minutes. He felt the bed give as she lay down next to him again. She began the whole process again. Would she finish this time? God, he hoped so! He could barely stand it now. Once again, she stopped.

"Please!" he begged her now. "Either fuck me or free me!"

She removed the blindfold from his eyes, running her hands through his beard, letting her hands drift softly over his face. She touched him lightly, tracing the lines of his face. She ran her hands over his chest and started down. Once she got to his stomach, she stopped and gazed at his face. She wanted him for a long time, and now she finally had him. Raw and sexual.

She reached behind her and untied the bonds that held his ankles. She would allow him to move that much. She kept his hands tied.

Straddling him, she grasped his cock and began stroking him again, lightly running her thumb over the top of it until he became fully erect. Next she took her hand and separated the lips of her pussy. Taking the head of his cock, she placed it against her clit and began rubbing it back and forth. Soon, she was wet enough for him to enter her.

She picked up the foil packet lying on the nightstand and unwrapped the condom. She gently rolled it down over his cock, then guided him into her. She moaned slightly as he entered her. He groaned aloud as she slid down the length of his shaft. She worked slowly at first, clenching him with the muscles hidden deep inside her.

She picked up the pace, riding him as gently as she could for a few minutes. He soon began meeting her thrust for thrust. The momentum kept up awhile, then, he felt her arch and hot juices flowed over his cock. He finally let himself go, moaning his own pleasure.

She dropped down on him and lay still for a few minutes, bathed in the pleasure of what had just happened. Slowly she rose off of him and began to untie the scarves that held his hands.

They lay quietly in each other's arms for awhile, petting and caressing each other. Soon, the arousal began again. This time was for him. His fantasy...She obliged him...

He turned her over on her stomach, running his hands down her body. He wanted to make her pay for what she just did. Yes, he enjoyed it immensely, but he wanted his time now.

He pulled her ass to him and raised up on his knees. He laid his cock up on her ass and she reached back to touch him, feeling him harden again under her touch. She reached between her legs to cradle his balls, waiting as he unwrapped another condom. He placed his cock between her legs, wetting her again. Pushing gently, he entered the warm, wet pussy from behind. She groaned, low and guttural, as he teased her with just the head of his cock, not pushing in. Just giving her enough to want more.

"Fuck me or free me!" she moaned to him.

He reached up and grabbed her shoulders at the same time as he thrust deep into mer. She cried out and he pulled back, but not out. Again, just the head barely in her. He thrust again, going deeper, trying to pierce her. Willing her to cry out.

She bit her lip. It was a game now. He would not hear her cry out again. She would take what he gave her.

He thrust again, harder, almost pushing her to the bed, then pulled out again. He wanted to hear her scream in pain/pleasure. She didn't.

With the final thrust, he hit her cervix wall, his balls slamming against the wet, dark patch of her snatch. Her arms buckled and she went down, crying out in pleasure as he continued to ride her. She let him ride, knowing that in order for him to fulfill his fantasy, he had to finish. She lay in a puddle they had created. She knew this would be the last time with him. It had to be, in order for both of them to go on with their own separate lives. She needed him to fulfill her sexually. That was all.

To him, she was a forbidden fantasy, he had to have, if only once.

Now, they could part as friends...

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written by mr bi jingle
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