The Trio

You all know how it starts. You become friends and then one thing leads to another and eventually. Tara had met Jeannine through her boyfriend, Tom, whose band Jeannine had been following for months. They had become friends themselves after continually running into each other at shows. They would dance to help get the crowd started and eventually they began trying to look sluttier than each other until they were almost advertising their goods right there in public. Of course, this pleased Tom who was, naturally, a bit of a kinkster. He loved to watch them from the stage, gyrating and nearly spilling out of their clothing while the rest of the crowd watched, some transfixed on the two sexy women's movements, others joining in to show what they had as well. It just made things more interesting.

Eventually, the three of them became much closer, attending parties together, having dinners on a regular basis and even staying in together to watch movies. Not just the usual types of movies mind you, but some much racier than others. Then one night, at a party for a friend's birthday, something began to happen between the two women that would change all their lives.

Tara and Jeannine were assisting in the preparation of the food and desserts for the party when Jeannine came into the kitchen to toss out some trash. Tara was standing in front of the trash bin, blocking the path to it, when Jeannine decided to give her a little shove butt to butt.

"Watch it there toots, you're in the way" Jeannine said, almost seductively, to Tara.


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Tara replied, "Hey, if you're going to insist on acting like that cutie, I may have to give you a good smack on that cute little ass of your's."

"Oh, is that so? Well I suppose you think you can just take advantage of me all on your own, huh? Maybe we'll just have to see who is more capable of taking control of who!" Jeannine gave Tara an evil yet seductive grin and winked.

Tara thought to herself that maybe this could be the start of something very interesting. She felt a bit of moisture form between her thighs as the thoughts of one of her greatest fantasies started to form in her mind. She found Tom standing outside where he was just finishing a cigarette and pulled him aside.

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"I think maybe it's time to add Jeannine to our little family at home, don't you? I mean, we've been hangin' out together like we were a threesome anyway, and most people think by now that that's what's going on. I know she just came on to me and I'm getting a naughty little thought about getting her right where I can control her. I really want to make her my love slave and have you take advantage of it also. Suppose we all go home tonight and I'll take over from there?"

Tom's eyes glinted in the moonlight. Here was the opportunity of a lifetime presenting itself. He said to Tara, "I suppose that this is what's been coming for a long time anyway, and I can't think of anything I'd like more than seeing her servicing you while I get the best of both of you. It's your show, baby, I'll just follow your lead."

Tara was already forming the scenario in her head on just how she was going to get Jeannine under her total control. She wanted this to be as perfectly wicked as she could make it without scaring her friend off permanently. She would gently seduce her and then remind her about the spanking that she had threatened. Once she had her breathing heavily and wanting more, she would strike and turn the tables on her soon-to-be lover.

The rest of the evening went as expected with the trio catching a fairly good buzz on wine and beer and when it came time to leave, Tara and Jeannine sat in the back of the car while Tom drove home. There was a little teasing and much rubbing of each other's legs and such, but nothing too heavy. After all, Tom still had to be able to concentrate on driving them to their destination before things got too warm!

Once they reached home, the three went inside and turned on the TV to get in the mood. They watched a video of several different bi-sexual trios getting into some nice situations. As the two ladies got hotter and wetter, Tom went up to the bedroom and got a few necessary toys together without Jeanniine knowing what he was doing. When he returned to the living room, the two beauties were already in a hot embrace, their tongues mingling and some obvious wet spots in their clothing showiing. Tom knew that it was just a matter of moments before Tara put her plan to work.

The two women stopped their kissing and cooing just long enough to go upstairs to the bedroom with Tom following closely behind. Once in the room, the fun began.

"Now, about that spanking we were discussing earlier" Tara started. "Seems to me there was a little bit of a challenge in someone's tone about that, and I intend to settle it right now!" With that, Tara grabbed Jeannine by the hair and dragged her down onto the bed, kissing her hard on the lips and probing deeply into her mouth with her tongue. "Tom, get some restraints for this little witch. I'm gonna show her once and for all who the boss is in this relationship."

With that, Tom brought out the handcuffs and legcuffs he had hidden earlier. Tara applied the restraints to her new lover and then secured them to the headboard and foot board of the bed. With her paramour now helplessly immobile, she began to get more assertive and almost evil in her ministrations.

Now, seeing two beautiful blondes in a Dom and Sub situation is, more often than not, already a heady experience in and of itself, but these two, with their striking features and incredibly long, leggy bodies was more than any man or woman could hope for. Tom watched as Tara took Jeannine by the hair once again and started kissing her roughly.

"So, you're going to see who can control who, huh? Little bitch! I'm going to make you regret those words. I'm going to bring you right to the edge and then make you beg me to put you over. You'll cum when I decide it's time and until then, I'm going to make you wish for whatever relief you can get." As Tara said this, she changed her position and started grinding her now juicing pussy onto Jeannine's face. She leaned forward and started to nibble and eventually bite at Jeannine's shaved slit, causing Jeannine's breath to catch in her throat. Her breathing became heavier with each touch of Tara's tonge and teeth and she started to probe Tara's moist cunt with her tongue, bathing it and cleansing it with each deep thrust. Tara ground her slit into Jeannine's face and started rubbing it all over the other girls' face, seeking to own her totally. She looked up for just a moment to see what Tom was up to and saw that he had his cock in his hand, getting ready for what he knew was going to be his part in this game. Just as Jeannine got to the edge of her orgasm, Tara stopped abruptly and laughed a wicked laugh. "You see? I told you that I wouldn't let you cum until I felt like it. Just sit there and cool down now lover, while I finish myself off." With that, she sat up and ground hard onto her slave's face, rubbing the juices deep into the other girl's pores. She moaned, screamed and fell forward as her orgasm wracked her body then subsided.

Once she recovered, she hopped off the bed and rolled Jeannine onto her front side. Reaching under the bed, she produced a beautiful leather harness and rubber dildo that she and Tom used for special games. Stepping into the harness and tightening the belts of it, she stepped around to Jeannine's face.

"Now my pretty, we'll see just what you're made of. Think you can take it at both ends? We're going to find out. Tom, take your place at her backside. We're going to make this little whore do what we want her to do." Tom laid himself on Jeannine and started sliding his now pulsing manhood between the globes of her perfect ass. With a little spittle in his hand, he lubed her tight hole and started sliding his cock up into her nether regions. Jeannine groaned as his member slid up her backside, but ground her pussy hard into the mattress, seeking any kind of relief. Meanwhile, Tara was slowly working the dildo into Jeannine's mouth, pushing a little deeper with each thrust. It was apparent that she meant to make Jeannine take every inch, even if it made her gag. Tara grabbed Jeanniine's hair again and started to push deeper, touching the back of her throat and trying to get it even deeper down her slave's swallowing passage. Jeannine moaned, ground and bucked as she was being violated from every angle. She felt the wave beginning inside her as the invasion of her two portals became more violent. The more Tara pushed and Tom fucked, the closer she got to her own impending orgasm.

Tara saw this and motioned to Tom to stop. He pulled out of his target abruptly as Tara removed the dildo from Jeannine's mouth, making the poor girl cry out with dismay.

"Hah! Stopped again, eh my pet? Dying for your orgasm are we? Beg your Mistress for your relief you miserable slut!" Tara's eyes were wild with power and passion as she told her slave over and over again that she would only cum when SHE wanted her to.

Jeannine cried out loud "Please Mistress. I need to cum. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! I'll do anything you ever ask. I will be your willing, loving slave for life. I have worshipped you from the day we met and I want to please you so much, but PLEASE let me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

"So, you WANT to please me do you? We'll see just HOW much you're willing to do." Tara turned her slave over again and jumped back on the now sobbing girl's face, spread her lips wide open and centered her peehole right over her mouth. "Open your mouth wide. I'm going to make you my toilet slave." Jeannine parted her lips gladly and prepared for what she knew was about to happen. As she did, the warm golden rain began to dribble into her mouth and she swallowed hungrily, even as some slipped over the edges of her lips and painted her face with her Mistress' marking. She knew that now she was completely owned by her Mistress and that she would gladly do anything that she was asked to do. Once she finished swallowing the delicious prize, Tara returned to lick between her thighs as Tom pumped his ready-to-burst manhood into Tara's tight, puckered rearhole. They continued that way until they all came in crashing waves of orgasm, screaming each other's names as they went. When they regained their composure, Tara released Jeannine from her bonds and the three of them climbed under the covers, kissing and cooing and finally drifting off to a sexually satisfied sleep.

Jeannine moved in with Tom and Tara permanently, becoming the slave to both and being totally satiated in their trio. There are many more stories to tell in this relationship, but they will be forthcoming in the months to come. Suffice it to say that they are still living happily together and that there seems to be no end to the fun that they have.

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written by lauras
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