One Bisexual Time

The two girls sat on either side of me. To say they made me uncomfortable would be an understatement. Both larger than me and dressed in a very unfeminine way. We were at the back of the theater as I like to sit by myself in a non-crowded area. Thinking back it was a very foolish thing for a young married lady by herself to do. But I do love the movies.

I tried to focus on the movie, blocking out the two beside me. At first I paid no attention to the hand that brushed the side of my leg, but then it became more of a fondle. I peered at the girl on my left, and emitted a slight cough, hoping she would withdraw her hand. Instead, she began to fondle my knee even more. I pressed my knees together and attempted to rise, only to be roughly pulled back by the girl on my right. The jar almost took my breath away. In the few seconds it took to regain my breath, the hand was now on the inside of my left knee, stroking gently. Not knowing what to do, I sat like a zombie. The girl on my right now had her arm across the back of my chair, draping her hand across the top of my left breast. I could feel her fingers begin a gently massage. Looking from one to the other, they seemed totally engrossed in the movie. Their eyes focused straight ahead.

The hand on my knee had started to move to my thighs. I tried to press my legs together and received a painful pinch. A sound of pain escaped my lips as I opened my legs. I could feel the fingers now playing with the edge of my panties. The hand on my shoulder was now fondling my left breast quite openly. Thinking back I should have screamed but instead I just sat there, in shock.

The fingers between my legs were now pressing against my mound, the hand massaging my breast rubbing my nipple through my bra.

The arm across the back of my chair forced me down in the seat. As I was forced down, my legs spread wider and the hand between my thighs was now rubbing my mound vigorously. I couldn't help myself. My breathing had become ragged as I felt myself becoming more and more aroused. As the fingers slid inside my panties a low moan escaped my lips. The girl on my right covered my mouth with hers. I tried to struggle but they were too strong.

The hand between my legs had slipped under the crotch of my panties and was now feeling it's way between the lips of my bush. I almost jumped when a finger was inserted but the other girl held me down. The finger started a slow in and out movement. Then moved faster and faster. My hips began a movement on their own. Thrusting up each time the finger was pressed all the way in. I couldn't help myself. I felt the orgasm build until, bam, there it was. I'm sure I thrashed when I came, I always do.

I lay back, exhausted. The fingers were withdrawn. The girl on my left, looking openly at me now, licking her fingers. The girl on my right gave my breast a final caress and both girls rose.

"See you next week' was all she said. Then both girls left.


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I sat through the rest of the movie not seeing the screen. When undressing for bed with my husband that evening he asked where I had gotten the bruise on the inside of my leg. Looking down and seeing it for the first time I almost told him what happened, instead

I made up a story of an accidental bump. Laying in bed after we had made love, my husband commenting on how frisky I was, I thought about my encounter. I wondered what was playing at the theater next week. Then I realized it really didn't matter, I was going anyway.

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written by norma
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