Spanking And Smoking Fetish

It all seemed to be like a dream as Jessica woke up. She could not believe that it was true. Then she felt the warm sheets all crumpled around her body and smelled the odor of stale cigarette smoke. As she tried to roll over he felt the bodies on either side of her. When she opened her eyes and looked on her right side there was her girlfriend and on her left side was the transsexual that she had located on the internet. She lay there mentally replaying the events of last night. It was almost more than she could believe.

She was a woman that had been overweight at birth and her mother's remedy for any physical injury or emotional distress was to give her comfort foods or sweets. As a result she went from a towheaded cute chubby girl to a woman with a round face and body on a five-foot nine frame. Her chin had a dimple in the middle and she kept her hair blonde with the use of a bottle. Her breast measurement was a 50-C and her waist was even bigger.

Another nasty habit she got from her mother was smoking and it had become a true fetish. She smoked one or two packs of cigarettes a day. As she grew up she developed other fetishes. She found body stockings and gloves very sexy and along with that she was attached to the image of a dominatrix in leather and rubber. She collected a number of outfits that fit the image. She had to have her boots custom made to cover her thick legs. She would go online dressed up in her outfits with her breasts being pushed up to look bigger than they were and smoking cigarettes. Some times she would use a long stemmed holder. She felt very sexy taking a big drag into her lungs and letting the smoke out of her mouth so she could inhale it back up her nose. It was during one of these computer on-line sessions that she met her sole mate.

Betty was a dark haired replica of herself. Their childhoods had been so much alike they could relate to each other in so many ways. Betty was built so much like Jessica that they could have been from the same mother. The big difference was that Betty had massive breasts. Her chest measured a 50-FF. Betty did enjoy dressing up but she was a submissive. When they met in person they knew right away that they would be friends for life. They moved in with each other within days of that first meeting.

They slept in the same bed with each other. When Jessica mounted Betty they looked like a couple of Buda's rubbing bellies. Jessica would lie on top of Betty and suck on those massive breasts like she was going to get milk out of them. Both of them shaved their vulvas but their chubby legs and fat bellies all but hid their pussies. When one wants to suck the pussy of the other one she had to spread her legs as wide as she could and still the head was sandwiched between thick thighs that rubbed against her lovers head. Those thighs had rubbed together for so many years that they were dark from chafing.

Jessica had one more fetish to make her life full. She had always resented the way men treated her and she wanted to find a male that was a transsexual that wanted to be dominated by a woman. She looked for one for a long time on the internet. When she finally found one she could not believe her luck.

His name was James but now that he had started taking female hormones and had breast implants he went by the name of Jamey. She set up a meeting to make sure he was real. They met at a Starbucks and Jessica could hardly believe that he was not a girl.

Jamey was only five-foot four and very slim. The breasts were a very large C size. The hips looked wide like a girl's. She had naturally long wavy brunette hair and blue eyes. They struck it off right away. Jamey was thrilled at the idea of being dominated by a woman like Jessica.


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Jessica took her home with her and introduced Jamey to Betty. They sat and talked about their child hood. Jamey had always been a small boy and had been subjected to all kinds of humiliations by bullies. He had not resented them but wanted them to love him. He just felt like a girl with a cock. As soon as he fond a doctor that agreed to help him with a sexual reassignment he began the process. At about the same time he found that he enjoyed being dominated by women.

Jamey had been living as a woman for the past three years when he met Jessica and had been looking for a woman that could accept her as she was and dominate her. Jessica was all too happy to give him what he craved. She would put on her rubber and leather outfits and use rubber whips that would make red marks on Jamey's flesh without cutting or bruising it. Both she and Jamey received a good deal of perverted pleasure out of turning his otherwise pale white buttocks into two bright red. Then he was forced to sucked on both women's breasts, eat their pussies and lick their assholes. The ultimate humiliation was making him bend over and allowing Betty and Jessica to use a strap-on dildo to fuck him in the ass.

Jessica had to have a smoke so she sat up and reached over Betty to get a cigarette and lighter. She lit up and took a deep drag as she eyed Jamey's girlish looking body she could not resist running her fingers up the crack of his butt to find the sphincter that had been fucked so much. It opened with little or no resistance to allow her fingers to enter.

Jamey woke up when he felt his ass hole being finger fucked. He moved his butt back driving the finger deeper into his willing ass hole. Jessica rolled Jamey onto his back and squatted over his face before she lowered her pussy and asshole down to his mouth and rode his face like someone would ride a horse. The action was such that Jamey had not choice but to lick her asshole and pussy. At the height of her excitement Jessica took hold of Jamey's semi hard cock and started masturbating him until she shot his gooey cum all over her own belly. Betty ceased the opportunity and began licking and sucking the male goop into her mouth as she milked the final drops from Jamey's now spent erection.

This type of three way action was to be repeated many times in the months that followed. In time Jamey became lose enough in his rectum that the girls could fist his ass hole. The pressure against his prostrate would often cause him to cum all over himself. When that happened he was spanked for being a bad little bitch.

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written by jan
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