Switching Sides

Sex games with my girlfriend recently went a bit too far, and my life may never be the same. It all started when I bought her a dildo for her birthday. I was going out of town and wanted to give her something to remember me by. When I returned she raved about her new toy and announced that she had enjoyed it so much she had bought me one just like hers. I was shocked when she produced a six inch strap-on dildo and told me she wanted to show me what it was like to get fucked. We had both always enjoyed it when I butt fucked her, but I told her she was dreaming if she thought I would take a rubber dick up the ass.

She was very determined, and proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job, deep throating me vigorously before detouring to my ass. She tickled and teased my asshole with her tongue, driving me wild with my first rim job. She pried my tiny sphincter open with her fingertips and poked her wiggling tongue up inside me. Eventually she inserted a wet finger into my rectum and eased it slowly in and out, eliciting trembling moans of ecstasy from deep within me. Before long she had three fingers in me and had convinced me to try and take it like a man.

I nervously got on my hands and knees for her to mount my virgin ass like a dog. From the minute the fake phallus penetrated my fanny it felt fabulous. She fucked me fast and furious as I frantically bumped my ass against her to meet her thrusts. Soon I was soaking the sheets with semen.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I began fantasizing about a real dick up my ass. I had never before been attracted to another guy, but that experience had affected me profoundly, and I recognized something buried down deep inside me. I found myself noticing good looking guys all around in a new and disturbing way. By the end of a week I was ready to act on my desires with a little experimentation. I decided right away on trying to seduce my best friend, Jay. We are very close, and I knew he would forgive me if he weren't interested. Besides, he is shy and had only had one girlfriend, so I knew there would be no danger from unprotected sex. The main reason I chose him, I suppose, was that he was usually the subject of my fantasies, and I was eager to share my new discoveries with him.


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I invited him over to my apartment on a Saturday to watch a baseball game. I furnished an endless supply of beer and kept his glass full. I had no real plan, but eventually found myself talking about blow jobs and anal sex. I explained that Liz would suck my cock or take it up the ass anytime I wanted it. He had never experienced either, so I offered to break him in. He thought I was joking and went along with it when I told him to stand up. I got on my knees and quickly unfastened his pants, unzipped his fly, and pulled his jeans down to his ankles. I buried my face in his lumpy underwear before slipping the waistband over his ass and down his muscular thighs.

His heavy, flaccid penis hung in my face in front of an impressively full scrotum sparsely adorned with sandy blonde pubic hair. His reactions were slowed by the beer, so before he could pull away I grabbed a fistful of soft dick meat and greedily fed it into my drooling mouth. I sucked the warm flesh to the back of my throat as I gripped his firm ass with both hands and pulled him against my face, slathering my tongue all around the excited shaft. I felt it rapidly swell and lengthen in my mouth, clogging my throat, forcing me to breathe noisily through my flared nostrils. I pumped his hardened cock in and out of my throat, swirling my tongue wildly along the shaft and all around the bloated head till he was staggering with lust.

I continued to suck his rigid rooster while removing my own pants and underwear. Then I pulled him to his knees, turned around and backed into him, twisting his wet cock between my ass cheeks with my fist. It didn't take long for him to get the message. When I aligned his fat cock head against my butthole and bent over, pushing back against him, he grabbed me by the hips and slowly sank his huge hippo into me, stretching me painfully, till his big balls were bumping mine.

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His cock was so much longer and thicker than Liz's dildo that the pain was intense and exquisite until I grew accustomed to it. As he ponderously reamed my ass the pain flared and gradually faded into a tantalizing, blistering burn around the rim of my anus. I was so turned on I began to fuck back, twisting my ass side to side to whip his long spear into a frenzy. He held on to my bucking hips and rode my wild ass like a cowboy, driving his hot cattle prod up my chute. Every thrust slithered from the swollen cock head all the way up my ass to the sweaty, swinging balls, filling my bowels with meat.

When I began alternately tightening and relaxing my anal sphincter, simulating the shit reflex, he hollered out in appreciation. He plunged his passionate python balls-deep into me and held me firmly by the hips. As I milked his mambo with the muscles of my rectum, he made short little jabs with his hips, spanking my damp ass gently with his pelvis.

Soon I could feel the wonderful sensation of hot spume spewing into my entrails. I straightened up and leaned back against Jay as his hands glided all over my chest and stomach while he planted little kisses on the back of my neck, sending chills up my sweaty back. He gently pumped his pulsating pecker between my ass cheeks until his trembling orgasm subsided. When he pulled his dwindling dragon out of my scorched ass I fell forward to the floor, exhausted, with sticky sauce oozing from my butthole.

But he wasn't through with me. He grabbed one shoulder and turned me onto my back. Spreading my knees wide apart, he began licking all around the insides of my muscular thighs. Soon his face was buried in my crotch as he bathed my clammy balls with his hot tongue. He gripped my rigid rod in his fist and whispered that he had always dreamed of this moment. He confessed that he never expected what had happened so far, but that he always knew that one day he would suck my cock.

I closed my eyes when I felt his wet lips encircle my bloated cock head. His talented tongue twirled and teased my tender, trembling tool. He gobbled my root deeply into his throat while grinding his slobbering tongue all up and down the underside of the stiff shaft. Over and over again he stalled my orgasm by clamping my throbbing bulldog with his strong tongue against the roof of his mouth.

I was begging for release, as my entire body was numb and tingling from the anticipation of ecstasy. His head bobbed in my crotch as he siphoned my snake like a piston, sucking the spirited semen up from my testes till it exploded from my jerking jackhammer into his throat. He sucked and gulped as the endless flow flooded his mouth with hot, salty cream. Determined to swallow every nasty drop he wrapped his slippery lips around the throbbing dick head and pumped the slick shaft with his fist, coaxing the cum up from my toenails.

Since that first, mind-numbing encounter, Jay and I have moved in together, and we enjoy unbelievable sex around the clock every day. Liz understands that we crave sex far more often than she does, and we broke up. But every now and then she drops by for a little three-way romp. Life is good.

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written by joe_sledge
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