Bisexual Romp

I'm a 40-year-old man, considered good looking and have been bisexual since I was 12 years old. I've had many same sex encounters, but mostly straight since I started actually getting pussy. I recently had a wild time with a friend and his wife, Jim & Dana. It all started innocently enough, with me going to their house to help work on his car.

We started replacing the starter, and Houston, Texas, in the middle of the summer, is stifling hot. Before long we were covered in sweat, and Dana was bringing us beers to keep cool. I noticed her tits when she brought us the beer. Dana is a fucking knockout. 40dd tits, beautiful face, and an ass just made for fucking. She was wearing a skimpy t-shirt and you could see those gorgeous melons straining against her bra. While we were standing there talking, their one-year-old boy started crying and an awesome thing happened. Two big wet spots formed on her shirt when her milk let down. She looked down, smiled and went inside. Jim saw the look on my face and laughed. He said, "What's the matter, aint never had no titty milk before"? I stammered around for a minute, then answered "yeah, but it's been too long". Jim then went on to tell me how Dana's tits put out more milk than all three of them can handle. I had long suspected Jim to be bi, but had never tried to take our relationship there. As Jim was telling me about how Dana could orgasm just from the nursing, he was absently rubbing his hardening cock. He finally asked me if I would like a taste, and of course I said yes.

We both went into their bedroom, where Dana, was putting the baby back in the crib. She was wearing a maternity bra, and had one of her beautiful tits hanging out. She turned around and said "which one of you is gonna empty this one". While she was speaking, she undid the flap on the bra, and pulled out her other tit. She squeezed her nipple and shot milk on all three of us. Jim said, "why not both of us"? She held her tit out and Jim and I took turns nursing on her. I would take two or three draws on her tit and then pass it to Jim. Well, as we did this our mouths kept getting closer, and closer, not to mention the fact that we were swapping spit on her nipple anyway. I felt Dana's had fumbling with my belt, so I reached down and undid it and my jeans for her. Hey, if this gal wanted to play with my cock while she nursed me, I was gonna let her. I felt her hand grasp my precum drooling cock, and start to jack me off. It was electrifying, the way she rubbed my precum all over my cockhead making it jump and throb. Then I realized my fantasy had come true. It WASN'T Dana who was working over my prick, It was JIM!

Dana was stroking Jim, and her was stroking me and fingering Dana's dripping cunt. We paused long enough to strip, and got into a hot daisy chain, with me eating Dana's pussy, Dana sucking Jim's cock, and Jim sucking my cock. Dana's pussy was gushing but I must have been doing pretty good myself, because Jim said "honey, you've got to taste this, his cock is leaking a stream of precum". Dana moved around where she could share my cock with her husband. Their lips intertwined around my prick, as they took turns sucking the head. This went on until I was about to cum. Dana saw this and said she wanted me to cum in her mouth, while Jim fucked her.

Dana got on her hands and knees, with those milk jugs of hers swaying beneath her, while I slid into a 69 underneath. My ultimate fantasy was about to become a reality. I was gonna be eating a hot chick's pussy, while it was being stuffed with hard cock. Dana swallowed my cock to my balls and began a slow retreat back down the shaft. I was licking her from her clit to her asshole, not that she needed it to accomadate Jim's prick, just that I loved her pussy juice. I made a mental note of how she jumped when I probed her asshole with my tongue. Jim had moved around behind her, and his cock was bobbing and throbbing right above my face. I slid his cock into my mouth, relishing the taste of his precum, and swabbing it around his cockhead with my tongue. I did my best to deep throat him, but I could only take about 6-1/2 inches of his nine incher. I pulled my mouth off his cock and guided it into Dana's pussy. For any of you who have never been inches away from two people fucking, it's incredible! The way Dana's pussy swelled with Jim's cock thrilled me. He would slide in balls deep, and I would lap away at them and her clit at the same time. Jim was so turned on he couldn't last too long and before I knew it he was shooting his sperm all over Dana's pussy, and my face, as Dana screamed in orgasm. I gobbled up that spurting cockhead, and instinctively tried to swallow it. Amazingly enough, I did just that, but I gagged when I got his cock down my gullet. This gaging spasm caused my throat muscles to contract, and I was rewarded with the longest jet of cum Jim had shot. This went on four or five spurts. The more my throat tried to spit back this massive load of cum I was drinking, the more I got from Jim. I exploded into Dana's mouth just as Jim slipped his cock from my lips. My face looked like a glazed doughnut with both Jim and Dana's cum on me.

We all just looked at each other not truly believing what had just happened. Dana was the first to speak, and she said, "since we've gone this far, I have a couple of fantasies of my own I'd like to live out". Jim and I were more than willing subjects and asked her what she had in mind. She said she had always wondered what two cocks in her cunt at the same time would feel like. This was a new idea for me, but I quickly slid underneath her and inserted my now hard cock. Jim reassumed his position behind her and started trying to work his cock in beside mine. The feeling of his cock probing around was incredible. Dana was moaning in my ear, telling us she could feel her milk fixing to let down again. About this time, Jim finally worked his cock into her cunt. She was stretched to the limit by our invading pricks.

It took Jim and I a few minutes, but we eventually worked out a rhythm that had us all moaning and groaning. Jim then reached around Dana and literally started "milking" her tit into my eager mouth. Milk was spraying everywhere from that tit and the other one was steady dripping onto my chest, until Dana grabbed it and started sucking her own milk. We all came together with mine and Jim's cocks being coated with hot cum, as well as Dana's pussy. Jim and I slid around and took turns cleaning the cum out of Dana's dripping pussy.

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written by bigtex
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