Secret of English School Boys

You are lying face-down on a fairly firm mattress - the bed is in a neat and sparely furnished room, but tidy and clean as well - in a hotel or motel perhaps. You are naked, and I'm lightly astride your legs. You raise your bottom off the mattress impatiently, and I can clearly see that you have recently and very carefully, shaved your bottom's orifice. I can sense your frustration, as your bottom is lifting further - the hole has been oiled in advance!

Well aware that you are about to experience extreme male sexual pleasure, you move your hips so that your cock, (originally floppy but now quite firm - the tip almost reaching your navel) and balls rub on the sheets. You are now squirming in anticipation. Cruelly, I delay the satisfaction of your desires. Lifting your bottom, I lightly run the tip of my greased finger around your tight anus - it pulsates in response, and I press my sheathed swollen knob into your hole.

Gasping, you raise your bum so much that you're on all fours - my cock automatically plunges completely between your bottom, my balls and penis shaft rotating on your shaved and rudely opened anus. The feeling is so good that you feel light-headed with pleasure, and you fall flat onto the mattress, rubbing and writhing your cock on the sheets. Your bottom feels, and is, completely full of cock, being pushed in and out, slowly but gently.

You have discovered the secret, well kept by upper class English schoolboys - that the bottom and cock can unite to provide near heavenly horny sensations. The ring of your hole is now around the base of my extremely stiff shaft. As you feel the end is near - you gasp, and involuntarily, cum spurts from your cock, in quick pulses, onto the sheets. I withdraw - the condom dangles with the weight of the captured spunk, my cock collapsing - its work completed. Too tired to get up, you hear me getting dressed and leaving the room, without a word.

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written by anonymous
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