Two Sluts and One Student

I couldn't have predicted what was to happen, there was no warning. My two friends, Bob and Anna, had introduced me to Nancy and Sandy the previous week while I was helping to make some bookcases. They were pretty, but didn't impress.

Nancy surprised me with her call, asking to come over so we could make candles after I finished my evening work. I baked bread at the time, you see, so I could pay for those little extras that made a college education fulfilling, like dope and gas money. I'd bake 100 or so loaves a night while studying. Making bread involves a lot of waiting around for yeast to rise. I think sex is a little like that, too, except for the waiting. Nancy's call was a surprise because I didn't think she was any more impressed with me than I was with her and her friend. But what the hell, the approach was unique and, besides, I figured candlemaking might be fun.

Does this sound corny to you, my friend? I mean it's twenty years later, the times are different and we don't do those things anymore but, really, nobody'd think it wierd to have two girls over to make candles twenty years ago. Now it sounds like a ridiculous come on. Then, it was normal. When I mentioned to some of folks that Bob and Anna's friends were coming to make candles tonight, nobody blinked, nobody got sarcastic, nobody cared. It was normal.

They showed up at nine, Nancy in jeans and a check shirt, Sandy in virgin polyester. They took over the front room and started cooking paraffin, taking out boxes of equipment, dyes and things. I quickly realized I had no interest whatsoever in paraffin, dyes or candles. Nancy, on the other hand, was more and more intriguing. Somehow, our bodies made contact a little more often than statistics would predict. Her tits would brush, accidentally, on my arm as she turned. She backed her ass against me as I was pretending to be interested in melting candlewax, and then did it again, without arousing Sandy's suspicion as far as I could see.


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After an hour, a dozen "accidental" contacts, and several longing looks, my body temperature had gone up a few degrees, my cock was sensitive and getting hot, and, fool that I was, I couldn't figure out what to do. I mean, what to do about Sandy?

OK, OK, let's remember now. I was 20 or so, hard core was hard to find, group sex was something you read about but didn't do, and, mostly, I didn't have much of an imagination. What I wanted to do was get rid of Sandy. Politely.

Now. The candles are made, and I'm sitting on the couch, Nancy to my right, Sandy at the left. Sandy leaves the room. Nancy reaches, over, feels my cock harden in my jeans. I kiss her fully, try to ingest her mouth. Her tits feel soft, not real firm, under her blouse, in one of those bras which don't feel like they're armor plated. Nancy lets air out in a long sigh as I let my hands wander over her, exploring her shape. She whispers, "I want you now".

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"What about Sandy?"

"Don't worry about her. Eat me, now, please. I can't wait."

I couldn't believe what I was doing. I fumbled around with her buttons and belt. Nancy couldn't wait, popped her jean buttons in two seconds, dropped them off one leg, letting the jeans stay hanging on the left leg. I hit the floor and ran my hands over her legs. They were firm. I love women who walk, or run, or for whatever reason have firm legs. Nancy's were perfect. Her pussy was wet right to the surface. I spread the lips with my hand, and tentatively licked from the middle to the top. Her clit sprang to attention as I worked it up and down with my tongue. Nancy's stomach began to quiver and her groin absolutely vibrated as she fought against losing contact with my mouth while trying to move. I burrowed my mouth against her pussy, trying to take it all in the way I ate her mouth.

I was grinding my face against Nancy's cunt when I remembered Sandy. Where was she? I moved up against Nancy's ear and whispered to her. "Baby, we need some time to ourselves. I can give Sandy my car and..."

"No, we'll get together later."

Nancy rearranged herself quickly as Sandy nonchalantly re-entered.

"Having fun, guys?"

"Serious fun." I must have looked stupid with Nancy dripping off my chin, but I didn't care.

I walked them out to their car, and Nancy turned around for a quick hip grind as I kissed her. My hands explored her ass under the jeans. We made a date for the next day, 6 p.m. I would pick her up. No bread tomorrow.

Back in my room, laying on my back in bed, I thought about Nancy. My cock was still ready for her, but she was gone. I thought about her straddling me the next night, moving forward and back as fast as she could, panting in rhythm to her motions. My hand traveled down to my rod as I daydreamed, stroking at first slowly, then more quickly. I varied the pace and motion two or three times, then abandoned myself to the sensation as I thought about Nancy sliding her tongue along the front of my dick, Nancy deep throating me, Sandy sitting on my face.

Wait a minute. Sandy? It's Nancy I'll see tomorrow. Now that would be fun.

As usual, Hoiker, you're ten minutes late and a dollar short. But more about this later.

I showed up at Nancy and Sandy's house trailer the next day, loaded for Nancy. They were laying sod on the front walk.

"Hey", I protested, "I thought we were going to go for a drive."

"Come on in. We have to talk."

We sat down in the trailer living room. Sandy sat next to me. Nancy straddled a chair a few feet away.

Nancy began. "I screwed up last night. I can't go out with you, hoiker."

"You seemed to think differently last night", I protested.

"That was last night. I was a little out of control. But I can't go out with you and I have a reason. You see, I'm married." She pointed at her roommate. "To Sandy."

Now, most of you are thinking, All right, this is more than a bit contrived. But I swear to you, folks, this really happened. I've changed the names and perked up some of the details to make this just a bit more appealing to your prurient interest, but read on, folks, this is semi-autobiographical.

I nonchalantly did a very long take, trying to figure out how to react. This was a mistake. Over the years I've discovered you rarely fuck up when you think with your cock. It was time for some zen and I was trying to analyze. After a while I managed to smile a little, and said, "That's cool. After the initial shock goes, it seems pretty normal. But tell me, what was last night about. I'm sooooo confused."

Sandy began running a nail along the nape of my neck. My confusion was increasing. So was my cock, but I didn't notice it. I told you I'm a little slow on the uptake. "We both want you", she nibbled into my ear.

Nancy got up and went into their undersized bedroom, its lone piece of furniture being a king sized mattress on the floor. Sandy began running her hands under my shirt and kissing along the line of my neck to my ear. "We love each other very much, but every so often we decide it's time for a man. You are a man, aren't you?", she murmurred. By this time her hands gave her an answer which seemed to satisfy her as she ran them under the waistband of my jeans into my crotch. She went right past the cock and cupped my balls, then slid her palm up and over the top of my shaft. By this time I could feel every movement of her hand as if it were her cunt around my rod. I didn't dare move, except to cup her tits, which were firmer than Nancy's.

Sandy pushed me back onto the couch and open my pants, freeing my hard cock. "I guess you are!" she grinned as the tip of her tongue began to tease me at the tip. She took my penis in both hands as if it were an object of wonder and then ran her tongue and lips slowly over that vein which marks the sensitive area along the bottom.

Her mouth explored my dick from top to bottom, then she began to lick between my balls and ass, sending me into another dimension. I began to doubt that any of this was real. Somehow all our clothes fell off and we fell to the floor, kissing and feeling all over. My hand traced the line of her hips around to her ass as I sucked on first one nipple, then another as they sprang to attention. She seemed to love having her breasts sucked, more than most women. I slid my mouth down along her stomach, sliding my hands all over her legs and around her protruding mons. Her breath came a bit more quickly. She inhaled as I gently traced the line of her cunt, then around the outside of the raised organ. "You're gorgeous," I managed between mouthfulls of pubic hair.

"I bet you say that to all the girls." she winked at me.

"Where's Nancy?". That's me, always curious, never paying attention to the matter at hand, - or mouth.

An extra hand reached around me and began stroking my dick, giving me all the answer I needed. I took a deep breath and parted Sandy's cunt lips, seeking her clit. She thrust forward helpfully as I ground the flat of my tongue around her raised clit, causing her to cry out, then breathe raggedly. Her stomach quivered as I found, lost, then found her center of attention. Nancy thrust her tongue into my ass. I reached back and grabbed for her soft tits. I couldn't reach but pushed her face farther into me.

Sandy began crawling on her back towards the bedroom, me following, nose first. Nancy got up and led us in. In the bedroom, Nancy took Sandy in her arms and they began to kiss, passionately, their legs scissoring as they maneuvered their sexes into contact. I stroked them both, tracing the size of their cunts and comparing. Nancy was full, almost matronly, and completely moist. Sandy's mons was smaller, the blond hair thinner, the lips also wet.

Nancy pushed me gently on my back. Sandy swung her leg over me, positioning her pussy over my ready cock. She helped me in with one hand, then reached over to stroke Nancy's cunt with the other. Nancy sat on my face, facing Sandy, as Sandy began moving forward and back as fast as she could. I couldn't keep pace with her and concentrate on Nancy's cunt at the same time, so I just sucked and licked for all I was worth and enjoyed the motions of Sandy's pussy as she motored over me.

The two girls were kissing passionately, Nancy pinching Sandy's nipples as the blonde hung on to her lover's shoulders for support, gyrating wildly on my cock. I couldn't breathe and didn't care. This was heaven! I began to move my hips and legs, vectoring the friction from Sandy's cunt. Nancy climbed off and began to finger her own cunt, watching us. I sat up, slipping out of Sandy and crawling over to Nancy. Nancy got on her hands and knees. I licked her ass and pussy from behind, then mounted her like a horse. She was as ready as if we'd been at it for an hour, wet and open. I thrust in and out, motioning Sandy over. The blonde stood over me, offering her cunt. I took her thighs and licked, but the angle just wasn't there. Sandy then crawled under me and began licking us both.

I couldn't control my head, it was shaking right to left to right. I came, pulling out of Nancy. Sandy took my shooting dick straight on, swallowing what she could, juices from both of us on her face. Nancy fell over and seemed to push her face into Sandy's Pussy. Sandy began to shake and came almost immediately.

"Well, what do you think, hon?", asked Nancy, after we caught our breath and relaxed a bit. "Is this a man, or what?"

Sandy grinned. "Whatever it is, I like it...almost as much as you, lover."

Lord, I love a party.

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written by mr bi jingle
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