The Houseguest 1

I was staying there while I found a new place to stay. You know. Sorta like between places. Dave was a good friend of mine, and when he heard that I had to move out of my place and find somewhere else quick, he offered to put me up for the time it took.

I was grateful. Finding a place to stay at that time of the year was difficult. It was right around that time of the semester when new students try to get themselves apartments and all. Dave stayed not far from Bradford University, out back in the endless stretches of suburbia where most students ended up. Except his place was a lot closer than most.

He stayed there with two other people. A friend he had known from his freshman year, Adriana. A smooth island girl, she was studying accounting or something like that. Something business anyway. I'd met her once, she seemed nice enough. Of course I wasn't really taking notice of her in THAT way. Really. A girl does about as much for me as a wet fish.

The other person, I was yet to meet. Adriana's boyfriend, Nick. A guy from the islands too, or so Dave had told me. He told me in "that" sorta voice that he thought that I would probably like him. And then promptly reminded me that the guy and Adriana had been seeing each other for a month or so now.


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I had my thoughts on that matter. I didn't say anything though.

Dave's place was on of those big scores. Man, any student would kill for a place like his. It was a big old house, and had far enough room for the three of them, me and probably a few more students. One of Dave's family owned it, and was letting it out to him for some dangerously low price. Yeah, his family was pretty well off. I think it was more that Dave was looking after the place more than anything. But it was all cool with me.

We pulled up at this place just after 6pm. I didn't have too much stuff, most of it had been put into temporary storage while I found somewhere to stay more permanently. Dave helped me with what few bags I had, and showed me to the back room where I was going to be staying. A big room, even though it only had a view on the back yard. And a pretty big double bed.

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Yeah, I know what your thinking. Dave's place. Big score and all, and I wasn't asking if I could rent out there? Well, accually, Dave had offered. But I perfered my privacy. I didn't really like the idea of bringing guys back to a place with three other people in it. Let alone screwing them, with all the noise that would have caused. In a big old house like that?

Dave left to myself a while, giving me time to unpack slightly. I wandered down the longish corridor towards the dining room where I heard talking from. The place had those big wooden, polished floors, so my boots were making enough noise on them. I saw Adriana leaning against the counter, talking with Dave, another guy in the kitchen attending to food.

"Juwan!" Adriana smiled and gave me one of those friendly hugs and a quick kiss. No, she didn't know. "So your going to be staying for a while huh?"

"Yeah," I smiled in reply. My eyes were already checking out that guy doing the cooking.

"I hope you can find somewhere. Not that we want you out already or anything!" she grinned. "It's just I know how hard it is to find a place around here. Nick has been looking for a place for the two of us for a while."

The guy was already moving over to Adriana's side with the mention of his name. Oh yeah, Dave was ALL right. I certainly did like him. He was a pretty phine display of manhood, and up in the kitchen and all. I wasn't distracted in the least by the cute way that he hugged and gave Adriana a quick kiss. I liked the look of his face, smooth, warm, gentle. His long, jet black hair tied back in a longish tail. They made a pretty good looking couple.

"Juwan," I said, seizing the intiative. I put out a hand, and he gripped it firmly, giving me one of those street handshakes. A bruddah from the rough huh? I wondered how an accounting student hooked him.

"Nick, man. Hows it going?"

"Cool." I checked over his body slightly as we finally released hands.

"We gonna be living together for a while I spose," he said.

"Until I can find a place. Hopefully that won't be too far off," I lied. Man, seeing that hot bruddah, I didn't care if I couldn't get with him. At least I'd be living with him. At least I'd be around him.

I watched as Nick moved around behind Adriana and put his arms up around her, resting his chin on her shoulder. He whispered something into her ear, giving her a brief kiss again. Wanting him or not, I still loved the way the two of them looked together. Even though I was watching him. His gentle intimacies and quiet way made him just that more cuter.

We all moved into the lounge then, Nick staying in the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. Dave, Adriana and I talked amongst ourselves. Idle stuff. University, work. Life. Just those little, friendly things you talked about to pass time.

I kept on losing track of things every time Nick came into the room, moving in silently to ask Adriana something about how to do this, or how to do that. I was impressed by the fact that he obviously wasn't TOO up on cooking, but was man enough to ask for directions or help. At one point Adriana left the room to help him with something, coming back to join a brief conversation Dave and I had started.

Nick came back into the lounge at one point. I caught his quiet voice telling Adriana that dinner was almost done. It was probably at that point that I got to check him out decently. He sat on the arm of the couch beside Adriana, rubbing her back slightly. I looked him over as he watched Dave, as he talked about upcoming classes with Adriana.

Man, that face was everything! He was definately smooth. He might have been an islander, but his skin tone could pass him for a bruddah. He had the slight fuzz of a mostache and chin growth. He wasn't all that old, maybe 18 or 19. His eyes were dark, but sparkling, intent on whatever he looked at. Nick's features in his face were just smooth, giving his whole manner a gentle nature. His hair looked pretty grown out. I wondered what it looked like free, and untied.

Physically he seemed fit. He was dressed like any bruddah would have been. A baggy sports top, short sleeved and showing off nice forearms. His pants were definately all street. Baggy fatigues, black and white shaded and matching his top. My eyes fell more than once or twice down to his groin, peeping his size. Fantasizing maybe just a little. I certainly had enough to get me by tonight.

"So what do you do?" I asked Nick when the conversation died down a little. He looked a little nervious almost, glancing at the floor.

"Hes between jobs." Adriana offered. She smiled up at Nick, getting one of those warm smiles back.

"Yeah, I used to work at Burger King, but they was letting people go. An' I spose I was one of them."

Yeah, bruddah was all street. It just intrigued me how Adriana had got him. She certainly had taste, that was for sure. Maybe it was something about my poor upbring in my big latino family, growing up around that sort of street atmosphere that attracted me to guys like him.

Nick left a little while after that to attend to dinner again. A guy of few words. He certainly showed his talents in the kitchen when dinner was served a few minutes later. It was one the better I had had in the last few weeks, having to resort to fast food. I eyed him the whole time we ate, quick to smile at him when he glanced my way. More than once I got one of those warm smiles back out of him, an almost lingering look before he put a hand on Adriana's shoulder. Damn. I wanted to fuck him bad. I wondered if there was even the slightest way I could rig it to even just mess around with him a little.

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