Roommate Reunion For Bisexual College Experience

I'm a junior in college and my roommate, Doug, and I are both on the swim team. Last Summer Doug came to visit me for a few days and we had a very memorable experience. My parents house has a great pool so I told Doug to bring his suit and we'd spend some time in the pool. Naturally, since we're both swimmers, we wear pretty skimpy speedo suits which is fine since we have very tight bodies. I've known for some time that I'm bi and I try pretty hard not to come on to straight guys I think are sexy, like Doug. I knew that this weekend would be tough since my parents would be away and Doug and I would have the place to ourselves--running around in our suits and all. But I had also invited my girlfriend, Kate, over so I figured things would be cool.

Anyway, I planned some time on Saturday for Kate to come over and swim and hang out with us. Kate and Doug had met once before when Kate came up to school to spend a weekend with me and they seemed to hit it off just fine. Kate's a great looking girl. Cute face, small waist, and nice rack. She commented at the time how good looking she thought Doug was and needless to say he said the same about her. So she was to come over around lunch time and then hang with us. Well, Doug and I had been out pretty late the night before partying and when he got up at 11 he was still pretty hung over so he had some juice and went back to bed.

I figured he'd be out of it for several more hours. When Kate showed up she was disappointed but said that since Doug wouldn't be joining us at the pool she could wear her thong bikini. I was definitely in favor of that. She changed quickly and I put my little red speedo on and we hit the pool. Kate looked so fucking hot in her thong. The top was barely large enough to hold her 36C tits and her nipples were always hard and sticking out like big pencil erasers. The bottom covered her shaved mound OK but her tight ass was in full view with just a narrow band of material running up her tanned ass. Watching her around the pool gave me a stiff one pretty quick and it didn't take Kate long to notice.

So, knowing we were alone and had some privacy, she came up to me and started kissing me and licking my neck, which always gets me really hot. In no time my 8" dick was hoisted over the top of my bikini. Kate pulled the waist band of my suit under my heavy balls and started to lick and suck my cock. In no time she had 6" down her throat. I was massaging her fine tits as she blew my dick but I didn't want to cum in her mouth I wanted her cunt. So I pulled her up and kissed her hard while I pulled her bikini bottom to the side and slid my cock up her wet cunt. We fucked a dozen or so strokes with her on top and I soon blew my load up her pussy as she came with a shudder. Satisfied, we both pulled our suits back on and fell asleep in the lounge chair in the shade.


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We woke up when we heard the patio door open and saw Doug walk out in his suit. Doug is around 6' tall and built like the traditional swimmer. Tight abs, muscled legs and large upper body. At that moment I thought he looked better than ever and I wanted to grab his big cock out of his tight suit and suck it right there. But I gathered my composure and became aware that Kate was trying to cover up some. She hadn't planned on Doug seeing her in her thong.

He told her not to bother, that he sees even his sister in a thong and that it was no big deal. Feeling more comfortable, Kate removed the towel and we offered Doug something to drink. When Kate went in to get Doug's drink he commented how fine she looked and wanted to know if our sex by the pool was really hot. I asked what made him think we had sex and he pointed to the dried cum spot on my bikini. I said "you fucker, did you see us fucking out here?" and he said he had seen it all from the bathroom window. He said it was so hot he jacked off into the toilet while he watched us. Just then Kate came back to the pool with drinks and she seemed pretty cool running around us in her thong. Trying to keep our minds on swimming and not sex we all jumped in the pool.

But Kate had other things on her mind when she came up to me from behind and grabbed my dick through my suit. Doug was looking away but turned in time to see her before she pulled her hand away and he said, "Now, you two, don't go getting me all horny. Remember, my girl's not here and I'd have to jack off again". Kate said from the looks of the bulge in his tight bikini it looked like he was already horny and what did he mean by "jack off again". I told her Doug had seen us fucking earlier and with that news she started after Doug. He quickly jumped out of the pool with Kate in hot pursuit. I don't think Doug minded being chased and in no time Kate caught him and grabbed him around the waist and threw him back into the pool. In the process, though, she rubbed her hand over his thick spandex-covered cock. As he fell into the pool he yelled, "Hey, no touching the goods unless you're buying".

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I was laughing my fucking head off and getting pretty turned on again. Kate jumped in the pool after Doug and caught him from behind and grabbed his dick through his suit like she had me earlier. Then Doug turned around and they started kissing really hard. Tongues were flying and hands were feeling. Kate had her hands on Doug's tight bikini clad ass and he had his on her naked ass. I went over and got behind Kate and started to rub my hard cock into her ass and in the process Doug's hand caught hold of my stiff one. Finally, I thought, maybe I can get some action from Doug. Well, we all got out of the pool and headed over to the lounges and while Kate lay on her back and started to spread her legs Doug released his 7" tool from it's tight confines. As he stepped out of his suit I couldn't help admire his tight body and the very skimpy tan lines his suit left.

The top of his suit stopped just over his pubes and the legs were cut high so he had this very sexy tan line. I was in heaven as I pulled my hot dick out of my own suit and placed it over Kate's lips while I watched Doug slide his thick pole into Kate's tight, very wet cunt. After a few minutes of probing her cunt lips with his dick it finally went in and soon he was fucking the shit out of her as she licked and sucked my cock. Doug came first and spewed his thick seed up Kate's cunt. When he pulled out she said she wanted to lick his big dick clean so I moved aside and let him straddle her face with his dick as he faced her.

Kate said she didn't cum with Doug and wanted me to eat her out until she came. No problem for me. I got to get in between her hot legs and lick out the cum of the man I fantasized about. I got right to it while I watched her suck Doug's cock clean. Soon I had my tongue on Kate's clit and she was cumming. I was so tempted to lick Doug's fine white ass but I held myself back.

After Kate came she was relaxing but Doug and I were both hard again. We tried to pull our suits back on but our dicks wouldn't fit so we thought, what the fuck, leave the suits off. Both of us wanted more (Doug wanted more of Kate and I wanted some of him). Kate was sore and not ready for more yet so she suggested we get each other off. We just looked at each other and I said "Hey, I need to blow some cum, man, I don't care who gets it out of me". Doug said, "Well, I'm game if I can fuck Kate again later on".

Kate agreed and so Doug and I got down on a towel and started 69ing. I couldn't believe how hot and smooth his dick was. I got the large head in my mouth and only a few inches of his thick shaft in. So I got the shaft all wet with my saliva and then started to jack his shaft while I sucked his head. He was really getting into it and was trying his best to suck me off too but soon he came--all over my face. I looked over at Kate and she was fingering her clit and on the verge of cumming again. Seeing my face and mouth covered with Doug's cum got her off, though. However, I was still horny as hell and hadn't cum yet.

I told Doug he owed me and he apologized for giving up but he said he was so caught up in his own orgasm he lost track of me. So Kate came over to me and told me to lie on my back. She knelt down over my head with her mouth at my cock. Then she told Doug to lick my balls. She said he had to if he wanted more pussy later on so he agreed. So Doug started licking my huge balls while Kate sucked my cock. I came in like three seconds. Kate swallowed a lot of it but kept enough in her mouth so that when she motioned for Doug to come over to her he got some when she frenched him.

We spent the whole weekend fucking and sucking and surprisingly, Doug and I are still roommates and friends. He admitted that he kind of liked having me blow him but was unsure of doing the same for me. I told him that I'm bi and he was OK with it. We've jacked each other off since then and when he's particularly horny he lets me suck him off. Once when we were really wasted he even sucked me off. Life is good.

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written by guru887508
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