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Hey everyone. I've been a fan of this site for about four years, and I finally decided it was time to contribute. I wanted to have a real true story for you all though, and here it is. a few parts have been embellished to make it a bit more exciting, but otherwise this really did happen. For those of you with your pants around your ankles and a bottle of lube at hand, this story builds a little slow, but I think It's pretty hot!

My name is David. I'm a 5"10 average body build, not too muscular. I've got long light brown hair. I am a sophomore at a college in the Northeast. I am a sophomore. All my life, I have been attracted to girls. But sometime around the middle of high school, lets say sophomore year, I became very interested in guys as well. Bi-curious if you will. I wouldn't say that I was becoming gay, and I don't think I am. But when masturbating, I found that sometimes I would be in the mood to think about pussy, and sometimes to think about cock. I fantasized about various girls, celebrities or ones I knew personally. But with guys, the only time I would fantasize is if it was a guy I was friends with or knew pretty well. Nothing over the top, I just imagined that maybe we'd both be curious and experiment with each other.

The closest I ever came to this in high school was with a friend of mine named Craig. Craig and I were really good friends. We could confide pretty much anything between each other. Since we both weren't the luckiest with the ladies in high school, the only sexual experiences we could compare was our jacking off. We'd trade various pornos etc. that we both found particularly arousing. Always straight porn though, because despite how close we were, I was too nervous to ever admit I had masturbated to gay porn.

So at some point, I don't know how we ended up doing this, but we agreed, out of curiosity, to show each other our cocks. I admit my dick wasn't the biggest dick around, so I was a little nervous about it. However, as soon as we started talking about doing it, I became rock hard. We did "rocks paper scissors" and I lost. I whipped my cock out of my zipper and showed it to him. He looked and smiled. I said, perhaps too eagerly, "Now its your turn." But when he showed me his, it was soft. I was glad to have seen it I guess, but I was hoping to see his equally erect. We decided next that we should jack off in front of each other. We decided on a porno video on his computer and cued it up. Sitting in opposite chairs, we started stroking. I could tell my cock was much harder than his and I came much quicker than him too. This is when I knew Craig was not bi-curious at all. He was uncomfortable about it, and could barely make his cock (which was quite nice looking) hard enough to cum.

When I got to freshman year of college, by the end of my first semester, I had not even gotten to first base with a single girl. I had friends who were guys and friends who were girls. Throughout the semester, though I had still been fairly regularly jacking off to gay porn as well as straight still, I was only hoping to "score" with a girl. Among the friends in my clique, the girls were not particularly interested in me sexually. They were nice, but I knew none were attracted to me. As for the guys, none of them seemed even remotely gay or bi-curious, and if they were, they did not show any such feelings towards me.

Things changed the week I got back from winter break. It was the start of the spring semester. Already, I was done with an 8th of college. This meant it was time for some changes. I was a Journalism major, so I decided it was finally time to get some real journalistic experience by writing for the school paper. I wanted to do movie and book reviews, so I began regularly attending meetings for the Entertainment section of the paper. The two editors of the section were both cute girls, but all the writers were guys. I started hanging out fairly regularly with one guy in particular in the group. His name was Eric. Eric was about my height (5'10) with long brown hair. Slightly chubby but all around a fairly handsome guy. We used to get high together and watch movies etc. One night, I threw a small party in my room and had a bunch of people over. To my slight dismay, Eric brought with him a girl, and the way the two of them walked in together, I could tell that any masturbatory fantasies I had had about Eric were going out the window.

Flashing forward to the end of the party, around 2:30 am. People started to file out. Everyone except Eric and his girlfriend or friend who was a girl whatever, Cassandra, who we all called Cassy .The three of us were pretty hammered. Not wasted, but definitely drunk. Cassy suggested we smoke a bowl or two to chill out. Eric and I, being the college stoners we were, happily agreed. Eric also suggested we put on a movie, something "chill" he said, to smoke to. I happen to have a pretty excellent dvd collection. We opened up a huge disc binder I keep most of them in and began rifling through. Cassy suggested "Showgirls" which I have as sort of a guilty pleasure in my collection. Eric and I laughed at first, but I said "I'll really watch it if you guys want to." Eric had never seen it, so Cassy and I looked at each other and agreed this would be a fun time to see it for the first time. We popped the disc into the dvd player and all laid down on my bed to watch it.

About three bowls and 45 minutes into the movie, I was starting to space out. A particular striptease scene had me hard, and I was thinking about how nice it is to masturbate when you are high, because it makes you feel like you are cumming three times longer atleast. So anyway, the three of us are laying on the bed. Cassy is in the middle, with I on her left and Eric on her right. During a sex scene, I glance over curiously at Eric's package area. Sure enough, he has a bulge there too. I was high, so who knows how long I was staring at it, but suddenly, I was horrified to see Cassy looking at me, looking at me looking at Eric's bulge. She gave me a funny smile and turned her head back towards the tv screen. A minute or so later, I saw her delicate hand creep ever so delicately over to Eric's bulge, and begin to softly caress her hand around it. I glanced quickly over to Eric's face. He continued watching the movie, but he was definitely smiling. I looked back at the tv screen, so as not to make Eric think I had noticed what was happening. But less than a minute later, I felt a small hand rubbing the bulge in my pants. It was Cassy. Laying in between us, she had one hand on either one of our boners. Now I had to look at Eric. He was looking right at me, smiling. The room was totally silent, except for the groans of the actress on screen having sex in the pool. Cassy suddenly broke the silence. "You guys feel horny." she said.


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I didn't even know what to say. "Ha, yeah." Eric said. "I guess so. Right Dave?"

"Uhhh, yeah." I said. I was nervous. Before my mind could even begin to anticipate what was going to happen, Cassy said, with surprising quickness "Alright boys, take off your pants. Let me see your cocks." "What?!" Eric said, laughing. I laughed too. We were pretty high so it did seem really funny. Cassy laughed too but continued. "Boys, I'm serious. Lets do this. Let me see them!" "What do we get to see?" I asked Cassy slyly. "Patience Dave." she said. I looked at Eric one more time. "I'll do it if you will." Eric said. Without response, I slid my pants down, revealing just my boxers. This was fairly pointless, because my hard cock was sticking out of the opening. Eric immediately slid his jeans down, and I got a look at his beautiful cock sticking out of his boxers. It was about the same size as mine, so roughly 6 inches. A bit thicker than mine, but with a narrower head, it looked good. He looked at mine, and we looked at each other. Cassy just laughed again. "Ooh, checking each other out?" she joked.

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