Vegas Getaway

It had been months since I had last seen Amanda. That encounter at the airport had lingered with me a long time and I often used it as my "inspiration" when Carlos was out of town. We would talk on the phone at night and I would slowly draw out the details taking both of us to solo orgasms.

Carlos' birthday was coming up and I wanted to give him only the best, so I put in a call. As it turned out, Amanda needed to get away from her boring life so she was only too willing to take me up on a trip to Sin City. My perfect surprise was planned and organized; the only thing left was the drive to Vegas.

The anticipation was driving me crazy and I had to let some steam off during the 3-hour drive so I leaned over and began stroking Carlos' cock. He was shocked at first, but then settled down and enjoyed the ride. Just as he was ready to explode, I leaned down and took his massive cock into my mouth. He was barely able to keep the car on the road as I sucked him dry. "I don't know what's gotten into you, but this is already the best birthday present a guy could ask for!"

I drew my skirt up to my waist and began slowly gliding my fingers along the crotch of my red silk panties. Just the slightest touch sent electric shocks through my entire body. The car was filled with the scent of sex and it was making it that much harder to keep my sanity. A slight moan escaped my lips and Carlos reached over to help me out. He slipped a finger between the folds of my pussy lips and began rubbing up and down spurring on the wetness that had been building for days. I thrust my hips forward urging his fingers to plunge in. He graciously obliged deeply pumping two fingers into my throbbing hole. I thrust my hips into his hand coming to quick climax. Now I could finish the drive in peace and recharge myself for what was to come.

We pulled into the Venetian at about quarter to 10 at night and my anticipation began to build again. Amanda would be arriving at about 10:15 so our timing was tight. We made our way to a penthouse suite and Carlos could do nothing but smile. Little did he know what was yet to come. He tossed his bags down and peeked into the restroom, his eyes catching sight of the whirlpool spa immediately. "I think I'm going to sit in the spa for a few minutes to refresh from the drive!" I knew him only too well.

While Carlos relaxed in the spa, I ordered strawberries and champagne from room service and began to set the mood. I heard a soft knock at the door and my juices began to flow. It was too early for room service so I knew it had to be Amanda- right on time. She was barely in the door when she threw me against the wall and kissed me long and deep. I almost came right then. We set about preparing the room for the adventure ahead, sneaking kisses as we went.

When all was set, I called for Carlos. He walked in to find a chair facing the bed and looked at me curiously. I smiled and patted the chair for him to sit down. I set about tying restraints to his hands and legs. This wasn't completely unusual for us so he played along. I finished off by placing a blindfold over his eyes signaling that the game had changed and his cock began to stiffen up. I slid my hand over his cock and began stroking slowly. He was enjoying this and soon his cock was so hard I couldn't help but straddle him and slide my pussy over it. I rode him like this for a couple of minutes, kissing his sensuous lips as he moaned into my mouth. I slipped back off of his cock and turned around so that I could sit on him facing away. He kissed my neck as I slid down onto his cock again and then I brought in the surprise. Amanda went to work on my wet pussy as it slid up and down that thick shaft and then she began to lick his cock as it entered me. Carlos gasped in surprise, but he knew the rules: no talking, so he just sat back end enjoyed the ride. I screamed as Amanda's tongue skillfully brought me to orgasm at the same time that Carlos shot his hot cum deep into my pussy.

I stood up and removed his blindfold as Amanda stood up and kissed me deeply letting me taste my own juices. We moved onto the bed, giving Carlos a full view of our bodies entangled in a passionate embrace. As we came up for air I slid Amanda to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide so Carlos could watch me as I kneeled on the carpet and went down on her. I knew she had a lot of pent up tension, but I couldn't help teasing a little as I slowly traced my tongue along her swollen lips. She was begging me to go deep so I plunged two fingers deep into her sweet hole and began pumping hard while I clamped my mouth on her pussy and worked her clit. She thrust her hips onto my fingers as I slid a third in and pumped harder. I pulled my fingers out and traced down her pussy lips only to slide my tongue deep in their place. I skillfully slid one finger into her tight little ass hole and she went wild, pressing her pussy hard onto my mouth as I fingered her ass. She came in no time. As I swallowed her sweet juices, she slid onto the carpet with me and kissed my face, tasting her cum.


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Carlos' cock had begun to grow hard again so we untied his restraints. I wanted to make this a special birthday for him, but I also wanted to live out my fantasy so I guided Amanda back to the edge of the bed and I began to suck Carlos' cock. I wanted to watch him fuck her and I knew she needed a good fuck. I sucked him hard and guided his cock to her pussy. I demanded that he fuck her and almost came as I watched his cock penetrate that sweet pussy. He held onto her hips and thrust his thick shaft rhythmically into her. I knew with all the excitement we had had he wasn't going to last long so I began rubbing her clit to bring her to another shattering climax. As she shuddered from this latest orgasm, he pulled out and shot his cream all over her pussy lips. Now it was my turn again as I leaned over her and licked every drop of his cum from her pussy sending her into uncontrollable shudders. Carlos came up from behind me and pumped three fingers deep into my pussy reaching my g-spot just in time to take me over the edge.

The three of us collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and excited to know that this was only the first night of a week long vacation.

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written by isabelprada
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