Slave for the Night

I was happy for the first time in my life. I had a great job, great friends and a wonderful sexy girlfriend. Her name was Britney Spears and we have been dating for 5 months now and its so good. We have a great sex life and friendship. She was a famous pop singer and I was her number one fan before we met and started to date. It's freaky dating Britney but she is such a caring, sweet girlfriend and she made me so happy. Our families didn't care what we did because we were happy and in love. We didn't rub it in their faces so they left us alone and we had fun.

One day Britney looked sad. I knew she was worried about her new film `Crossroads' coming out soon. She hoped she did a god job but I've seen it and loved it! I'm not saying that because I'm her girlfriend but she is great in the film. The day came and we went to the opening nite and she looked scared and worried, but I was there to look after her and make her happy. She met the fans and then we stood for pics. Everyone was screaming my name and I couldn't take it. She looked great as always and I just wanted to get her home. The film went down very well and then there was a after show party. We walked into the room and heads turned. We both smiled and I got us some beers before we found a chair in the back room.

She looked happy now to be alone. We kissed each other before she pulled away from me. She smiled and looked deep into my eyes and I knew she had something on her mind. She walked around the room and locked the door. I watched her ass move as she walked and then I could smell her as she walked back to me. She smiled before she pulled me into her arms and kissed me with pure passion which took my breath away! We kissed as we walked around the room trying to find somewhere to sit down, we needed to fool around for a while....god we should really go home. We have very gentle, soft loving sex but I could it was gonna be wild!!

She pushed me to the floor and then stood over me. I looked up and knew she wanted something new tonight. I smiled but she didn't. I slowly stood up and pushed her to a wall and kissed her hard. I wanted to make her scream coz that look on her face was driving me mad. She pushed me away and said 'I have an idea...wanna play??'. I didn't say no but I just smiled at her. She stood against the wall and ran her hands over her body. I watched her and wanted to eat her til she couldn't take it anymore. Then she said 'Now for 2nite...ur my sex slave! I wanna boss u around and tell you to do stuff for me! Do u still wanna play puppy??'. I smiled even more as I kissed her and ran my hands down her body.

Britney kissed me and then said 'Ok rip my clothes off now!' and I did what she asked me too. I ripped off her clothes and then she stood in front of me naked! I looked up and down her body and then she ran one finger down her body and pushed it inside her. I watched and then she said 'Lie me down and eat me out'. I pulled her to the floor and then kissed her slowly. She moaned and pushed on my head. I knew she loved it when I bite into her neck, it made her scream and that was always the best part! I kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. She called out my name and then I worked down her body. I kissed the inner thigh and then kiss her bewteen the legs. She cried out and then said 'Eat me out now!'.

I looked up and then went to work. At first I blowed on her and teased her. She hated to be teased but I loved it. She couldn't take it for long before she pushed my head onto her and I started to lick slowly. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it. I heard her moan out my name and I could feel her pushing my head. Then I could see someone watching us. I saw a shadow to the side of me and then this guy came into view. I stopped eating Britney and looked at him. He was our age, very good looking and well had a huge hard on. Britney looked at him and seemed mad someone didn't ask if he could watch! I smiled at him and then I said 'Look babe...he just wanna watch us that's all! Lets show him a real show'. She looked at him and asked ' whats ur name??'. The guy smiled and said ' Dan'. I watched her smile at him and then she looked down at me. She nodded and I got back to work, but making sure he could see it all.

I started to lick her slowly to start off. I kissed around it but never on it. She pushed on my head and told me to ' eat her harder....make her come hard'. I looked at Dan and I could see him starting to wank at the show in front of him. I then licked her harder and sucked on her clit. It was driving her wild and I knew it wouldnt be long. I sucked hard and then I heared Britney moan ' Put ur tonuge right up me now!' and I couldnt say no hehe. I pushed my tounge up inside her and she screamed out! She pushed on my head and then I could hear Dan moaning. I licked and licked Britney like mad and sucked on her clit madly. She pushed on my head and I licked soooo much and then she started writhing around on the floor. She legs were around my back and her nails were dug in my back.

I looked at Dan and saw him wanking hard. He was watching everything but he couldnt take his eyes off Britney. I got jealous and worked on Britney harder. She cried out and pushed on my head which made me eat her deeper and harder. I sucked her on clit and Britney screamed out my name as she came hard into my mouth. I then heared Dan moan as he came and then I kissed her one more time and then moved up her body. We kissed each other as Dan walked up to us. He smiled and said 'I wont tell anyone what I've just seen.... but it was wild and hot! Thanks for the great nite' then he was gone. We kissed and just held each other. Britney said 'did u mind him watching?' but I didn't care, maybe next time Dan could join in.

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written by beckystone
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