She turned her back to the street to lock the door, the seams of her stockings so straight they looked laser cut. Her cape flared and rose giving me a peek at her panties as she spun and heels clicking danced down the marble steps. She is beauty I thought as she pulled her legs into the Z3, crunched first, barked he tires and roared down Mitchell Street. The "snatch", the "grab", the "tackle", call it what you like, I love to follow. I let her get a two block lead then pulled into traffic and pushed in a Cowboy Junkies CD. It was a hot night following a rainstorm, the streets were wet, she pushed the BMW into a drift every chance she got. I didn't need to work hard to keep up, just to stay out of sight. When she stopped at the bank, I waited. When she made a trip to a wine store, I waited. She dropped into a dinner and I followed her in.

She sat with her back to door, drank a coffee and smoked. I drank a coffee and watched her reflection in the mirror. Her blonde hair was combed out straight, her dark eyebrows, arched, exotic. Her lips were the color of night blooming flowers and they left stains on her cup and cigarette. I reached my hand in my pocket and clutched the restraints, her restraints. I stared in the mirror and thought of Sari and Jar. Sari taught me weaving and knot tying, how to braid a restraint so that it didn't cut through the skin but got tighter if you made a move. A hard lesson, being still, when all you have is the Pacific moon to light edge of the blade. And Jar, her daughter, taught me the salves that restored the trust and the tea the renewed the soul. I missed those days of travel and adventure.

Suddenly I was back, but she was gone. Her booth was empty and I was the only one in the diner. I threw down some coins and ran for my car. The Z3 was gone. I threw open the door climbed in and reached for the ignition. I smelled her just before the cold metal of her cuffs slammed around my wrist. Slowly I turned my head, I was cuffed to her and her black, brown eyes were staring down the edge of a switchblade at me.

"Things change, drive", she said and I did. She moved the handcuff from her wrist to the steering wheel and I drove through the rain-wet streets considering my reversal of fortune.


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"Park here" she said, switched the car off and grabbed the keys. I watched her walk away from me then, not afraid, stiletto heels echoing down the narrow street. She stopped on the corner in the light of a street lamp and took her cell phone out and made a short call. Good god I thought, she's all legs. I could see the tops of her stockings but could only speculate as to what was beyond. She got back in the car, flicked the knife open again and told me too drive.

We hit the freeway and headed north, then took the exit for the lake. We pulled into the picnic grounds and she instructed me were to park.

"Get out, slowly" she said un-cuffing me. She came around the front of the car and pushed me toward a tree that stood in the beam of the headlights.

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"May I." I started to ask but she cut me off with a look.

"Get undressed", she ordered. I started to speak again but with the hand not holding the cuffs and the knife she slapped me so hard I staggered. My face was numb were she hit me as I pulled off my clothes. Now that I was naked she moved me to the tree and snapped the cuffs closed, I was manacled to the tree.

"You've made some dumb fucking moves Jonnie, but tonight you'll live forever." She took my belt and tied my neck tight to the tree with it.

"Janie..." SLAP! SLAP! I tasted blood, "Not one god dammed word!" She folded the blade and stepped back to my car just as her Z3 came along in a cloud of dust.

Janie sat there, hands flat against the hood of my car and watched as the driver immerged. He was a least six foot four, 235 lbs. He looked Asian or Indian. He was dark with black hair pulled into a ponytail. He walked up to her and gently raised a hand to her cheek, his hand was huge, her head disappeared behind it. He was a full foot taller than she, she had to tip her head back to look at him. Now she pulled his shirt from his pants and helped him take it off over his head. He looked like a statue in a museum, angular planes of muscles in perfect proportion. She ran her hands down the hard lines of his chest, and licked his nipples.

Now he pulled the ribbon on her cape and there she stood in the light of two cars, the perfect shape of woman, the bone stays of her corset throwing shadows, her breasts rising over the top. With one pull she popped the string on his pants and the silk fell in a heap. He bent his head to her ear and she nodded. Now he turned and I saw his cock. It lay casually to the right. His cock was soft and was the size of mine when it's hard. Standing naked in the night air, manacled to a tree I prepared myself to watch Janie and this god go at it.

He turned and got a bottle of something from the Z3 and walked towards me. At the same time Janie got two bottles of wine and a pair glasses and went back to my car. The god stood before me, relaxed, huge, tall, beautiful and naked.

"Olive oil" he said holding up the bottle, "like the Greeks, remember?" I shook my head, I didn't remember, couldn't speak.

"For lubrication, heat releases the smells, very cool." My eyes locked on his, my neck hurt, my wrists hurt.

"That's right Jon, you and I are gonna get it on. Didn't she tell you?" I was freaking, I pulled at the cuffs.

"Relax man, I'm going take care of you. They call me Kona, not my real name. We're brothers right?" He poured oil onto his palm and started to massage his meat. He stopped and held it in his open hand, his cock was a foot from my face, he let me watch it grow. Slowly it filled with blood and swelled, I watched without breathing. It was a beautiful sight. It began to swell, the veins rose out and his cock took a sweeping shape. Now he poured oil over the plum sized head and let it run slowly run down into his pubic tangle. His big cock now stood fully erect and glistening. He stroked himself slowly to spread the oil all around. He moved around beside me and spoke into my ear, "tell me you're not just a little excited Jon."

"The way it's going happen, I'll oil you up and soften you up, just relax, don't fight me. I'll slide in, we'll have our moment." I was in no position to argue.

Janie bent over the door of the Z3 and pushed in a CD. Iranian music boomed out, swirling, high pitched, a woman's voice rising, wailing. Janie started dancing in the dust.

Kona, poured oil on his hand, reached to my ass and started to massage me, all the while talking in my ear.

Janie whirled in the dust, threw away her shoes and grabbed a bottle of wine.

My sphincter was soft now, my prostate glowing warm, Kona untied my neck.

"You not going anywhere."

Janie spun and drank from the bottle, raised it high and let it spill down her neck. Rivulets of blood red wine flowed off her nipples.

Kona moved behind me, pored oil on his hand and put two fingers inside me, worked them in and out then began to rub his cock up and down my ass looking for the right angle.

Janie whirled and dropped to her knees, her stockings instantly torn to pieces, she torn at her panties and threw them aside. Wine poured into her mouth and down her chin. She held the bottle above her head and swayed beneath the pouring wine.

Kona pressed firmly and slowly eased his dick into me as I fought for air.

Wine poured into Janie's bush and onto her cupped hand, she started rubbing her pussy and bucking.

Konas strokes were getting longer and deeper, I fought to maintain my sanity. With one huge hand Kona clamped onto my shoulder and with the other he held my belly soothing me like a nervous horse. Now Janie stood, the strange music filled the treetops, putting the moon in a trance she danced around the other bottle. The dust had turned to mud now and her hair was matted and wild.

Kona pulled out slowly, every inch of me closing up as his withdrew then yielding as he gave me one long hard thrust burying his whole cock inside me. Now Janie knelt before the second bottle, took a pull off the first and threw it away. Kona gripped hard and slammed me, his balls pounded against my ass and I drove myself back against him to see if he had any more. Now I wanted him. I wanted him deep. I wanted to be fucked, to feel hot cock deep inside me. I groaned, fuck me you god!

Janie rolled onto her back and pushed the neck of the bottle into her pussy, wine pumped and sprayed out, red wine ran trough her tangled bush and down her legs. She worked the bottle in and out, moaning and crying, teeth gnashing hip quivering.

Kona grabbed my hips from either side and we fucked hard. He held still and I pumped my ass up and down his slick shaft. I made the strokes and pushed back hard until I felt him bracing against me.

Janie pulled the bottle out, flung it aside and got to her knees. She grabbed the wine glass now and placed it on the ground beneath her pussy and looked me dead in the eye.

I fought for balance now and focus as Kona lifted me off the ground and impaled me. Every inch seemed to take a minute and awaken a new nerve. I was shaking and trembling, tears running down my cheeks. He stopped for a moment, his balls pressed hard against my ass and wiggled ever so slightly to get the last he had inside me. I felt his pulse pounding inside me and things grew still.

Janie smiled a slow sexy smile and let the stored wine flow from her pussy and into glass. She got to her feet, stockings torn, hair all gone to hell, corset ripped and shifted and walked to me. The wine under my nose was from another world. It smelled of over ripened fruit, pussy and the open ocean. She tipped the glass into my mouth and I drank it, it burned and refreshed. What I didn't drink she poured over me. With a sudden spin she sent the wine glass crashing against the ground and fell to her knees masturbating wildly.

Kona let out a groan and pushed me hard. He reached down and held his and my balls together with one hand and jerked me off with the other. He fucked me with short hard strokes until we both came. He was in my ass, on my balls, stroking me. I went limp, spraying cum into the night air. Kona held me up. When he came he stopped moving and just sent load after load crashing into me. Each spasm traveled the length of his cock and ended in a crack the sent cum pounding deep inside me. Our balls pulsed together, our orgasms timed. He held my cock until my spasms stopped. I didn't want him to leave, I pushed back against him and he responded by gently fucking me a little longer.

Janie finally stopped climaxing and lay on the ground, her chest heaving.

Kona slipped his dick out of me, helped me to the ground and un-cuffed my hands. Slowly Kona and Janie dressed, neither one looked at me. I was exhausted, I could feel his warm sperm leaking out of me. As I watched this god walk away, I was shaking, I wanted more. Kona got into the Z3 started off. Janie came over to me and spoke in my ear.

"Happy birthday honey. Hurry home. I love you." My wife got into my car and headed home.

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written by jonboyd
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