Rescue in a Parking Lot

My effort to help a lady in distress was greatly rewarded. I was in N Y C one evening visiting my favorite gay bay in that city. I'm a bi man leaning towards the homosexual end most times. I had hoped to hook up with a nice guy for some sexual fun that night. I didn't meet anyone I wanted to have sex with that evening. There were a number of nice guys in the bar that night but none that really set me off. So I d3cided to call it a night.

I walked to the parking lot to pick up my car. A lady a few cars away from mine was having trouble starting her car. She kept cranking the engine bur without any luck. The sound of the starting attempts grew weaker and weaker. The battery was running low. I approached the car and offered to help. The lady was quite beautiful. She must have been in her late twenties or early thirties. I was in my mid sixties. How could I not help? No, I wasn't hoping to get laid. I was just be a decent guy.

Well, I don't know shit about cars. I didn't have any tools and wouldn't know what to do in any event. I just offered to give the stranded lady a ride. She was really stuck. She accepted my offer and climbed into my car. We were on the west side in the 70s - what they call the upper west side. My new lady friend lived on the upper east side in the low 90s. I pulled up in front of her apartment building.

She thanked me and said she would love to invite me up for a drink but couldn't. She said the guy she lived with was home, but she said that she wanted to reward me for helping her. She used the word reward - not pay. I declined saying I was happy to help. She insisted and told me, very bluntly, to take my cock out. She offered to give me a blow job right there in the car right in front of her apartment. I was horny as hell that night and was unable to find a guy whom I could have sex with so, once I got over the shock of her offer, I accepted her reward. I pulled my cock out and it was instantly hard. She bent over the console between the seats and went right down on my cock. She sucked the gay right out of me. It was great. She was a superb cock sucker. Nice long slow strokes up and down my Dick using her tounge around my cock head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second of her beautiful sucking. I generally believe that men suck cock much better than women but this lady was the rare exception. I had one of those body shaking cums that happen only occasionally. Once I finished shooting my load she sat up. I offered her some tissue to spit out my load but she declined. She had swallowed the whole load. She opened the car door and started to get our but stoped. She turned to me and thanked me again. She reached into her purse and pulled out a card and gave it to me with a big smile. I wanted to walk her to the apartment building door but couldn't since my now limp cock was still hanging out of my pants.

I drove home that night very happy. When I got into my apartment I remembered her card. It was a card for her escort service. I had rescued a professional escort. Wow. I held that card for weeks. Yes, I did arrange another date with her and we had a great time. She sucked my cock and we fucked. I saw her about four more times and one time she offered to let me fuck her in the ass. Took her up on the offer. Yes, I paid for sex on all out dates. Business is business. What a great time. But I'm still gay.

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written by jack5m

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