Two's Company - Three is Quite Loud

"She is so beautiful! I love her!"

I smiled at Katrina, one of the first women I was ever attracted to.

"I told her you would like her, didn't I? Look at that cute ass! And that shaved pussy! I love a woman who gives you direct access!"

"You're sick!"


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"Oh, am I? As if you wouldn't like to finger and lick her, too."

"I didn't say I wouldn't."

"Uh, huh. I thought so."

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"Frankly, I would like to eat you out right about now," I said to her, "Especially because you used that soap I got you -- I love the scent of that. The mixture of that soap and you should be just the ticket to send me right over the edge."

"Hey, let's do something a little different this time. We're both bi, so how about asking over a guy and making out in front of him?"

"It's funny that you mention that. Eric told me he wanted to watch us go at it just last week. He also implied he would like to join in."

"We'll see," she smiled. "But I have other ideas first."

I was hooked up to the Net checking out the latest pictures of hot babes in my favorite binary groups when my mail program alerted me to the message -- the message I had been waiting for.

"Eric, I talked to my friend and she says we should be able to oblige you. Give us a call and tell us when you can get here."

I just shut off the computer, not bothering to exit gracefully and picked up the phone, flicking the receiver a few times to disconnect the confused modem.

"This is Eric. I'll be over in an hour."

When I got there, my cock was already bulging in anticipation. I had waited for this moment for some time, finally getting up the courage to ask just last week. I had read so many stories about two babes making out and come to every single one of them. Now I was getting some real-life action.

"Hey, look who's here! Come inside -- or should we be more careful with the words we use in your -- condition?"

I blushed, both because they had obviously noticed my erection and because they were both in teddies, Chris in a black one and Katrina in a pink one. My eyes feasted on the two of them -- what the hell, that's what they had invited me to do. How the hell did I get lucky enough to find such sex-positive women?

"Clothes off, Eric!" Chris said. "Come on, we've been waiting to get down on -- oops, -- get down to business for a while."

I slipped out of my shirt and jeans and paused only briefly before lowering my shorts.

"Hey, very nice, Eric! Very nice," said Chris, licking her lips. "If you do exactly what we say, maybe I'll take a lick or two of that."

The next thing I knew, they had me seated on a love-seat, my hands tied behind my head, a little uncomfortably. They slipped ankle cuffs onto my legs and connected them to the chair with rope looped underneath the chair, They lifted me and the chair -- strong chicks -- and that's how I like 'em -- into the bedroom. The smell was a nice mixture of hair spray, lotion, soap and perfume. The room was well-lit by a lamp and the light from the living room. A Melissa Etheridge CD was playing just loud enough to hear.

"Now, Eric, you get to tell us what to do, what you want us to do to one another. But you have to do it while you're jerking off."

I blushed again, but then remembered who I was with and felt less nervous immediately.

"Here are some tissues; we don't want you scumming the wallpaper," laughed Katrina.

"I'm not going to be able to do shit if you don't untie my hands,"

They laughed and Chris untied my hands, but shortened the rope at my ankles, so that I would be unable to get to the bed.

"Okay, first order, Master," said Chris.

"Touch one another through the lingerie while you kiss," I said, feeling a little foolish.

"Yes, sir," they said in unison, and reached for one another's bodies. Hands slid under silk, and I watched as nipples hardened and faces glowed. Chris initiated the kissing, then slid her hand between Katrina's legs and started rubbing and fingering.

I knew I was getting ahead of myself, going too fast, but I didn't give a shit.

"Take off those damned things. I want to see you touch each other."

"The teddies flew across the room and one -- Chris's -- fell in my lap. I picked it up and rubbed it against my hard cock -- the cool silk, warmer in the places where it had touched Chris's body, sent chills through me. I closed it around my dick, rubbing -- I could already feel a climax coming -- to come all over Chris's teddy was an exciting idea.

I watched as they kissed and touched, their fingers probing their nether regions and their kisses deep and slow. I saw their breasts moving against one another as they ground their bodies together. Chris wrapped her legs around Katrina's ankles and moved her body against her, rubbing slowly, then quickly, hard, then soft. Each now had several fingers in the other's vagina; I knew I was going to shoot my load soon, so I yelled out what I really wanted to see.

"Eat each other out."

Chris began licking Katrina's throat as she fingered her, moving her head slowly down Katrina's body. She stopped at the navel, swirling her tongue around and around, in and out.

"Wrong hole, Chris! Scoot around here, and I'll show you what he wants us to do."

"I know what he wants, babe; I'm just not hurrying about it."

"He looks like he's in a hurry, Chris," Katrina giggled.

There! Finally! Chris lay on top, her head nestled right where I wanted to see it. They turned so that I had the optimum view, and spread each other's labia and dug in. I listened to them moan and watched their tongues dance in and out, back and forth, in and out. I shot my load all over Chris's teddy -- it was an incredible orgasm. I was still hard when I finished, so I dropped the wet teddy to the floor and began stroking away again. What I really wanted was to kiss one of them and taste the other's pussy in her mouth. I wanted to ram my cock into the other and screw her fast and hard. But I was tied to the chair!

Katrina had taken the initiative and taken the next step without my order. She sat on Chris's face and had her hands in Chris's hair, pulling her face up and slamming her pussy into Chris's mouth. Chris had gotten a small vibrator, probably hidden under the sheets or pillows, and shoved it up Katrina's butt.

Then I saw the scissors, which had totally escaped my notice. I was able to reach them by dragging the chair a bit -- heavy chair -- and sliced the rope from the ankle cuffs. Neither woman noticed; they had apparently forgotten my presence. I was about to remind them.

I moved fast, leaping onto the bed and flinging Katrina off of Chris onto her back and began kissing her. She was surprised but willing and returned the kiss, opening her mouth to me and greeting my tongue as it drove hard and fast in her mouth. I reached back and started fingering Chris, who turned around and scuttled closer.

I lay on my back and told Chris to sit on my face and asked Katrina if she would fuck me. They responded immediately, and in no time at all, I was indulging in Chris's moist, hot cunt and enjoying Katrina's thrusts up and down my cock. When I was about to come, I told them to lay next to one another.

"Put your faces close together -- good, just like that. Don't move from that position!"

I told each of them to lick my cock, offering it first to one then the other. I felt myself shuddering and said, "Open wide, girls!" They responded as I began spurting, my load covering their faces and filling their eager mouths

After we took a nap snuggled close to one another, we made a fruit salad and fed pieces of fruit to one another. But that's a story for next time.

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written by christine
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