Taking Care Of Girlfriend and Her Friend

My relationship with my girlfriend Anwyll has been one of the best things in my life for going on six years. We are very loving, one might even say to mushiness, and our sex life leaves me with nothing to be desired. We make love regularly using a wide variety of positions and toys often cumming and rolling over to calm down gasping and sweating, looking sheepishly at the floor and wondering what our neighbors below are thinking.

Anwyll is absolutely beautiful, with shoulder-length platinum blonde hair, 36c breasts which I love to play with and suck on, taut legs from walking to work and a pert little ass which simply yells, "lick me, squeeze me!" I once noticed Anwyll's particular beauty the night it was contrasted with that of her close friend Dimitra. Dimitra is Greek with lovely black hair, sparkling eyes, huge 38d bosoms and wide hips that make her look just right for riding all night long like a big, strong motorcycle.

Dimitra has a ready laugh and is a real social conscience girl, she once cut off nearly all her beautiful Greek goddess hair and gave it to "Locks of Love," that outfit that gives wigs to cancer patients. Anyway, we had been out to dinner together and were having a wonderful time having gone back to Anwyll's apartment. I had gone out to the kitchen to fix myself a little drink and when I came back I was surprised, but not angry to see that Dimitra had her arm around Anwyll and that Anwyll's hand had strayed into Dimitra's lap. I'd always know that Kellen had a little of the bisexual streak in her, and we'd used it to good advantage plenty of times going to strip clubs and getting a couple's lap dance from hot, slutty women and when I saw Anwyll and Dimitra getting friendly I asked jokingly, "say ladies, do you mind if I join you, or is this a private party?"

The girls looked at me and giggling motionned for me to join them on the sofa. Quickly we were all petting heavily, taking off each other's clothes and before long I found myself with my lips clamped to Anwyll's firm nipple while my fingers were performing a two-fingered tango on Dimitra's slippery cunt. I watched for a bit, slowly jerking off while Dimitra and Anwyll got into a 69 on the sofa moaning and licking away at eachother's beautiful glimmering quinies.

Now one thing Anwyll has never liked is anal sex and so when Dimitra, her little rosebud slicked with girl juice bent over on the sofa and wiggled her ass at me I quickly advanced, throbbing cock in hand. "Wait a moment," said Anwyll coyly, "I don't want this to hurt Dimitra, honey, you do have a big, big cock, I should know." So just to make sure everything would fit comfortably, Anwyll gave me an inspired blow-job for five minutes or so while I ate Dimitra's pussy. I noted with appreciation that Dimitra's cunt tasted different than my darling Anwyll's. Whereas Anwyll's pussy always had a nice clean smell, like spring water almost, Dimitra was musky, smelling like sweat and spices. Soon, however, we were ready: Dimitra bent back over while Anwyll stretched out in front of her and spread her legs so she could enjoy the ministrations of Dimitra's skilled Greek tongue on her hot, tight pussy.

I gripped Dimitra's lovely big hips and guided my moistened penis to her waiting butt. Her hips felt good under my hands and my cock slid into her, warm, tight anus with ease. The pleasure was exquisite. I held onto those hips and pounded Dimitra's ass while she grunted in delight. She was strong in contrast with my pixie-like angel to whom I blew kisses while she lay on the floor enjoying Dimitra's tongue.

After fucking Dimitra's ass for a while, I pulled out and said, "Dimitra, you have a lovely ass, but I need to tend to Anwyll's pussy." We all ajourned quickly to Anwyll's bedroom where we lay down contentedly beneath the tapestry hung on the ceiling and the tule bed-curtains. I lay down on the bed with my head nestled comfortably among the pillows while Anwyll settled down onto my cock. She was dripping wet and her pussy felt superheated giving my tool it's own personal sauna. I told Dimitra to stradle my face where I continued to eat her delcious cunt, one hand playing with her nipples, my other caressing Anwyll's ass.

Despite our sexy new friend, I wanted Anwyll to know I still loved her above any other woman. Sliding off my cock, Anwyll said, "Dimitra, honey, it's time to make Thaniel here blow his load and I know just how. Close your eyes, both of you." Doing as we were told, Anwyll rummaged around under the bed and when she told us we could look, we saw that she was wearing her bright blue seven inch strap-on dildo. Many times I had bounced up and down happily with that rubber cock buried in my ass, massaging my prostate while I gazed lovingly down into Anwyll's lust-crazed face. Quickly she Anwyll had directed us into the final position of the night. With some Astroglide rubbed into my anus, I eased my way onto the dildo enjoying its snug fit in my man-pussy and its gentle nudging of my prostate.


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Dimitra climbed onto my dick and I moaned with delight as her added weight pushed me down onto Anwyll's dildo. Anwyll began to buck her hips up and down, moaning with delight at the sexual scene she had created. Dimitra, pinching her big, hard nipples bounced up and down on my cock driving me down onto the dildo embedded in my ass. Anwyll was driving it into me hard, bouncing me up and down, forcing her cock into me. I was flying through a universe of sexual delight and it was all too much, the site of Dimitra, of Anwyll, the feelings in my dick and in my ass - I blew my load in Dimitra's lovely cunt with a shreik of pleasure.

Disentangling ourselves, Dimitra and I stripped Anwyll of her dildo and dove in to work on her soaking wet pussy. We swiftly brought her to a trembling orgasm which had her crying out for both of us. As our passions subsided, Dimitra and I cuddled up to Anwyll, one on either side whispering words of endearment to our lovers. We fell asleep and woke up refreshed the next morning, but hardly ready for the displays of lust and passion we enacted in the shower after breakfast!

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written by manta
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