Oral and Anal Sex Behind The Rest Area

I was driving cross country in my rig. It was a warm summer day. Around 7, I pulled into an undeveloped rest area.There was a couple of trucks already parked there. I rolled my windows down and went into the bunk to make something to eat. I turned on my TV and VCR as I ate. I watched a movie awhile till it began to get dark. I heard another truck pull in a couple of spaces from me. He got out of his truck and headed to the woods behind us.

I looked in the mirror and saw he had on just a pair of cutoffs and sneakers. He looked to be average height and weight. As he got the the edge of the trees he turned. His cock was out. He turned and went into the trees. A minute later another guy got out of his truck and headed to the trees. I knew why he was heading there.

I stripped and put on my shorts and shoes. My cock began stiring. I grabbed my tube of lube and stuck it in my pocket. I gave them a couple more minutes before I got out and headed for the trees. Not very soon getting into the trees I found the trail there. I began walking. Soon I saw movement. The first guy was getting sucked by the second guy. I strolled up and watched. I reached and pulled my cock out and stroked it.

The guy shot his load down the guys throat. He swallowed every drop. The first guy put his cock back into his pants and walked back to his truck. The other guy headed back down the trail. I decided to get naked. I pulled my shorts off and threw them over my shoulder. I walked back towards the entrance. Another guy came walking down the trail, his cock swinging side to side as he walked.

He had at least an 8" cock maybe more. It was hard and ready for action. He walked by and turned and watched me walking down the trail. He began following me. I passed the entrance and kept walking down the trail. I stopped a couple of minutes later and began stroking my cock. He walked up and watched stroking his cock. He looked at me and said nice ass. I said thanks. The next thing I knew he knelt down and his tongue ran up my crack. Shivers went up my spine. He reached up and spread my cheeks as he rimmed my ass. His tongue was so hot as he stuck it up my ass. He twirled it round and round. I bent over and spread my legs giving him full access to my hole. He ate my ass for a long time. He stopped aand said he wanted some of my ass. I handed him the lubricant. He lubed his fingers and shoved them up my ass. It hurt at first, but slowly turned into pleasure. He opened my ass twisting and turning his fingers. I began moaning and leaking precum.

Finally he stood up. He guided his cock to my asshole. When the head pushed in, it set my ass on fire again. He held it there to let me relax. When I did his cock slid deeper and deeper. Finally his balls slapped against mine. He began sliding out just over half and then shoved it back to the hilt. Every time he bottomed out we both let out a loud groan. Soon he got his rythem going and began pounding me hard and fast. It wasn't long till his cock began swelling. He grabbed my hips and pulled me tight as he shot wad after wad deep into my bowels. He slowed down and soon pulled out. He said thanks man that's what I needed. I laughed and said me too. He pulled his handkerchief out and wiped us both down. He pulled his pants up and headed out. I stood there a few minutes letting my ass recover.

I headed back towards my truck. I put my shorts on as I came out of the trees. I knew others had seen me. I left my cock out as I walked to my truck. I got in and cleaned up some more. I turned on my CB and listened. A guy called out another channel. I switched over and listened. He called out and another answered. They talked about sex awhile. I turned on the light inside my truck. I reached back and turned my tv and vcr back on. I put on a XXX video and pulled off my shorts.

It was dark now and more trucks were pulling in. A couple pulled up one on each side of me.The driver on my right looked over at me. I was naked sitting in the driver's seat and he could see everything. He went back into his bunk. He turned on the light and I saw he had a co-driver. He began to strip. He sat down on his bunk in his shorts. His co-driver stirred then climbed down. He to was in his shorts. He sat down beside him. Their TV came on. All of a sudden the screen filled with a guy pounding another guy in the ass. My attention was in their truck. Soon they grabbed each others cock and began stroking. It didn't take long they were in a 69.


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My video ended and I turned it off. I turned off the light and just sat there. I looked in my mirrors and saw more guys heading to the trees. Finally I decided to take a walk. I slipped my shorts on and headed to the trees. The tent in my shorts leading the way. As I reached the trees my cock came out. I walked down the trail. Several guys were getting head. A couple were watching and jacking off. I walked up beside them and began stroking. The guy next to me reached over and grabbed my cock. He looked at me and when I didn't object he began stroking. Soon he dropped down and took my cock into his mouth. He knew how to suck. He fondled my balls while he bobbed up and down on my cock. Soon I felt my cum boiling and begin it's run up to my cock. He felt my cock swell and pulled me tight. Shot after shot went down his throat. I pulled off and licked me clean and patted my ass as he stood. He turned and walked off.

I headed back down the other trail. I saw another guy naked standing there jacking off. I walked up next to him. He had an average size cock. I rubbed my ass. I asked if he would like to put that somewhere and he said sure. I handed him the lube. He didn't hesitate lubing his cock. I bent over and he shoved it in. Good thing I was stretched from before. He pounded me hard and fast. Soon he pulled me tight as he shot several wads into my ass. He pulled out and said thanks. I said my pleasure as I pulled up my shorts. He turned and left. I felt the cum from both guys begin to drip out of my ass. I pulled off my shorts and headed back to my truck. I decided when I got to the end of the trail that I would just walk naked to my truck.

I got in and cleaned up. All of a sudden someone called on the radio. He said his wife had seen me. My heart jumped. Then he laughed and said she would love to tear my ass up with her strap on. I asked where they were parked. It was only 2 spaces down. She told me if I came over there naked she would fuck me like I never been fucked before. I asked her if it was for real and she said yes. I said I'll be right there to open their door. I got out and walked over. The door was open as I rounded the truck between us. I climbed in and there sat a beautiful black woman with a 10" strap-on. My heart jumped. She told me to get on the bunk on my hands and knees. She crawled behind me. She lubed her cock as her husband watched from the front. His big cock in his hand. As she began to push in she said I'm going to tear up that white ass of yours up and laughed. I let out a loud groan as she slid it in. She pumped slow short strokes going deeper each time. Finally her hips hit my ass. I felt like it was ripping me apart. She let me get used to it and then she began.

As she pulled out it felt like I was taking a big dump. She got almost out and then headed back in. Slowly she began pulling more and more out before the trip back. She picked up the pace as I got used to it. Finally she settled into a rhythm. She pounded me for what seemed like an hour. My ass was burning and it didn't seem like she was going to stop. Then she pick up speed. She began going faster and faster. Sweat was pouring off her body and she was moaning loud. Finally she orgasmed and slowed down. I looked down and saw I had too. A big puddle was on the bed beneath me. She fell over me and kissed my neck. A minute later she pulled out. Cum from the other guys slid down my legs. She grabbed a towel and cleaned me up. She asked how I liked it. All I could do is shake my head and smile. She gave me a kiss as I climbed out. I could hardly walk. I walked bowlegged back to my truck and got in. I fell onto my bunk sore and satisfied.

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written by dan
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