The Latin Gardener

It's the hottest day of the year. The air-conditioning in the house died yesterday so inside is shaded but only slightly cooler than outside. Parting the blinds I can see Carl still trimming the edges of the path, judging by what he had left he'd be there another twenty minutes or so, the back of his faded blue T-shirt was plastered to the skin of his back and looking hard I swear I can see a line of sweat in his shorts where his ass crack is.

My wife Diane always referred to Carl as 'our Spanish gardener' but somehow that makes me uncomfortable, he's our gardener but the way she said it sounded snobbish and besides he's Puerto Rican as far as I know. I love her, always have, for ten years we've been married and for the most part it goes well. I'm 37, she's 34 and I'm happy with our sex lives - I'd never say it to her but her neurosis's keep her vagina tight and it really can clench my cock in a very hot way.

Carl had stood up for a moment, lifting the front of his T-shirt to wipe the sweat off his face and I can see the dark skin of his back and the way a small roll of fat protrudes over the waistband of his shorts. I decided I'm not going to jerk off while looking at him but nonetheless I decide to take off my shorts and shirt just to feel cooler. He then squatted down onto the path and absentmindedly scratches his left ass cheek as he begins to trim the grass again.

My briefs feel damp with sweat and I can feel my growing erection pulling at my pubic hair painfully. Diane's flight wasn't due to arrive until 8 the next night so I figured there was no harm in stripping naked. Peeling off my damp briefs I throw them behind the couch. My cocks big I know that, cut and long, I haven't seem many stiff cocks in my life but I know from porn videos that I'm OK. It helps having a good cock I guess. Seeing as I have to wear glasses all the time and seeing as I really do look like the accountant I am it does help to have a sexual thing I'm proud about.


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Diane is great, I love her, I sincerely do and I don't have some secret boiling inside me. I know I love her. I'm straight. Always have been. The heat must've been getting to Carl, I could see he's not working as fast as usual. If I wasn't naked I'd take him a drink. I wonder what he smells like in this heat?

He scratches himself on the ass again, this time I see his middle finger push the fabric over his crack, I don't think it'd be his hole but I'm not sure. Reaching back I do the same but being naked my finger slides between my hairy ass cheeks and slides easily between them thanks to the sweat on my skin. I flick over my hole with my finger and bring it to my nose - it's clean but I love that smell.

Using a dildo isn't being unfaithful to Diane. I've gotta stop thinking about her and just go with flow. I keep my dildo under the couch in my study, wrapped up in an old hand towel my cock jumps as I unwrap it. Dropping onto the couch I spread out and give my rock hard cock a few firm tugs. I scratch a little deeper into my ass and sniff the results - clean but musky. I wonder if all guys asses smell the same? I remember in college when I was waiting behind Travis Deacon for a turn at fucking this girl that I got a smell of his ass as he began to sweat. I was keen to fuck the girl but I also wanted to really see another guys ass up close. Travis's ass cheeks parted slightly as he maneuvered his cock into the girl and I gotta say I was curious.

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Working up spit for the dildo I begin to wonder if Carl's ass smells like a white guys. He's always clean shaven so I assume he keeps himself clean. Holding the dildo so as not to let the spit slide off I raise my legs - a real whore position I always figured - cool air hits my ass crack as it opens. Pushing the dildo lightly against my hole the slimy wetness of the plastic tip always fills me with excited anticipation. I begin to think about Carl's ass as I push the plastic shaft against my opening - if he's clean I guess he must finger his hole in the shower, get all the shit off it, I wonder how far up he puts his finger?

The dildo begins to part my hole and with a few pushes it starts to slide in. For a straight guy my ass is accommodating of the plastic shaft. Diane'd never use it on me so I guess to maybe one day have another guy do it would be OK or maybe a woman, a, it's a guy thing somehow. I'd love to see Carl's cock sink into a cunt though.

Letting my head drop back I get the plastic shaft a good couple of inches up me. I know it's not gonna come against resistance.

"Mr Fletcher?" It's Carl's voice from the bottom of the stairs! Dropping my legs I lie there motionless. I gotta get up! I gotta dress!

"Mr. Fletcher...I need your car moved I'm blocked in" I can hear him on the stairs coming up. I gotta hide this, I'm screwed if he...but I'm jerking off what's wrong with it? The dildo? Shit. I gotta get up now and fast but I'm not moving. He'll find me like this but I gotta get up.

"Mr Fletcher" He's at the end of the hall. He knows I'll be in here. He'll know! This is insane. My stomachs twisting, I hold the dildo still in my ass. I gotta move but I don't. I raise my legs.

"Mr Fle....OH SHIT!?!" He lets out a laugh. Strangled but amused. I drop my legs and pretend to be shocked. My face is red, real red.

"Carl?!? I didn't hear you. Where...?!?"

He's not moving. He stands at the door to my study, wiping sweat from his brow he smirks as he looks down at me. But the smirk fades to an expression I can't read. But he's not moving.

"Diane's away. And it's hot...the air-conditioning is broken so it's hot so this slides in easy so I..." I stop myself from babbling. To prove a point I raise my legs slightly to show him how far it's in me.

"My ass it sweats too, in this heat but I don't...I don' do that" Carl's expression is almost one of morbid curiosity. Hoping my face is still 'red with shame' I boldly look down at the front of his baggy shorts - no sign of erection. But no sign of him moving either.

Without thinking Carl reaches back and scratches at his ass. His face flushes with embarrassment when he realizes what he just did.

"It itches that's all"

"You have to keep it clean in this hot weather" I lower my legs, the dildo slides a small way out of my ass but I manage to clench to keep it up there.

Carl gets a smirk on his face again.

"You like cock up your ass?"

"No, no not all. Only this dildo that's all"

Carl looks skeptical. He leans forward and inhales deeply. "No smell".

"No Carl, I keep clean. Is yours clean?"

"Yes Mr Flet...I take a shit this morning and I have shower straight after"

I rub my still hard shift with the palm of my hand. Looking at Carl's crotch I see a slight tent in his sweat soaked shorts. I've gotta sound confident.

"So now you've seen my asshole. Does it look like yours?"

"Mine is darker but hairy like yours"

"Can I see it?"

"You want to see your gardeners asshole?" At least the smirk on Carl's face is friendly.

"Would that be all right with you?"

Carl slowly removes his sweat soaked T-shirt, shorts and small black briefs. Dropping the damp pile on the floor he tugs at his uncut cock until the head start to emerge from the foreskin. When he drops down on the other end of the couch I smell the sweat on his body. It's pungent and strong and exhilarating in it's way. It smells of hard manual work.

In imitation of the position he found me in he raises his legs and spreads them. I can see the sweat has plastered the black hairs of his crack against the skin. Pushing the dildo from my ass I let it fall to the floor as I kneel down between Carl's raised legs. The smell of his ass is faint compared to the smell of sweat.

"Careful of shit" Carl says with a smirk.

"But it smells clean" And beautiful. It is like mine and it is like Travis's. Holding my face above it I inhale deeply. The sour smell of his balls hits me. I'm content to let him slowly jerk his own cock, it's his ass I'm interested in.

Bringing my finger in closer I flick it against his cracks matted hairs separating them until the tip touches the base of his crack. Slowly working my way up I finally feel the softness of his ass lips. When I push slightly at them he clenches and closes his legs.

"No, no. Only shit goes in my ass. No fingers"

"Your hole has a soft ring. Don't worry. I just want to feel your ass lips"

"My ass 'lips'" he chuckles "you want to kiss my sweaty Latino lips, Mr. Fletcher"

I bring the finger that's been on his ass to my nose - it smells clean but with the definite smell of a mans ass.

"Yes Carl I would like to try that"

I reached down to get the dildo off the floor. Letting a drool of spit fall onto the plastic shaft I reach back to insert it into my jutting asshole. Carl smiles as he sees it slide in.

With one hand holding the dildo in place I move a cushion under Carl's hips to raise them higher. He knows what I wants and lifts his crotch higher and spreads his legs. Again the black hairs part - this time I can see that twitching hole.

"You eat my ass. You lick your gardeners ass clean" Carl's hoarse voice was enough.

As he begins to pick up the speed of his fist on his shaft I extend my tongue and lap it wide and wet onto the hairy crevice. My hole head, all my senses shoot through with electricity as the salty sweat of his skin hits my tongue, slowly sinking my tongue deeper into his crack I taste and smell the pungency increase. I'm sure the tang I can taste is the faint residue of shitty sweat but it just drives me wilder. Finding the soft spongy ass lips with my tongue I make a firm point and begin to dig into this Latino ass.

Carl's head drops back in pleasure as his employer begins to eat him out.

Spitting and grunting onto his hole I manage to clench my own ass onto the dildo and with a free hand jerk myself like he is. I take a tentative suck of his hole. Warm sweat and my own drool is drawn between my lips. My tongue pistons deeper, cleaning the ring. I'm close, Carl's gasping.

I'm gonna blow.

I suck at the ass juice and wipe my nose into between these sweaty cheeks. This is every ass I ever wanted to know. This is that private place of all men. I could drink this sweat I hope my face smells of Carl's hole, I hope my body wreaks of his stale sweat.

Carl bucks his ass hard against my face, my cheeks sink between his ass cheeks as he lets go a load. Loud grunts shoot from his mouth as I too start to blow and blow...cum is splattering and soaking the coach, a jolt of jizz splats onto my chin but I keep my face between his cheeks. The hairs rasp onto nose as I sigh in release.

Spent and satisfied I raise my from between his legs. He's got a worn out smirk on his sweat dripping face. I smile faintly at him as with one hand he plucks an ass hair from my face and holds up for me to see.

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written by jhimuswrite
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