What a cruise

I am really pumped as I am about to take a Trans Atlantic cruise in April. My last cruise was over-the-top great. We traveled from Los Angeles to Miami, via the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal cruise was my reward to myself as I was very tired as I had just finished up a long, long three-year project so I took two weeks off for the cruise. I even paid the higher price to cruise alone. I was looking forward to good food and wine, time alone, reading and generally forgetting the 70- to 80-hour weeks of the last three years.

By the second night out, things changed. During the afternoon of the first full day, I was working out in the on board gym when I spotted a tall, 40-something guy, with a dark tan and salt-and-pepper hair, who was lifting weights. Like me, he was dressed in loose-fitting workout clothes, but as he was bench-pressing, I looked over in time to see a rather impressive mushroom head appear from under his shorts.

I am bi, and it had been a long time since a man, but I immediately had to suppress a woody. I finished the workout and headed for the sauna (for which I had paid extra). Once in the steam room, I lay back and just rested. Shortly after I had settled in, the door opened and the guy from the weight bench walked into the sauna. We nodded, and then were quiet for along time. After a time, he shifted his towel and out popped the biggest cock I have ever seen. Thick. Huge head. Long. Grinning, he remarked "I caught you looking in the gym."

I smiled and reached out to touch the giant cock. Immediately it sprang to life. Now, obviously I didn't have a tape measure, but I gauged his cock came in easily at nine inches in length.


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We chatted as I gently stroked him, watching the door for any intrusion. He was married, on the cruise with his wife, who was more interested in shopping on board, and hanging by the pool than being with him. I finally blurted out, "We can go to my cabin. I am cruising alone." So we left for my cabin.

Once inside, we quickly undressed. He was stunning naked: great muscle tone, tight ass, and, of course, his huge cock. We lay on the bed and started to fondle each other. He began to kiss my body and worked his way to my cock. He teased, licked and finally engulfed my six inches all the way and began sucking with passion.

"Stop Stop. I am about cum," I said.

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He paused, remarking "I have plenty of time, so unless you're in a rush, we should have enough time for you to cum twice." With that he engulfed me again. I shot. Wow. He took every drop and swallowed. Then he came up for air and it was my turn.

I kissed him all over and worked my way to his massive cock, slowly licking the length and watching surge into life. I gently licked each ball and then worked my way up his shaft, finally reaching that enticing mushroom head. Licking and teasing it, I took it into my mouth and slowly worked on his cock as it slid into my throat, but try as I might, only about half of this monster would fit.

I was sideways to him sucking his cock, and his hands began to roam over my back, stopping at my ass. Somewhere in my servicing his cock, he must have wet a finger because he started playing with my ass, rubbing his finger around my anus, before gently easing it in. I sucked even harder, and moaned at the wonderful sensations in my ass. "I want to fuck you," he quietly said. Understand, I was in sheer terror of his cock fucking me, but I nodded yes.

I did not come prepared for fucking, but I did have some body lotion. I lay flat on my stomach on a pillow, he lubed my ass and his cock, and he positioned himself at the entrance to my hole. He was hard as steel, and he teased my with that giant mushroom head. I moaned in excitement, finally backing my ass onto his cock. At least I tried.

There as extreme pressure but no entry. He then began to gently move the head around in circles and then with a firm push, the head popped into my ass. My breath was taken away. I could not even scream. It hurt like hell. We stayed like that for a bit and then he slowly started to push. Inch-by-inch. Finally, I felt his pubes on my ass. "I can take it," I said in a muted tone.

"Yes, you can," he whispered, as he slowly and deliberately alternately entered and withdrew from my hole, eventually sliding in to the hilt. Slowly and deliberately.

Within a few minutes of his magic I began to feel a twitch in my ass. I was loving it. The pace built. He pulled back to the head and then shoved all the way. My prostate had been stimulated but never like this. Each time the head of his cock pressed on my prostate, it was unbelievable. I felt like I would pee. He was driving me to feel something I have never felt. He grabbed my hips and increased pace. In and out. Deep. Deep. I was moaning. Suddenly, without touching my cock, I groaned and shot. It was a deep orgasm, such as I had never before felt. Just then he exclaimed "Shit, I cumming," as he buried his cock deep in my hole.

I could feel it twitching, twitch after twitch, until finally he lay on top me, giving a deep sign of satisfaction. Afterwards we both showered and went to the deck to have a beer, where we crossed paths with his wife.

Giving her a quick kiss, he turned back to me and made the introductions. His wife smiled and commented "Hello, it's nice to meet you. Let's get to know each other better over the next few days."

Knowing her husband's semen was churning in my ass I smiled.

Later that night, after the wife went to bed, her husband (he said he was headed to the casino) and I fucked again, and that's not all: for the next 13 days, which is to say daily on the balance of the cruise, her husband and I fucked.

We parted after the cruise and kept in touch via email but have not seen each other. Last week, however, I received a message from him, and when we chatted we were able to coordinate our vacation plans, so all three of us, the man, his wife and I will be on the same ship. I cannot wait for 17 days of food, wine, sun and fucking. What could possibly be better?

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