The Confession of a Sex Crazy Bisexual Priest

Even though I'm a Catholic priest, doesn't mean my sex drive is non-existant; On the contrary, it rivals that of a man 20 years my junior! I've been a priest for over 20 years, and I've had my hot little ass spanked raw by many a hot guy, have had my hairy asshole fucked long and hard by a lot of hung and horny guys (brother priests included!) and have sucked more than my share of cocks as well over the years. This does not include all the guys who've I spanked and fucked, and who have sucked off my massive priestly pud.

But, lately, I had really been aching to have my round little butt royally spanked and fucked hard, but things had been pretty slow for me sexually, and I was really getting a bad case of blue balls, despite my numerous whack-off sessions. But, I was horny, and desperate as hell. Well, I wasn't too thrilled at all to find out that a secretary was bieng assigned to me, and that it would be a woman. When 20-something Shelia came into my office at the rectory that Monday morning, I was polite and friendly, but still pissed as all hell inside that I wasn't assigned a MALE secretary.

Well, I tried to be as civil as possible and let it go at that. But, after only a few days, things started to get interesting. On the following Thursday, I had returned early from lunch, and I saw that Shelia was on the phone, presumably talking on church business. As I went into the inner office, my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to pick up the extension and listen in. Oh, man, what I heard! Shelia, it seems, LOVED spanking guy's asses and then fucking them hard with a strapon. Well, I was so horny that my cock sprang to rigid attention in my black clerical trousers. And, as I learned, Shelia and her boyfriend had just split, and she had been really aching to work his hairy ass over good.

My kinky mind started hatching a plan. If I could somehow get Shelia to do MY ass, I could always pretend that it was another male doing the job. So, to make a long story short, that afternoon I, as "innocent" as I could, to try to get Shelia interested in my ass.


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My size 32 black clerical pants are tight to begin with, and they really hug my ass to perfection, showing off the priestly rump that countless horny guys had spanked, reamed, and fucked over the years.

So, all that afternoon, I pretended to drop things on the floor, and bending over to afford Shelia a good view of my hot little butt, while leaning over my desk to make phone calls with my ass sticking out when I knew Shelia was there.

Well, I must have done something right, as I DID catch Shelia giving my black-clad ass quick but appraising glances. My cock was rock-hard all afternoon, a massive bulge behind my fly. She must have noticed THAT aswell!

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Then, around 5, when she normally left for the night, she locked the door to my office and said, "Father John, were you listening to my phone conversation earlier?" I tried to keep a serious face and replied:

"Yes, Shelia. I confess I did listen in."

Shelia then flashed a wicked grin and replied:

"Maybe you might be interested in taking my boyfriend's place tonight. Actually, he was supposed to come here tonight after you left for that meeting." I started to reply, and then, what she said next floored me big-time.

"I had heard that you were gay, so I guess you don't care WHO fucks you up the ass, as long as he feel something long and hard plowing'll be wishing it was some hot guy, I know!" I just looked at her, and muttered; "Yes, that's true, Shelia. I must confess that is true." Without another word, Shelia went to her desk and put her carryall bag up on the desktop. She unzipped an inside compartment and pulled out this big, fleshy rubber cock, already attached to some garter belt-type outfit. She then grabbed the lapel of my black jacket and led me over to my own desk, where she roughly bent me over the paper-strewn top.

"Here, get this nice and slick while I get to know your ass a little better, Fr. John!" she chuckled with an evil smirk.

I wasted no time and sucking on that fake cock as though I were starving, for it had been at least three weeks since i had sucked off a hot, hairy, meaty prick. I sluped and slobbered like a madman, and I felt Shelia's hands rubbing and squeezing my round little butt through my black trousers.

"Ohhyyeeaahh...." she murmered, as her small but strong hands really felt up my little black-clad butt.

"Oh yeah, Fr. John.....I think I'm REALLY going to enjoy working here!" Meanwhile, I was fantasing about a really hot older priest I had sucked off a few months back at a religious, that fat Irish cock had really tasted good! He even fucked me afterwards and then allowed me to do the same to him! So, I kept on thinking about sucking off Fr. Mike as I chowed on that fake dong, knowing it HAD to get good and slick! Then, I felt Shelia's hands reach around to unbuckle my belt and then unzip my fly.

She wasted no time in pushing both my black clerical trousers and red-striped silk briefs down to my black socks, which were supported by old-fashionedgarters.

Brushing my shirttails out of the way, her hands were all over my round, smooth 50-something asscheeks, mauling them, rubbing them, squeezing them....oh fuck, this were only Fr. Mike doing the honors! I was stunned when Shelia began spanking my bare ass with her hand, really assaulting my quivering little ass good, each stinging blow making my rock-hard monster cock throb even more painfully between me and mydesk.

I was deep in my fantasy, now imagining it was that it was old Fr. Bob, a wiry, ancient, bespectacled, somewhat cranky little guy, spanking my bare ass with his old but stil-strong hand.

Soon, my ass was hot as hell, and Shelia's hands were really making loud, sharp noises as she continued to spank my sinning priestlybackside. I knew that my ass had to be red as a fire truck by this time, and I kept on sucking away on that fake cock, all the while picturing sucking off the hairy, barrel-chested Fr. Mike's thick, throbbing eight-incher.

"You Catholic priests need to have your asses worked over more often," shegrowled.

It was obvious that she had some issues dealing with Church policy that she did not agree on, and she was now taking out that frustation on my sizzling ass. Then, just as soon as she had started spanking my ass, shestopped.

She then grabbed what was left of my thinning hair and pulled my head away from that spit-soaked rubber dick. I heard her behind me dropping her skirt and panties, snapping the strapon into place. She then dug her sharp-nailed fingers into my sore, red glutes, and I moaned as I felt the spit-slicked head of the strapon press against my hairy, waiting asshole.

"OOHHHJESUS!!" I moaned, as that fake cock started inching its way deeper and deeper between my red, blistered buns. Damn, I thought, if it could only be this hot little Jesuit I met last week while visiting another parish. His name was Fr. Pete, and it was obvious (to me, anyway) that he was carrying some slab of priestly pud inside the black pants. Man, if only Fr. Pete could be slamming my ass now!

Now, Shelia was holding onto my narrow waist, slowly (at first) pulling her strapon almost out of my well-speared hole, before plunging all the way in again, torturing the hell out of my poor, overworkedprostate.

Man, why did her boyfriend leave here, I thought? Maybe he thought it was "too gay", even if a chick was doing it. Relentlessly, Shelia fucked my upturned, still-red ass and fucked it hard, her hands now holding onto my narrow shoulders through my black jacket as she continued her brutal ass-asault on a captive Catholicpriest.

Of course, I was picturing Fr. Pete ramming my ass, with his pants and shorts down around his shoes, slamming me long and rough. I moaned up a storm, trying not to hump my desk TOO hard, for fearing I'd cum toosoon.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw someone else in the office, but I thought it was only my imagination. My heart nearly stopped right then and there when I saw it was none other than Fr. Mike!! What the hell was HE doing here??

Shelia stopped fucking me just long enough to laugh and say:

"Well, Fr. John, I listened in to YOUR conversations with your good friend Fr. Mike the other day, and I just thought it was a good secretary's job to please her boss, even if he IS a priest!!"

"Well I'll be goddamned, " I muttered. Suddenly, Shelia gave my red, still-smarting buns several harsh, stinging slaps.

"NEVER take the name of the Lord in vain!" she snarled.

Then, the burly, sixty-ish Fr. Mike pushed me away from the desk, so he could lean against the edge, which, by this time, was dripping with priestlyprecum.

His big, hairy, thick-fingered hand unzipped his black trousers and hauled out his sweaty, musky, lube-sticky Irish trouser-snake.

"Here, John, suck on the REAL thing for know you want it bad, doncha, ya little cocksuckin' priest!" Hearing such foul language spewing from the mouth of a brother priest drove me nuts, and I wasted little time in going down on Fr. Mike, and he moaned loudly as my cock-starved mouth started deep-throating the big, bulky, silver-haired Fr.Mike.

Another stunner was in store for me, as Fr. Mike said "Yeah, John, I'm gay too....I've had to have some strapon bitch work over my big hairy butt when I was really horny and no willing guys were around......shit, but I've been hot as hell for that big Italian cock of yours, buddy......both my mouth AND my big ass have really missed it!!

Fuck, I wish I were fucking that hot little ass of yours right now!!" I couldn't reply, as my mouth was too full of Fr. Mike's big assrammer, and my hands slid up and down his thick, powerful, black-clad legs, as his meaty paw pumped my head up and down, fucking the hell out of my cock-hungrymouth.

All this while, Shelia had not said a word, just muttering and moaning as she plowed my red little butt like she had gone mad. Without warning, my battered prostate could take no more, and my hard, pulsating, massive shaft started spewing thick, hot gobs of hot Catholic cumsauce all over Fr. Mike's black pants leg as well as the desk and therug.

My spasming, hairy man-pussy clutched and grabbed at Shelia's overworked strapon, and then I heard Fr. Mike snarl "OOOhhhffuucckkkyyeahh...yeahhh......uugghh..uugghh..UGHHH!! OH, CHRIST!! UGHHH!! AUUGHH!! YEssssssss..." as his trouser-imprisoned nuts exploded, filling my hot mouth with geysers of thick, salty-sweet Irish priestjizz. His big hands never let go of my head as he thrust his hips forward. His load was so massive that i couldn't swallow it all, and a lot dribbled out to stain my black shirt front and the lapels of my blackjacket.

"Shit, I can't wait!!" Shelia growled, and I heard her rapidly rip off the strapon, which was slick with both my spit and my ass-sweat, and then grab onto my shoulders again as she ground her furry, dripping pussy against my tortured asscheeks. This was the FIRST time I'd ever had intamate contact with ANY female, and I was totally unprepared forit.

That Fr. Mike was watching this made it hot and almost surreal, and I kept on sucking on his deflating cock as Shelia's hot pussy exploded in a massiveorgasm.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OOHHHYEAHHHH!!" she growled as her hairy pussy scoured my red, blistered buns, gobs of her hot cunt-cream soaking my raw, abused ass, dribbling down my hairy legs, all the way down to my garter-supported socks.

"OOHHHDAMNNNN" I managed to moan, not believing what was happening to me. Then, Fr. Mike stood up, and helping me to do the same. He wrapped his big, black-clad arms around me, and crammed his fat tongue into my cummy mouth.

He obviously liked the taste of his how priestly pud-sauce!! "I'm still horny as hell, "Fr. Mike announced.

"So horny, in fact, that I think that I'll just lick off all that cunt cream from your red little ass and pretend it was a hot load of balljuice!" With that, he got behind me, and I again bent over the cum-dripping desk, and I moaned loudly as I felt my good buddy Fr. Mike's hot tongue slithering all over my sticky, well-spanked butt, lapping up Shelia's stick pussy juice like a pro. When I looke up again,I

saw Shelia sitting on the leather couch opposite us, fingering her still-dripping twat.

"I love watching hot guys doing each other," she laughed, and I've never seen two hot-looking gay priests do it!" I didn't reply, just savoring the incredible feel of Fr. Mike's big, thick tongue torturing my sweaty chute.

Mike stopped long enough to give my sore, sticky ass a friendly pat and whisper, "Don't worry're gonna be working over my big hairy Irish as as well....and watch it getting worked over as well!! I'm just gonna pretend it's Bishop Chambers doing it!"

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written by spankthose
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