Surprise Ending

Marty Samuels was constantly showing off his wife. After all, she was a homecoming queen in high school, modeled some for a local advertising firm specializing in mail-order catalogs in Kansas City. Nice ass, tits, and way of carrying herself. Yes, Cathrine was a feast for the eyes.

But so was Marty, though no one dared say it in homophobic America. He was a bodybuilder and sportsman of all varieties. A man's man. Light brown hair, blue eyes, slim waist, bubble butt.

Cathrine Samuels caught other guys' attention wherever she went, and Marty derived pleasure somehow from catching those wayward glances, the looks from other guys that said, "Hey, babe, you got one helluva body. I'd like to take you down and fuck you right here."

Secretly Marty wanted to watch his wife being fucked by another guy -- a candidate of his choosing of course. So, he conveniently created a website advertising a venture with his wife, complete with pics, stats and profile. Who could resist such an offer? Applicants were screened and Marty selected the best based on a strict criteria: what he determined was the most presentable catch -- best looking guy and stats. The winning candidate's name was Ben Young from Sedalia, a successful farmer, 32, single and available.

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Marty emailed Ben to meet at a Catcher's Club downtown Kansas City. He wanted to know more before breaking it to his wife. Ben was a strikingly handsome guy with dark brown hair, mustache and goatee, tattooed broad bare arms (sleeveless shirt), and a diamond earring (left, of course). They talked mostly about sports (Cardinals and Chiefs), weather, and tastes in women.

After getting better acquainted, Ben admitted, "Marty, I've always wanted to make love to a woman while the husband or boyfriend was watching. It's been my fantasy forever. You sure you can pull this off with Cathrine?"

"Fuck yeah, man, we can," Marty insisted. "I know she'll go for it after one look at you." Marty's eyes scanned Ben's body like a drill sergeant at inspection.

Marty returned home and immediately began prepping Cathrine for the event. He confessed to Cathrine that he's set up a special website featuring her and had interviewed several guys for the assignment. Instead of being insulted, Cathrine looked at it as a compliment. She agreed to meet Ben accompanied by Marty for a threesome night out. "We can take it from there," Cathrine suggested. "No need to rush into the heavy stuff just yet."

Marty agreed.

So Marty arranged for Ben to meet Cathrine and him at Emperor's Palace Restaurant where they dined, danced and then attended a late-night movie. Cathrine didn't feel right inviting him over to their condo the first night, so they continued meeting on "dates" three more times.


Finally Cathrine gave Marty the greenlight, and Marty took the cue by inviting Ben to join them for cocktails at their condo overlooking the Missouri River. It wasn't long before all three were semi-plastered. Marty suggested to Ben, "Hey, bud, you can't drive in that condition, we won't let you. So, why not stay over with us for the night?"

"No problem.... Sure you won't mind?" Ben responded.

"Just go ahead and get comfortable," Marty coached. "You can stay in the master bedroom with us if it doesn't bother you. We've got plenty of room."

Ben indicated he was more than ready when he let it be known, "Hey, you got something to sleep in? I didn't bring a thing with me."

Marty: "That's okay. We both sleep au natural and you can do the same. I'm sure you don't bother with nightwear out there on the farm." They all laughed.

Ben: "Mind if I shower first? We've been dancing and running 'round all night."

"Be our guest. You can shower in the guest bathroom; we'll shower upstairs in the master bathroom," Marty instructed.

They all disrobed in the master bedroom and hung their clothes up in the closet neatly. Cathrine added her touch by tidying up the clothes more. Then they proceeded to the respective showers; Ben slipped down the stairs naked while Marty and Cathrine walked hand-in-hand to their shower.

The three met in the master bedroom after toweling off. Ben was still dripping a little but removed the towel from around his waist to reveal a gorgeous 8" uncut cock. Both Cathrine and Marty gasped with pleasure at what they saw. Smiles betrayed them. Ben returned the grin.

Ben looked at Cathrine's breasts and smiled even more. Obviously he was more than interested by the big indicator popping up below. A bit plastered but interested nevertheless. Marty became involuntarily aroused by observing Ben's progressive erection.

"Where should I sleep -- in the middle or on the side?" Ben politely asked.

"In the middle is fine with us, no problem." Marty replied.

Cathrine lit candles all around the room, so when the lights went out, a romantic atmosphere came on.

Ben plunged to the middle of the king-size bed not bothering to cover himself. His hairy ass slid against the slick covering. His dick was bouncing to full attention against his belly. They could hear the thud of his hardened dick against his abs. Smiles came on again. Cathrine laid beside him, then Marty laid at the edge on the other side.

Without words, immediately Ben started caressing Cathrine and she responded in kind while Marty braced himself on his elbows and watched intently. Ben knew how to please a woman and went through all foreplay steps perfectly. Before long he had penetrated her and began the gradual thrusting motion.

By that time, Marty was rockhard and dripping precum. He could hardly believe his eyes at this beautiful sight. The fantasy of his wife being fucked by a great looking man (instead of himself) was finally coming true.

Cathrine experienced a screaming orgasm and it seemed Ben did too. At least he made the sounds and mimicked the moves. However, after she came, he slowly glided his engorged penis out of her vagina to reveal full arousal still intact.

Ben turned and looked at Marty whose eyes were still glazed from excitement, "You want some of this, pal?"

"Oh, I think Cathrine is about to pass out. I can wait 'til later," Marty replied.

"I wasn't talking about Cathrine, Marty. Do you want some of ME!?" Ben explained.

After a prolonged silence Marty responded as his eyes darted over Ben's hot body, "I've never been with a man before, but I guess I always wanted to feel what it's like. So, why not?" It was more than reluctant consent, because Ben could detect in Marty's eyes a longing to be with another man.

Cathrine was asleep, so the two men first entangled themselves in what seemed to be a wrestling match. But it was all preconditioning. Both Marty and Ben loved the sport, so it was a natural on their first fuck. Marty had never been kissed by a man either, much less fucked by one. So the feel of Ben's mustache and beard against his face felt out of this world. He then felt Ben's tongue slip into his mouth as they continued a hard embrace. Their penises were sliding against one another, as both men were sweaty -- one from fucking the wife and the other observing.

Marty paused a moment to look at Ben. There was something about masculine beauty that couldn't be fully appreciated in public, but here they were in private where they could be themselves.

Ben began licking Marty all over from his toes to head -- like animals on the farm. And Marty did the same -- replicating Ben's actions, since Marty at this point was inexperienced. As Ben slid his tongue between Marty's toes, a yelp came out of Marty's mouth. It was the greatest sensation to feel a hairy man do to him what his wife had barely attempted all these years.

But he more than loved what was happening. Marty worshiped Ben at this point. He then discovered why he had fantasized about another man with his wife -- because he himself wanted another man. And Ben met that need like no other. He became a great friend in addition to breaking barriers. Ben stole Marty's virginity, and for that Marty would be always grateful. Marty loved how Ben looked, walked, spoke, and now fucked -- just like he adored Cathrine. Manfucking gratified a hunger that straight sex never could. And vice-versa. Words could not describe.

After allowing Ben to suck his cock, Marty learned from Ben how to suck effectively and how to be just as passionate, if not more, with a man. Some things were similar to straight, while other aspects were different. Marty loved the feel of a man on and in his body.

Ben next brought K-Y to lubricate Marty's ass. Marty cautioned, "Will this be okay? Please be easy on me, bud, I've never been fucked." But underneath he had always wanted a big dick up his ass -- to be mounted by another man and feel him penetrating and then thrusting all the way inside his guts like a wild animal -- something he'd always done to females but somehow wanted it done to himself.

Ben was bucking like a bronco on top of Marty when Cathrine awoke. She rolled toward them and smiled, "Don't worry and don't let me interrupt. I''ve always wanted to see Marty fucked by another man. This is great. Do it for me, honey. I love you." She first kissed Marty on the lips, next Ben. Then she motioned for them to continue.

With those words Marty couldn't contain his excitement any more and spewed hot cum all over the sheets. Ben shot his full load into Marty, and Marty felt instant warmth coat his insides. He never felt so great.

Marty, Cathrine and Ben continued their friendship from then on; the married two often visited Ben on his farm and performed menage a trois out in the fields for Mother Nature to watch. Marty and Ben were about 50-50 gay-straight and were strongly attracted to both sexes, although they had to pretend in public.

But between the two guys they were the closest confidants -- sharing their attractions to other good looking men and women, laughing while seeing two men hold hands in public, and experiencing the full pleasures of life in general. Well-kept secrets only make eroticism more pleasurable. Breaking taboos too.

Somehow the 3-way relationship drew Marty and Cathrine closer, because Marty was fulfilled by Ben -- and Marty by both. To Marty it was a surprise ending to a fantasy quest he'd long denied himself -- A "surprise ending" in more ways than one.

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written by inteli
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