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We financially outgrew our suburban neighborhood about a decade ago. We bought this 3/2/2 cracker box sixteen years ago. We've added on, built a pool, deck, sauna, weight room, and den. Our neighbors are jealous, but they're still friends. We've known most of them from the beginning--four couples especially. They've all been through tough times. Cheryl and I have helped them all from time to time. I'm lucky, I suppose. I'm a top-notch salesman. I'm never out of work or money. I'm also free with my money. My friends think I'm generous to a fault. When we go out as a group, I usually grab the check. We entertain a great deal. Our home is like a yuppie playground. The drinks are free, the music is sixties/seventies, and there's no need to drive home drunk. Either stagger home or crash where you are.

Frank and Rachel are our best friends. We knew them from high school. Frank is an auto mechanic; Rachel sells Avon--mostly to Cheryl. Cheryl is fucking Frank fairly regularly. I've had the pleasure of bopping Rachel a few times when she gets shit-faced. Cheryl is bisexual. She's had Rachel more than I have - also when shit-faced.. Rachel gets teased about that a great deal. She's straight as an arrow with a body that is anything but straight.

Ed and Inez live next door. Ed owns a dry cleaner. Inez keeps the books. I loaned them the money to start their business. Inez paid the interest to Cheryl by periodically depositing tender kisses between her legs. Ed paid interest as well, making sperm deposits in Cheryl's sperm bank. Though the debt has been repaid for years, Ed keeps paying interest. Ed and Inez are not bad looking; but, of the girls, Inez would have to be considered the only plain one in the bunch and a little on the chubby side. I've never fucked Inez, probably never will.

David and Sue are our holy rollers. They never miss church, though they've given up on winning converts from any of us. David is the only guy that has never fucked my wife, though she has tried. Sue, on the other hand, will lift her skirt and spread her legs at the snap of my finger. I had to use a little friendly blackmail to condition her - a few immodest pictures taken at a drunken bash on New Years Eve 1986 did the trick. Sue needs an excuse to commit adultery, but GOD can that woman commit adultery! She's a genuine three-holer holy roller. Praise the Lord!


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She's also the mother of my second child (two-year-old Jennifer). This caused quite a scandal. I have fire red hair. David and Sue are both brunettes. Jennifer has fire red hair. David just started returning to the group last year, though Sue never left. David turns a blind eye to his wife's infidelity. I get a big kick out of making it difficult for him. Getting her pregnant was easy. I simply told her to get off the pill and avoid sex with Dave during ovulation. I ordered her track her cycles for me and report to me for twice-daily screwings at those times when she was most fertile. She put up a mild fuss, swore she couldn't, but the next day, she presented me with her unused pills and a chart. Sue is my little whore and I treat her as such. Cheryl gets a kick out of that. Sue has resisted my attempts to get her and Cheryl together. She's weakening, though.

And last, but certainly not least, Neal and Diane. Neal was everybody's best friend, a regular party animal. He had a joke for every occasion, the life of every party. He and my wife were lovers. Diane was by far the most attractive woman in our group. She was also the youngest at twenty four, the most educated, the most cultured, and the most stuck-up. She stands five two, has a full head of silky brown hair down to her ass, and has a figure that stops express trains (38-22-36). Rachel gives Diane Avon cosmetics to wear just for the free advertisement. Frankly, Diane could make a mud pack look good. She has perfect white teeth, huge brown eyes, and full lips. I'm a leg man, and I've never seen finer legs on any woman. Unfortunately, Diane doesn't mess around, drink, or have any vices to exploit. She's new to the group. Neal married her three years ago. We, at least the guys and Cheryl, were excited by her addition. We've been salivating ever since her arrival.

Neal died in a car wreck three months ago. He was a great guy but a lousy driver and lousier gambler. He had no life insurance and owed a fortune in gambling debts. Diane had never worked a day in her life, had no family to turn to, and we were her only friends. When they came to foreclose on the house, we naturally took her in. What are friends for?

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During that first week, she was treated as a guest. As we got to know her better, and realized how dire her circumstances were, we began seeing her in a different light. She was helpless on her own and frightened of the outside world. All she wanted to do was read and tend the garden. Cheryl was the first to suggest that we make Diane work for her keep. This idea came after repeated rejects to her advances. I tried to put the make on her myself, but grounded out at first base. Cheryl was pissed. She wanted to make Diane a domestic servant. She said she could train the bitch. When she described the uniform she had in mind, I smiled and told her to go for it.

At dinner that evening, Cheryl dropped the bomb on Diane. Diane sat meekly listening as Cheryl explained the necessity of either sending her away, or putting her to work. Diane's submissive acceptance inspired Cheryl to sharpen her tone. She came across as a strict task master, warning and threatening Diane. Cheryl offered work in exchange for room and board and a small allowance.

I was embarrassed, so was our son, Jason. Jason was eighteen and Diane's presence in the house had him in tight pants most of the time. He revered Diane, treated her like a goddess. Hearing his mother treat her like a low-life domestic boggled his mind. Seeing Diane accept it, boggled mine. By the time Cheryl was through, tears started flowing down Diane's cheeks. To add insult to injury, Cheryl told her that it was not proper for domestics to eat with the family. She told her to take her plate to the kitchen. Diane hung her head, picked up her dinner, and departed.

When she was out of ear shot, I looked to Cheryl and started to speak. She shushed me with a raised hand, and said, "Don't say anything, Red. I know what I'm doing." She looked at Jason and added, "Do you like her, Jason?" He nodded. "Would you like to see what she looks like naked?" His eyes bugged out. He swallowed hard and nodded vigorously. "If I am successful, you'll get more than that."

Jason turned to me and said, "Let Mom handle this, Dad. She knows what she's doing."

The boy thinks with the head of his dick, but so did I at his age. I said, "Hey, she's all yours, Cheryl. I'm staying out of this completely."

Cheryl began at once to train Diane. She started with the cleaning-up after dinner and dogged her until late in the evening. Diane could do no right. Cheryl brought her to tears several times. Cheryl reminded me of a drill sergeant at boot camp: loud, degrading, demeaning, and authoritative. What's more, Diane reminded me of a young trainee: frightened, nervous, unsure, moldable.

Jason and I cringed when Cheryl first slapped Diane across the face for not addressing her as ma'am. We left the room when Cheryl forced Diane's nose into some gravy she'd spilled on the floor. After three days, Cheryl had Diane stepping and fetching. She had her calling her ma'am, calling me, sir, and calling Jason, master. Jason loved his title.

On the fourth day, after breaking a cheap vase, Cheryl instituted spanking. She took Diane by the elbow and marched her into the garage. We heard the smacks and cries. Right after the spanking, Jason disappeared into his room for an hour. I later learned that Cheryl had administered the spanking on Diane's naked ass after making her lift her skirt and bend at the waist. Cheryl dragged her panties to her ankles. She described Diane's pouting sex lips and her extra large clit. She took the spanking well and juiced-up nicely. Cheryl reported that her training was progressing well. I had to agree.

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