Team Players

Jared felt he was the luckiest guy alive. He was on one of the best football teams and he was starting on that team in just his third year in the league. And even though his team just barely missed the Superbowl, analysts were already predicting a win in the big game for next year. He also got to play ball with his best friend who happened to be the club's star quarterback, Scott. But what made Jared feel the luckiest was his new girlfriend, Pam. She was one of the team's cheerleaders, a nice all around girl, and quite a hot fuck!!

Jared was kind of shy right out of college. Oh, he dated a good bit and fucked some girls too, but none of them could compare to the energy Pam brought to their lovemaking. Sometimes she would beg for it three or four times a session. He was more tired fucking with Pam than a whole day's work out with the team! She just couldn't get enough of his rock hard body and big thick cock. She would start out by licking his chest, nipples, and even work her tongue all over his 6-pack abs. She didn't complain at all about the chest hair that would wedge its way between her teeth. It was a good thing too, cause Jared was proud of his body and the thick chest fur was like icing on the cake, in his not so humble opinion.

Pam was an excellent cocksucker too. She could take every thick throbbing inch down her throat and never complain. Hell, she loved it when he fucked her face really hard. But one thing that Pam really liked, but kind of grossed out the big football stud, she insisted on licking his ass. The first time she did it, Jared just about hit the roof.

Pam had positioned the big tight end on his hands and knees and just dove right between his hairy cheeks. She just went to town on that stud asshole, licking and chewing and moaning. Hell, she even slapped his ass a few times. When Jared recovered from the shock, he quickly rolled away and stood up beside the bed. Pam could see that it had turned him off. His cock was limp and shriveled up. It took some coaxing, but Jared finally agreed to lay back down, but only if she agreed not to do that nasty shit again. Pam readily agreed, but her fingers were crossed and she was already planning on the next time.

Well, there was a next time, but she warned him and told him that he had better get used to it or else..... Jared didn't want to think about 'or else'.

Pam knew Jared liked watching porn videos, so she found some that showed the girl eating the guy's asshole. The guy even shot his load while being rimmed. When the video was over, Pam looked at Jared with fire in her eyes and told the stud to assume the position. He knew exactly what she meant and also knew that he probably wouldn't get to fuck her if he didn't allow her to do this.

It still grossed him out a little bit, but Pam never insisted on kissing him after rimming his ass, so the big stud slowly relaxed into this new experience. Pam not only ate him for minutes on end, she also put a finger or two inside his tight end asshole. That caused the most intense orgasm of Jared's young life. He shot cum up to his face and all over his hairy chest.

His big hairy body kept trembling and shuddering with the prolonged orgasm. Pam just sat back and smiled to herself. Her plan was in full gear. She loved to manipulate big football studs into doing things they normally wouldn't even think about doing. Eating and fingering Jared's hot jock ass was just the first stage.

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written by cowboycliff
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