Tampa Glory Hole Encounters

I love to go to this video place with booths and glory holes in Tampa. One particular night, I went into a booth and sat down to watch some videos and stroke my cock to a nice cum. I usually just watch the action in the hole next to me and occasionally get a nice blowjob. On other occasions I get a nice looking cock pushed through and I suck for a nice load in my mouth and on my face. This night a couple entered the booth next to me. They were young and a good looking pair.

She was blonde with a great body, mini skirt and no panties. She was rubbing her slit and he was stroking his very nice about 8" fat cock. They were watching a straight movie and I sat there on my knees taking in their show and finally, I motioned for his cock. The hole was big enough so that she could watch me blow him. I started just sucking and savoring the large head. Rolling my tongue all over and gripping the nice heft of cock in my hand. She knelt down next to the hole and told me to take it deeper, that he really liked that. I am quite the swallower, so I took it all the way down and I heard both of them moan.

At this point I started a nice fucking motion and commenced to jerking my very hard cock at the same time. I raised my other hand up to play with his balls and to my surprise I found her fingers there already doing this. I pulled off him for a sec and told her to give me her finger which I covered with my spit and told her to put it in his ass. I then swallowed him whole while she put her finger in his ass. He started moaning louder and louder. I could hear people trying to open the booth door and get in for some action.

This only made me suck harder. She was fucking his asshole and playing with his balls with her long fingernails. I started to really slam my mouth onto his cock and that did it. He started pumping a giant load in my mouth. I like it there, but I love it on my face too, so I came off his cock and beat it before my face and was treated with a few choice blasts of cum before he slowed down.

I then took him back in and just let him jerk and spasm in my mouth. I could not take it any more and came all over the floor and moaned around his cock. I am not sure about his girl, but she was making quite a bit of noise too. we finally all calmed down and got up to leave. They left first and I followed out my door. There was a big crowd out there who must have been listening to the action. I left the cum on my face as I walked out and I could tell the guys watching were in envy.

As we made our way out, they stopped to look at the board with the movie boxes for the booths, so I passed them and leaned in to say thank you. I think they were shocked by the cum still hanging off my face and chin as I grinned at them and left.

written by thomas
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