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When Freinds With Benefits Gets Friendlier

We met in elementary school. We continued our friendship through High school. I would go to her house regularly. Her family was into sports and staying fit and her three brothers were large and played college football. They had a work out room with mats and weights, benches, and equipment. So Jackie and I would exercise together. Her mom and dad would often be working out at the same time.
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When Friends With Benefits Gets Friendlier Part 2

Many times I would go to Jackie's and there were several men there. There were often women too, but sometimes just guys. And if she wanted sex with someone, as she was bisexual, it would often happen where ever love bloomed. So we would continue on with evening festivities as they had sex. Some would watch, or pair with others making couples scatter throughout Jackie's house.
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My First Hard One

I agreed to watch their cat, water their plants, and mow the lawn while they went on vacation. My friend and I were excited to to have a place to watch porn away from our houses. The first day fed the cat and made sure the plants were good. My friend disappeared, wandering through their house.
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Fishing with Her Husband

Ex green beret straight to the point a good friend however I been having a affair with his wife for 3 years already and I was hesitant to go on his boat on the lake at night made me nervous. Earlier that day I had a hour fuck fest with Shelly. A very beautiful woman who radiates a glow and oozes sex. With a tasty pussy that she used to get her way.
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Bi-Sex in University

No names or places were changed. All things happened. Some details were omitted, added, or changed, only for readability purposes. This is a TRUE story, and contains sexually explicit material between M-F and M-M. I transferred from a BigTen school into a MVC university my senior year. Not knowing anyone was OK w/ me, as I figured I'd make new friends.
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Wife challenges me to a blowjob contest #2

Aah, the good life. It's amazing how many guys are willing to give us their loads. Vikki, one week, told me she wanted to watch me get gang-faced, while she watched. Well, obviously, that sounded fun. We decided on 8 cocks. I called my top sure-shot cocks, and decided on next Wednesday. On the day.
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Still a Creamboy

But so are they. Throughout my childhood, the only two guys near my age that lived close by were cousins. Bill and Mike. I hung around all the time with them, and we fished and camped a lot in the summer. Mike had just got his driver`s license, and Bill was two years older than me, but started late, and failed third grade, so we were in the same class.
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