Becoming a Sub

When this sub got home from work it found this e-mail. "We know what you are. you are a little submissive male slut. We can make your fantasies come true; e-mail us back if you dare."

Well, I mailed them back. "Come out to the old mall at 8pm, the one where Penney's used to be. Park in back. You will suck cock and pose for pictures. Wear a tee shirt and shorts, no underwear and no shoes. When you get there open the trunk of the car and stand facing it. Do not turn around!"

When this sub got there and stood in back of the car after about two minutes a scarf was tied over its eyes. A woman's voice told me to give Her my car keys and STRIP! I couldn't get the clothes off fast enough. Then She said, "bend over and spread those cheeks; I want to see that hole.".

In the summer, it's not dark at 8. i heard a Man say that will make a good picture. I felt something cool and wet on my ass and then a fairly large plug was forced in; it was a very tight fit and it hurt (really hurt). My hands were tied together and I was led to a vehicle and They pushed me into the trunk.


You Fuck My Face in the Middle of the Night

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After driving for about ten minutes we stopped and I was taken out. it was outdoors; i could feel the dirt under my feet.

"KNEEL" in a Man's voice. a cock touched my lips.

"OPEN UP." and I was sucking my first dick of the evening.

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"DON'T SHALLOW, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!", I assumed that another picture was taken of me with a mouthful of cum. More cocks. More cum, some on my face.

"Stand up" and the butt plug was pulled out of me and i was told to lick it clean. boy did my hole feel empty.

The sub was pushed face down on the ground. ouch!

"Count them boy."

After 10 I was told my ass was ready for another picture. My hands were untied and I was turned over. Someone sat on my face and I was told to lick. Click, another picture. I stopped and my cock was spanked. The Woman moved and I was licking Her asshole.

"Get that tongue inside." my jaw was getting tired. but i wasn't done. more asses to rim.

The scarf was removed and more pictures were taken with the cum on my face. the Woman stood above my face and pissed on me. Two Men each put their dicks in my mouth and I was an urinal. More pictures.

A garden hose was used to clean me up. "you're lucky that We don't put that hose up your ass."

After I dried They blindfolded me again and drove me back to my car. They told me that They had pictures of me that I wouldn't want circulated so if They wanted to use me again I had no choice (but that is another story). They clicked the trunk open and pushed me in. where were my clothes? I had to crawl out the back seat and there on the ground were my clothes.

People asked me about this and I said that it was just a fantasy. I lied; it was all true. Now this has come back to haunt me in a big way. This all happened a few years ago. I thought that I was safely behind this. I even got married. But I was wrong. Really wrong!

About six months ago (in the middle of summer) I got an e-mail telling me to open the attachment. I usually don't open attachments from unknown senders. But this one, I opened. It was a picture of me with cum on my face and a cock in my mouth.

The e-mail said "If you don't want your new wife to see this and your neighbors to know that you are a cocksucker you will do what we say."

It was signed Master Roy. I mailed Him back and He gave me a date and an address about five miles south of Manitowoc, Wisconsin to go to. I was to follow the driveway and park in back. He said to be there at 1:30pm; if I was early I should wait.

At 1:30 I was to give three knocks on the door with my knuckles ("Do not use the knocker."). I should wait until the door was answered with my feet 3 feet apart and my arms at my sides.

I knocked and nobody came; I was ready to leave when a Man about my age (69) opened it and asked where the little cocksucker (I guess that was me) was going.

"Get the fuck down on your knees with your eyes lowered; show some respect. Are you sure that you want to go thru with this? You do know what is going to happen?"

I said "yes Sir", because I had no choice.

The Man said that His name is Master Roy and I am a little sub faggot named cocksucker. The faggot was told that it shouldn't speak again unless He, the Master, told it to. He asked for the car keys and told submissive to go to its car, strip naked and lock its clothing inside the car.

Then it is to come back to the porch, stand five feet from the door, with its feet three feet apart, its right hand grabbing its left wrist behind the back and wait until it was told to walk into the house.

It went to the car and took its clothes off. It noticed a security camera after it was finished undressing. Too late. the little sub went back to the porch and stood there; it seemed like an eternity when Someone came from behind and ran His (?) hand down the subs back and wormed a finger into its asshole. The slave was ordered to open its mouth and clean off His finger. Then the its nipples were grabbed by another Man and pulled and twisted. This was how it was led into the house.

"Let's get this video done first." There was a white sheet hanging as a backdrop and the sub was placed in front of it. it was told to cover its little cock and balls with its hands and read the card that was held up. the slave was told to read it over first so that it sounds like this is what it wants.

"I am an old faggot slave. I live In area code 920. The main purpose of this faggot is to service and entertain Strong People - both Men and Women. It exists to suck cock and swallow cum. It exists to drink piss. It exists to lick assholes and clits. It exists of have its nipples tormented, It exists to have its ball sack stretched. This sub faggot slave is nothing; It is stupid; the words of Strong Males and Females define its existence. It obeys Strong People. It worships Strong People. It's only purpose is to serve Strong People. It's place when it is not being used is on its knees with its forehead on the floor. It's duty is to accept all fluids that the Master choses to put on or in its body (piss, cum, spit, snot). This faggot cocksucker belongs to Master Roy and Sir John and will be lent out to other People to use; both Men and Women, young (over 40) or old, thin or fat (the bigger the better); for sexual service or entertainment. The only requirement is not to physically damage it, not to give it any permanent markings and send a summary of what was done to Master Roy."

As They were putting the equipment away, a heavy-set stately Woman walked in. "Is this what I get to peg? I am Lady Lucy. Slave, you will be sore and you will make Me happy or else you will be punished. Hell, you will be punished anyway." the slave was secured in something like stocks with holes for its head, wrists, and ankles with its butt pushed out.

Lady Lucy came over in front of the sub and showed it how it would be beaten. the instrument looked like an bungee cord doubled over on itself. She gave me ten strokes and then She stopped and greased me up good with a tube of something; the lube was running down my ball sack. I sensed the dildo at my hole and then it was in. No warning, no nothing. The sub was only fucked a few times so it was tight; very tight.

"Get your ass moving faggot!" and She slapped my butt. The dildo was tearing me apart but the card said that no physical damage should be done so I guess that I would be fine; sometimes one has to have trust. After what seems like an eternity the sub was released.

The faggot was placed on its hands and knees and a cock was stuffed in its mouth and since its hole was stretched and still greased a cock was roughly shoved in. The cock was pulled out of my mouth and it shot all over my face. The Man at my ass finally pulled out and shot on my butt. "This looks good enough for a picture."

They took a face picture and then went in back of me and had me look around. Then the fag did urinal duty. It was placed face up on the floor and it was spit on and the Lady Lucy pissed on it. After a period it was told to go into the shower and clean itself off. When the sub came back it was told that the pictures They took (the sub was not even aware the photos were taken) would not be released unless the sub/slave really messed up and even then it would be allowed to make amends. But the pictures would ensure that the sub would be available for future sessions; that was fine with me.

I was told that I, the sub, will be available for sessions with other Dominants (both Men and Women; fat, thin or average) within 50 miles of Manitowoc County. The sub is height and weight proportional and is d/d free. Please contact the sub on its profile. No physical damage or permanent markings will be allowed. The sub is not allowed to host; please have Your own place to torment and use it. My Master would appreciate a short summary of what is done to it.

About two weeks later I received an e-mail from my Master Roy. "You will report to Mickey D's for breakfast on Saturday at 10am. I will meet the sub there and give it a ride to the place where it will be used."

Master took me to a field in the country had me strip naked. Than be blindfolded and have the wrists tied behind its back. Master then pulled it to the back to the car (which is parked at the side of the road). it is ordered to climb into the trunk of the car. Because it can not use its hands Master helps it by using its hair as a pull lease.

Master drives to an unknown location and orders the sub out of the trunk & informs it that "There is party & it will be the entertainment. There will be pictures taken."

It is directed to crawl into the house on its knees, kicked when it moves too slowly. There are female giggles; how humiliating to be used in front of females that may be my wife's friends.

A Man's voice, "On your knees dummy!" my face was slapped with a cock.

"Open up cocksucker!" After sucking off three men the sub was pushed down with its head on the floor. There was the cold, wet feeling of lube on its ass and then a cock was pushed in. After taking I don't know how many cocks Women started pegging it. Then the guys started fucking it again. The sub was helped to stand up. it felt cum running down its thighs. its nipples were pulled and its balls were kicked; the sub was again forced to its knees with its ass in the air and it was spanked. The sub was made to suck dick again and & lick assholes. The women then took turns using it and caning it. The sub's hole felt really open wide. Then it was fed the recycled water of the guests and told to kneel with its ass in the air as it is repeatedly fucked.

Then into the corner for an hour until it is used again. Because the sub is covered in filth it is taken outside, strung up by the wrists & hosed off, whipped & left to dry. Master Roy told me that the tree where I was strung up was close to the road and if someone looked they could see me. Then into the trunk & home where Master tells the sub it has a lot to learn. And practice makes perfect! For its poor performance the ass of the sub is beaten purple.

Whenever Master Roy or Mistress Lucy want a little amusement & feels magnanimous They lend the sub to Their friends. Always with a blindfold on because it is informed that it will never know the identities of the People that use and abuse it. A low piece of dirt should never know what is being done to it or Who is doing it.

A few days later the sub received a CD of the party and when it checked it out there were two dozen pictures. It was a good thing that I was able to get to the mail before my wife.

I thought that I would be done for a while, but I was told to come to a bar on Main Street a few days later at 9pm wearing just a t-shirt, loose-fitting shorts and sandals; no underwear or socks. It was cold that night and i was freezing. The sub was met in the parking lot by a Woman that it never saw before. "I bought your CD and wanted to use you. Roy is charging my friends and me $5 an hour to use you."

I was being pimped out! I started to turn to run but I was grabbed from behind by two strong arms and pushed into the back of as van. The t-shirt was quickly pulled over my head and a hand clamped over my mouth. "If you yell we will hurt you. We have better uses for that mouth."

There were shackles on the wall of the van and soon this sub was secured. its shorts were pulled down to its knees and its balls were painfully squeezed. i decided to stay quiet. After a drive of about an half an hour the sub was released from its bonds and a really big Man picked it up and carried it into a house where there was a loud party going on. The shorts were stripped from its body and it was told to stand in facing the wall. the sub noticed that there were two other people standing facing the wall: a male and a female. After standing there for god knows how long we were ordered to put on a show.

When I was returned to Master I was told that I wasn't just a sub I was a subby slut. And that is how my degradation started. My degradation is now complete and I crave the pain and use. There is practically nothing that this sub will not do. Please use it.

Last Friday I got an e-mail from Master Roy. "You are to give ten different Men sexual satisfaction. I do not care how you do it: either orally or anally but you must e-mail Me photographic proof." I asked Him how do I find these Men and He replied "That is your problem but if you don't have this proof in two weeks, you will get some of the other pictures released."

So now do you see my problem; Can You help?

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written by subwayne

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