Secret Encounter with my Father-in-Law. Re

This happened to me wen I was younger. I had wondered about my sexuality. So I found out who I was. And I was living a private life as a bisexual man. I think there's a difference between being gay and bisexual. I think one of these days I might be coming out of the closet and show myself as a true gay man. My wife is very naive and has never suspected that I'm her bisexual husband.

Started about 9 years ago, when I started experimenting and living as a bisexual man. On that time, me and my wife visited her parents. I stayed over at my old father-in-law's home, while my wife stayed at the hospital looking over her ill older mother. The visit with my old father-in-law kind of was the starting point that changed my life.

While staying at my old father-in-law's home, I heard him opening some cans, and I figured that he being a heavy beer drinker, he was going to start drinking beer. Later that evening and by accident, i thought at the time, caught my old father-in-law fully naked and masturbating in the restroom. I guess i got overwhelmed by his presence. I froze, and started watching him. By the looks, I thought, he did not see me standing there watching him. Him having very big hands noticed his hand not wrapping around the entire shaft. My jaw dropped seeing his enormous monster shaft. I could smell beer in the restroom. And by the looks of him, he looked like he was drunk, while standing his body looked very shaky and looked very drunk. And notice his shaft, it easily looked over 10"long and around 4" thick.

I often fantasized thinking how my old father-in-law would look naked. And now seeing him naked and very drunk. Even though he was 2 inches shorter than me. Me standing 6-1, and he standing 5-11. I know that height really don't matter. The very first time I met him, was when I married his daughter. And at that time I immediately felt inferior to my old father-in-law.

Found out later that he could easily lift over 500 lb. Having very veiny muscular thick hairy legs. So even though I might be taller than him and me weighing about 150 lb, he can easily have his way with me, and im pretty sure he can handle himself a tall man's ass.

After this encounter, me and my old father-in-law started a secret illicit affair. Later I found out that he suspected that I was a bisexual man. Said, all along, he deliberately planed the encounter and getting caught naked masturbating in the restroom. He wanted to see my reaction seeing him all naked and all. And actually when I saw him naked, I saw him all muscular and hairy, i felt weak to him and felt butterflies in my stomach wishing to be owned by my old father-in-law.

Wishing at that point that my old father-in-law would take me as a lady take me by my by my big lady girly ass. So this encounter really started it for me. At the time my father-in-law was 57 years old. I was 26 years old, and married to his daughter. And since then me and my old father-in-law have been having these elicit gay affair. My father-in-law later told me he wanted me to look more like bald pretty lady, did not like the tribal look, he wanted a bald pretty ladymancunt and bald ass. So he shaved me, shaved any hair I had remaining in my body, including my head and left me completely bald. Just like a black man shaves old whores. Old black Grandpa's shaving old grannies bald cunts.

That's how my old father-in-law shaved me. He cornered my ass and shave me like his little lady bald mancunt. My old hairy father-in-law owns my bald ass. I have a small boy penis, not even 4" long, and being taller than him, said that would make me look like his secret tall and bald tranny lady gay son-in-law. But when I showed up home to my young wife she got curious why I was completely bald. I lied to her, saying it was was only a temporary work policy. But seeing my groin area all bald, I think that's gotten her more curious of me. I think she's starting to suspect things of me. Why I'm staying out more, pretending to be at work, and not being home more often. But for now, my old father-in-law and me are actually living our fantasies.


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Every time we meet at a motel, I get to crossdress for him, putting on makeup and high heels, and looking more like a tranny wifey. And today me being a more matured 35 year old son-in-law, and I consider myself very nice looking man. But maybe look too nerdy and too pretty to look as a man. and he being 66 years, not very attracted by all means, he has a fat face and fat nose, ugly old man with a hairy face and big bearded man. And he gets himself a big ass cute pretty and nerdy bald tall matured tranny son-in-law to pleasure himself. And that's what attracts me, he being a very ugly old man. Chubby beer belly hairy gut belly, very hairy attract me very much.

He being an ugly old man and me being a bit nerd and pretty man makes me feel very feminine towards my old father-in-law. I'm a pretty feminine man that wants to be dominated and owned by my old ugly and hairy father-in-law. So now he compliments me on my smooth bald skin, and my big round ass.

Says that I had a bigger and more rounder bubble ass than her old wife, my old mother-in-law. We play our fantasy. He being my short macho muscular hubby and perverted hairy old man, and me being his big bottom, tall humble and bald tranny wifey. Anytime I have a chance to meet with my old father-in-law, I lie to my wife, saying I have an out of town business trip meeting. So this is a private gay illicit affair I'm having behind my wife's and mother-in-laws back.

My young wife and my mother-in-law are so naive of our gay affair. Me and my old father-in-law don't know when our secret will be discovered. For now he secretly enjoys me as his matured bisexual gay son-in-law. And still as a married man, I'm illicitly enjoying my old father-in-law as my daddy hubby lover. And I don't know how all this is going to end. And if we should confess this illicit affair to my wife and mother-in-law.

We are not sure, but we feel that they're beginning to suspect things. May be a part 2 to the story, if your interested. So please leave your comments on this confession.

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written by horney1960

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