Rachel Learns too Much

I awaken to the sound of my ring tone. I check the clock as I answer, its 11:00. When I put the speaker to my ear, I hear Jesse's voice. She tells me to come to her house; she has something for me but that I have to wear a real cute thong. I do as I'm told and am at her door within minutes.

I enter and she leads me down stairs. On the couch sits a boy I don't know. She introduces him as Ryan. She tells us to get comfy. I sit down on the couch and Ryan sits next to me and puts his hand on my crotch. Jesse turns to leave saying, "I'll leave you two boys to do your thing."

When she is gone and the door is shut Ryan turns to me, smiles, and tells me to strip. I stand in front of him and begin removing my clothes. When he sees the thong he laughs, "Good, I knew you were a bitch" and slaps my ass hard.

When I'm in nothing but the thong he pulls out his cock. It is a 9-inch rod that spills from his pants. "Suck on that, bitch, I know your just dying too."

I sank to between his legs as he sat on the couch, and I opened my mouth and begin to take him in. My head rose and fell countless times before he told me not to forget the hounds. He let out a small laugh as I moved for his now rock hard cock to his balls. I took them into my mouth one at a time and rolled them around. I stretched my mouth to take both in at once. "Tell me how much you love the taste of my balls, cock smoker."

I brought my eyes even to his and said, "I love the taste of your balls, sir." He simply smiled as I move my mouth back to the head of his penis. After a few minutes he told me to stop. I was confused since he had not yet cum, "Now its time for you to ride some poll, bitch. Bounce your tight little asshole on this big rod now" he sneered at me.

I rose and sat in his lap. As I lowered my ass he directed his throbbing boner into my asshole and I began to slide up and down. At first it hurt but when I began to relax it started to feel good. I began to moan slightly, "That's right, I knew you were just going to love my cock" Ryan said.

I began to moan louder as he thrust deeper into me. Just when I thought I could take no more the door opens and in its frame stands Jesse and Rachel. Their faces are in huge smiles as they snap a picture. They only laugh harder when Ryan pulls me off him, flips me over, and blows his load on my face. At this point they snap a picture and run back upstairs. "Wipe yourself off and join us in the kitchen" Ryan says and he puts his cock away.


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I go to the bathroom and wipe the cum from my face and put my clothes back on. When I get to the kitchen everyone is standing at the island. "Show Rachel your cute thong" Jesse calls to me when I enter. I pull my pants down reveling my black lace thong. Rachel laughs "Oh that's so cute Mike."

"Rachel, what do you think Mike should do next?" Jesse asks. Rachel smiles saying, "Oh I don't know, maybe he should just wear that thong today." I strip down and Jesse locks my clothes in a cabinet. "So how was Ryan?" Jesse questions me.

"He has a huge cock and I love to suck it and to take it in the ass from him. Sometime I would like a golden shower from him." I said as Ryan had instructed me earlier downstairs.

"Oh well, I think we can set that up for you, Mike" Jesse says pointing to the shower were a video camera was already set up. I climb into the tub and get on my knees. Ryan takes his position in front of me. The red light of the camera comes on and Ryan's pee streams toward my face and open mouth. I swallow as much as I can and when he is finished I thank him and kiss his penis. The camera stops and the laughter begins. "Oh shit," I think to myself.

Now Rachel knows I'm a cock smoking, dick loving, fag who likes to be to drink pee.

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written by mike
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