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A fierce battle once roamed the vast plains of Japan. A Ninja known for his legendary skills in killing name Kiazu was assassinated a task to honor the Shimizu clan by killing the Dinamo (leader) of an enemy clan. Two weeks into his cross country chase, he came into contact with a ninja hiding in the tall grasses in a open field. Just passed this unknown ninja was a group of soldiers of an enemy clan. With a swift pop-up of her head she launched a double side sword at the general, cutting his head straight off.

The strange Ninja disappeared. Kiazu decided it be wise if he vanished so not to be caught.

That night Kiazu was quietly yet silently racing across an open field when he saw in the corner of his eye the strange ninja. Kiazu turned and faced this ninja. It was weird not like another ninja he have ever saw before. First Kiazu saw was the chest, large for a man. It looked like breast in that tight ninja suit must of been at less 38-d's. Body was a perfect figure 8. She glared at him almost checking Kiazu out. Suddenly they both drew their Kitana's (big damn swords) and charged at each other. Swords clanging if a fierce battle. The female ninja leaned forward and kicked Kiazu. They both stepped back, ran towards jumped it the air and collided swords landing back to back about 30 passes away the both heard the strings of bows being loaded with arrows and the armor of soldiers clanging while running. The women glared at Kiazu and again vanished in the tall grass. Kiazu ran in the grass and came out at the edge of a village not to far from where he had to kill the Dinamo was but day was coming and couldn't kill him in time.

Kiazu to refuge on top of buildings roofs. To his surprise he saw is newest enemy, the female ninja walking silently in the streets. He waited patiently for her to get on the roof tops so he could get his revenge. She climbed onto the roof and Kiazu pulled out two ninja stars and threw them at her. Her back turned to him she lipped in the air to avoid the ninja stars. Kiazu went leaping roof to roof trying to get closer to attack her with his sword. He jumped in the air tacking a mighty swing of his sword missed and the female ninja kicked his and sent him flying to the edge of the roof. He got up and just before he could gain his stance another female ninja came from behind and dropped kicked him sending him flying. The first ninja came charging after Kiazu but he got on his back grabbed her hands and flipped her when she landed on the roof the roof caved in sending all 3 through the roof into the empty home. All 3 circled each other swords drawn and ready to kill. Kiazu yelled out "Why are you here?"

No one answered so Kiazu put his word back in his case and pulled out two swizes (a less threatening weapon). He asked again "Why are you hear?" The first ninja replied and said "To kill the Dinamo" Kiazu was stunned for he was too going to kill the Dinamo. The second femal ninja replied witht the same answer. "I am Kiazu of the Shimazu clan ". The first female ninja said "I am kitana and this is Jade of the Mulary clan" Kiazu put away his weapons as a sign of trust. Kitana and Jade did the same putting away their weapons. "It will be sun rise soon we should stay here until sunset agreed?" asked Kiazu. Kiatana and Jade looked at each other and replied "Agreed!" Jade found some fresh fish and began to make some food Kitana and Kiazu undressed to their underclothing to get more comfortable.

They both sat on the bed near a wall. "Are you at war with the Dinamo?" asked Kitana. Kitana as soon as she caught a good look at Kiazu was attracted to his good looks with lots of muscles and great body. She automatically started flirting with him. Jade also found his muscles very attractive. They ate the food Jade had prepared and ate on the bed. Kitana was rubbing Kiazu arm the hole time and noticed his huge erection. She lead over and started rubbing his huge cock. She leaned over and started giving him head. Starting slowly up and down his nice cock. Kiazu leaned back and pulled Jade to him pulling off her underclothing exposing her tits and pussy. He had her sit on his face and started licking and sucking her nicely wet shaved pussy. Kitana removed her underclothing and sat on his cock pounding her pussy up and down oh his cock she leaned forward and started molesting Jades tits. Kitana started fucking Kiazu harder and faster. Jade started playing with her clit as Kiazu rammed his tongue down her pussy. Kitana was starting to moan loudly as her first orgasm came spilling plenty of cum on Kiazu's dick and stomach. Jade started rubbing he clit fast and Kiazu started tonguing fucking her fast unleashing wave after wave of cum on his face.

Kiazu pushed Jade off and put Kiatana on her hands and knees. He kneeled behind her and rammed his dick up her pussy. He started off hard . Jade sat there fingering herself, making herself cum screaming loudly every time. Kiazu bent over and layed on Kitana's back starting to play with her huge tits. Jada couldn't resist she moved forward started licking his balls. Then moved up to the bottom of his ass cheeks moving up into his asshole and started tongue fucking him. He start fucking Kitana very fast and hard, his balls slapping her ass and squeezing her tits very hard. She started panting. He could feel he hot wetness dripping down her legs. Jada still tongue fucking Kiazu started fingering herself again. Kitana put both her hands on the wall and started screaming in pain and pleasure. Jade went underneath and both of the and started licking the middle of his cock and the edge of Kitana's pussy making her cum twice in a row. Jade fingering her self fast now starting panting loudly, the Kiazu started moaning very loudly, and started fucking Kitana very hard. Kitana and jade were having so many orgasim's the bed sheets were getting soaked. Kiazu was just about to cum.

He was squeezing Kitanas tits so hard her nipples were dripping blood. Kiazu yelled loudly and rammed his dick in her wet,wet pussy loading her pussy full of cum dripping some letting Jade lick it up. Kiazu pushed so hard Kitana feel through the paper wall the house was made out of. Revealing her naked wet body outside for a young man to see. He ran in the house thinking she was being raped. He barged inside with a dagger drawn. Kiazu stood up revealing his large boner. He dove for his sword and sliced open his stomach spilling blood on the floor.


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Jade got so hot from the kill she came. She leaned out the wall to see Kitana bent over out side knees on the bed and hands on the ground. She leaned out rubbed her tits on Kitana's ass licking up all the cum off Kitana's legs and pussy. Kitana tried to get up but Jade pushed her down again.Jade started fingering her ass and pussy Kitana started moving back and forward to the figuring of Jade. Next Jade sat on Kitana's ass and started fingering herself and cumming three times on her back "you like that?" asked Jade. "My pussy is so sored,Figure me, fuck my ass!!!" Kitana asked. Jade did she stuck her tougn as far down in her ass. A young 18 year old girl was watching from her window and seeing Kiazu's dick pointed straight up. She looked down to play with her pussy and when she look back Jade and Kitana were dead and Kiazu was gone.

Kiazu completed his mission and Honored His clan.

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