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A Horse Dick Harry Fuck

Harry is the Uncle of Charlie, one of the three [miscreants that assaulted and raped me](https://www. taletopia. com/gay-sex-stories/taken-by-the-delinquents/ "Taken by the delinquents gay sex story") one day while playing hooky. Charlie and Harry found me in the store one Saturday and they took me to Harry's home and Harry proved to me why he was called Horse Dick Harry.
4 domination & encounters & friendship

My First MWM Bisexual Threesome

He was a few years older then us about 5' 9" thin with a 7" cock. Cathy is 5' 7" nice 34c breast a size 6. With a nice tight pussy and she loves to fuck and suck cock. She can suck a cock like you can't believe. Anyway, we had talked about having a 3-way for awhile just took time to find someone. So me and her had talked and planned how we'd start things.

How I got started

It was always him on his knees and me fucking his mouth or we were in a 69 with him sucking me, while I stroked his hard cock and I was getting more and more curious. Well one day we were hanging out at Ronnie's house and he'd been sucking my cock off and on all day. Ronnie and I are laying on his bed watching TV and he pulls his hard cock out and ask me to suck it.

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