The Price of a Ride

I am sitting at home alone watching the evening news. It is the usual boring once over with a little detail on the feature stories. They give just enough information to let you know that something is happening. None of it is very interesting.

By the end I am ready to turn on the vcr and put in a tape of some real hot action. The guy behind the counter at the adult book store rated very highly. The title on the cover is "Unending Lust".

The cover art shows a well hung man with his right hand down a well endowed blondes miniskirt. Her top exposes most of her enormous breasts. I am getting hard just thinking of what a body like hers could do in bed. Her left hand holds the enormous bulge in his pants. His left arm is around her with his hand under her top and holding her left breast. His index finger is touching her erect nipple under the skin tight material.

I can't get the tape in the vcr fast enough. I have the vcr wired to the stereo so the sound quality will be better that for just the tv. I turn on the stereo, program it to use the auxiliary port, adjust the volume and the balance.


You Fuck My Face in the Middle of the Night

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I had a friend check out my speaker locations a few month back. I found out they were in poor locations for how they were being used. He helped find the correct locations. Since they have been moved the difference has been very noticeable.

As the introduction comes up on the screen, I close the drapes. I don't want the neighborhood boys peeking in on the action. I don't need a lynch mob gathering at my because some mother didn't like want her son was seeing.

I normally have the sofa where the best sound is, but since I don't have company I decide to move the sofa back against the wall. They are starting to previews of other movies they are offering as I finish moving the sofa.

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Now I can move my favorite recliner to the sweet spot. There is a small bare spot in the carpet that I use to indicate when I am there. The action starts as I grab a soda and lean back in the chair.

The tv is a large screen model with a 48" diagonal screen. From my chair, which is about five feet from the tv, the screen takes up most of the view.

This IS a really hot tape. The opening scene is of the blonde climbing out of a hot tub stark naked. Her long hair hangs down her back just brushing her ass. She climbs out on the edge of the tub showing off the left side of her body.

She places her abundant breast on the side while positioning her hands for a good lift. She swings left leg up out of the tub. The camera angle changes as her pussy comes over the edge of the tub giving a close-up of beautiful cunt as it comes into view.

For a moment she rests on the edge of the tub letting the warm water flow down her well shaped body as comes to a sitting position facing the camera. The water glows on that golden body.

A river of water flows down the valley between her breasts toward her cunt. Her dripping snatch is in full view. Her nipples are like pyrami on her huge breasts.

The camera again closes in on her hot pussy as she slowly massages her lusty mound. She spreads her legs wide giving the camera an open view over her cunt. She parts its luscious lips with two finger s from her right hand.

The moist interior of her cunt begs for attention. The camera zooms in on her clit as she starts to rub it gently with her right forefinger. Her left comes into view as she strokes her love button with the forefinger of both hands while using her middle fingers to hold her cunt open for easy viewing.

Soon she is moan sweetly. Her cunt strains against her hands. Her stomach muscles tighten. Her juices flow out to join with the water in cascading down the side of the tub.

Suddenly her legs and stomach start to convulse erotically. She screams wildly as she cums. The camera angle widens to show her leaning backward over the edge of the hot tub. Her beautiful face stares at the camera daring the viewer to do something about it.

My left hand slides down to my groin to check my response to all this excitement. I find a small wet spot developing on the outside of my pants just past the end of my huge hardon.

I look down briefly to see just how big the spot is. The spot seems to grow as I look at it. My hardon starts to shrink as the wet spot gets bigger. I am a little embarrassed as I return my gaze back to the movie.

After resting for a few moments she climbs down off the side of the tub. She heads for a table along side the adjacent swimming pool. She grabs a towel from the back of a chair by the table and starts drying off.

She playfully bounces her breasts up and down as she dries them off. Carefully she gets every drop of water off of their firm countenance. She lifts her left breast up to her lips. Her left nipples stands waiting as the camera zooms in on it.

She takes her nipple between her lips and starts alternately sucking then licking this small erection. I can feel my own asking for the same type of attention. I look down to see that the head of my cock is lifting up the middle of a large wet spot on my pants.

My penis is throbbing with anticipation as I look up at the action on the tube. She is down to her clit and her legs are spread wide as the camera zooms in. Her cunt looks so big and juicy. Her right hand has found a home by her cunt.

The Thumb and forefinger of her right hand are now playing joyfully with her love button. A much more ragged moan greets her efforts. You can see that she is REALLY enjoying herself.

The camera angle widens as she leans her ass against the table. There is a man climbing out of the pool. She must hear him getting out of the water but there is no apparent response.

My cock is rock hard and pounding feverishly, begging to be free of its confinement. The action on the screen draws my undivided attention. It looks like the action will soon go to the next level. What is he going to do when he gets out of the water?

The camera pans between the man and her cunt. She has two fingers from her right hand on her clit and two from her left in her cunt. God, I wish my cock was where those fingers are. Her hips are grinding. her fingers are a blur.

She cums with a series of loud primordial screams that echo from the speakers and throughout the room. There is more than one reason for her to scream as the man puts his tongue where her hands are. The camera focuses on his tongue licking up her juices.

He keeps her at the peek of orgasm for several minutes. Her cascading shrieks and moans surround me. I can feel her ecstasy in my balls as they begin to throb rhythmically.

Soon she collapses as her body has had enough for now. He picks her up in his arms and lays her down on a nearby lounge chair. Her legs are spread wide allowing easy access to her waiting cunt.

She wakes up and sees him taking off his swim trunks. The swimmers style trunks had covered next to nothing. The head of his royal shaft was protruding from his waistband.

Now his shaft stands proud and ready as he looks at her from the end of the chair.

"Come on and fuck me, Jim. I can see your hot cock is hard as steel. But that fucker right where he belongs." She says holding her cunt lips open.

"You asks for it, Wendy. You get it!" Jim says as he positions himself between her legs.

I take a brief break to check my groin. My pants are soaked! My cock lies limp under a massive wet spot. I get up and stop the tape. I want to get out of these wet pants before the cum turns cold.

Maybe I should just get naked. Its Friday night and nobody will be coming around here this time of night. On second thought, this movie is getting hotter, if I just sit there naked I will be cumming all over the seat cushion.

The thought of explaining the eventual cum stain to my house keeper races through my mind as I start to head down the hallway the bedroom. I get to the bedroom and have my shirt off when suddenly the door bell rings.


I quickly slide out of my pants and grab a robe from the closet. I throw my clothes on the bed with the stained material facing up. The doorbell rings again as I enter the living room.

"I'll be there in a minute!"

I check the room quickly for evidence as I go to answer the door. Luckily there is no apparent clues to what I was doing. I pull myself together and head for the front door. The doorbell rings again as I reach for the door knob.

Opening the door , I find this beautiful lady standing there. She is about 5'4" with long brown hair, blue eyes, and a worried look on her face. She is wearing a black blazer, a white silk blouse, and black pleated skirt the just covers her knees. Her black high heels accentuate her well shaped legs. Her shapely breasts stretch the V of the blazer into a U. her skin is a beautiful coconut tan.

I am stunned by the sight of such a sexy lady at such close quarters at this time of night. I try to compose myself. "Hello, sorry for the wait. I don't have too many people ring my doorbell at this time of night."

My robe is about knee length giving ample coverage under normal circumstances. However, my system has been sensitized to the slightest stimulation by watching the movie. My cock is quick to respond to the prospect of getting some action.

My cock has been hanging loosely between my legs. Seeing this sexy woman has given my crotch a noticeable rise. I try to hide my reaction.

"My names Rachel. Me and a friend were driving down your street when my car broke down. I managed to bring it to a stop in front of your house. Can I use your telephone to call a tow truck?" She says.

Her eyes wander toward my groin. "Excuse me. Am I interrupting something?" She says as she loosens the top two buttons of her blouse.

"I was just getting ready for a shower." So I lie. She won't know the difference. "Please come in. I will show you where the phone is." I reply.

I step back from the doorway and turn toward the center of the room. I unconsciously swing my left hand away from my groin and toward the end of the hallway.

My cock released from its hold springs through the opening in my robe. The head of my penis can be seen easily.

"Excuse me." I say apologetically as I pop my cock back under my robe.

She pauses for a second or two then steps through the door. Her right hand brushes my groin. She lifts my robe freeing my hardon as she pasts.

She pauses and puts her hand into my robe. She squeezes my balls playfully. "Excuse me." She says with a wicked grin on her face.

She retrieves her hand and wiggles her sexy ass as she strides seductively into the middle of the room. "Where did you say the phone was? She purrs.

This bitch can sure lay down a heavy tease. She has a body built for sex and knows how to use it. She isn't afraid to flaunt it in front of a total stranger either.

I wonder if she is just a tease or does she plan on doing it with me? Would she fuck a total stranger?

I cover up my cock and close the door. I walk past her toward the hallway and reply, "I didn't say, but if you will follow me, I can show you where it is." I say as I head down the hallway.

After a few brief moments we reach the bedroom. The telephone is on a nightstand by the right side of the bed. It is an older push button model. There is a large lamp and an alarm clock occupying the rest of the stand.

I notice my clothes lying on the bed with wet spots in open view. I look behind me to see if Rachel is still there. She has just entered the room. She must have left her blazer in the living room. Her blouse is unbuttoned but is still tucked in exposing the valley between her breasts. There is no bra and no tan line!

I feel my desire for her grow in my groin. I step back toward the wall giving Rachel a clear view of the phone and the bulge protruding from my groin. I can see Rachel's eyes are not looking at the telephone.

She checks out the room briefly. As she sees the wet spots she licks her lips and massages her cunt through her skirt. Her eyes return to my bulge as she continues to massage her cunt.

"There is the telephone. The phone book is in the drawer below it." I say hoping she sees what she wants.

"Thank you." Rachel replies.

She walks by and reaches into my robe. She strokes my hardon vigorously a few times. "That's a nice piece of meat you have there." She adds as she release it.

She grabs the telephone book and leans back against the headboard with her left leg hanging off the edge of the bed and the right one resting on the edge. She flicks her right shoe off and bends her right knee high in the air.

She rests the telephone book on her leg. I can just barely see up her skirt from where I stand against the wall. First no bra now no panties! She is definitely too hot to handle and knows it oh so well.

She closes the telephone book. She puts it back in the drawer. She swings around to a sitting position and closes the drawer. She picks up the receiver and taps out a number.

"Hello this is Rachel Cummings. My car broke down at ...." She starts and looks at me.

Taking her head away from the receiver she asks, "What is your address?"

"4110 North Saint Claire Avenue." I reply.

"4110 North Saint Claire Avenue." She repeats into the receiver. "How soon can you get a tow truck out here to take it in?"

There is a brief pause while the person on the other end answers her question.

"Two hours! Are you sure you can't get here sooner? I am going to be late for a party as it is."

There is another brief pause.

"An hour. That is more like it. I will be inside the house at that address waiting. Thanks."

"So what is the story." I say trying to get some details I can work with.

"We have to wait here for an hour while they come and get the car. That still leaves us without transportation though. Do you have a car ..... What is your name anyway?" She says with a sense of embarrassment.

"My name is Bob Reddel. I do have a car that is in good working condition. I am not going to let a total stranger use it." I reply.

She leans back against the headboard again. Her right leg is back on the bed. Slowly she raises her right knee while she draws the hem of her skirt down by her waist.

Her pussy is in clear view now. To make it even more obvious, she slides down on to the bed. This exposes her cunt in all its glory. Her eyes are fixed on my crotch as she starts playing with her clit.

"See something you like, stud?" She purrs.

Rachel continues playing with her clit while staring at my bulge. Her left hand slides down the opening in her blouse. She starts pulling the blouse out of her skirt.

"What could I do that would convince you to let me use your car?" She breathes in a low sexy voice as she exposes her left breast. She starts massaging her erect nipple.

"I bet you would do just about anything to loosen that load. Now wouldn't you?" Rachel remarks as she continues her slow torture. "We could really help each other out here. Don't you agree?"

I contemplate the possibilities for a few moments as she continues her slow torture. My cock is hard as a rock and sticking out in clear view. "I will drive you anywhere you want to go, but I want to fuck you first." I reply.

"You have no idea where I am going. How could you drive me there?" She asks. Then she pauses for a moment. "You have a deal but first I have to make telephone call."

She swings around to the side of the bed covering herself up in the process. She picks up the receiver and taps out another number. "Hello, Rick? This is Rachel. Me and Tracy will be a little late to your party tonight"

There is a pause and then she answers, "Yes, we ran into car problems. It will take about an hour get them taken care of. And Rick, we will have a friend with us."

There is some loud noise from the other end of the line and then some even louder laughter.

"Yes, his name is Bob Reddel. We will be coming in his car. And Rick, tell Wendy he is hung like a horse."

There is another pause then some more laughter on the other end.

"Yes, I am sitting here looking at his rock hard cock with pussy juice streaming down my legs as we speak. We'll catch you later, bye." Rachel says as she hangs up the receiver.

"Who is Tracy?" I ask as she starts walking toward me.

"She is a friend of mine. She is waiting out in the car" Rachel replies as the doorbell rings. "I bet that is her now."

I pull myself together once again as we head for the door. Such a hot pussy so close yet so far away. Am I ever going to get laid?

It seems that I will, but when? Maybe this Tracy will call a halt to our little deal. Then again, maybe she will want to join in. That last idea sticks in my mind and thrills to my cock as I reach for the doorknob.

I open the door and find yet another beautiful lady standing at the door. She is about 5'8" with long blonde hair, brown eyes, and a worried look on her face. She is wearing a red halter top, and gold shorts that just cover her cunt.

Her long slender legs end with well shaped feet. I am surprised to see she isn't wearing shoes. Her shapely breasts stretch the material of the halter top to the max. Her nipples can easily be made from the hills they create. Her skin is a deep tan.

Rachel comes up behind her as I stare at this beautiful woman through the open door.

"Hi Tracy. I was just going out to invite you in when the door bell rang." Rachel says from behind me.

The bulge in my groin draws Tracy's attention as the two women talk.

"I would hope you weren't going to leave me out there while you made out with this stud." Tracy says as she walks up to me.

"Hello, two beautiful women as guests is more than I could ask for. Please come in." I say closing the door behind Tracy as she comes in.

Tracy has my cock out from under my robe before the door is closed. Now this is more like it.

"I can see why you would want this hunk of meat for yourself Rachel. It isn't often you find this much meat ready to eat." Tracy says as she bends down to suck my hardened member.

Rachel whispers in my ear. "Our deal is still on stud. So don't get too carried away."

Tracy stops to asks, "What deal might that be you two?"

Rachel replies, "Bob here, will drive us to Rick's in exchange for the privilege of fucking my hot pussy. I have already cleared it with Rick and told him that we will be late."

"Yours isn't the only hot pussy looking to get on this hot rod." Tracy replies as she pulls down her shorts. She steps out of them and spreads her legs wide open.

I can see the juice glistening on Tracy's cunt lips as they stand out from her evenly tanned skin. I count my blessings and I come to grips with the fact that BOTH of these hot cunts eagerly await my throbbing cock.

"Okay stud. Where is the bedroom? We have some serious fucking to do." Tracy enquires as she strokes my rock hard cock.

"Follow me down the hallway." I reply.

In a few moments we are all in the bedroom. As Tracy enters the room I slide her breasts out from under her halter top and massage them with both hands. I find her nipples to be hard and rigid. I massage these little cocks with thumb and forefinger as I rub her huge breasts.

Tracy is stroking my huge hardon with her left hand as she massages my balls with her right hand. Rachel's tongue dances a lusty ballet on and around my cock's head.

Rachel takes my cock from her mouth and leads me to the edge of the bed. She lies down on the bed with her cunt even with the edge. I kneel on the floor as she guides my hot shaft into to her warm moist pussy.

Tracy climbs on the bed and plants her pussy in Rachel's face while leaning over to lick Rachel's clit in a female variation of a 69. I can feel Tracy's tongue at work on the top of my cock as I repeatedly drive it ever so deep into Rachel's hot cunt.

After a few minutes of this intense love play the two women are breathing raggedly. I can feel Rachel's stomach muscles flexing around my shaft. Her cunt milks my cock as I drive deeper and deeper into her.

Tracy breaks from her play as she's the first to reach the heights of orgasm. Rachel continues her intense eating of Tracy's cunt. Tracy has multiple orgasms as a result of this intense attention.

Tracy collapses on top of Rachel and, after a moments rest, returns to her play. Rachel now starts getting the full force of the action. Rachel's moaning becomes intense then changes to loud shrieks of ecstasy as she too as multiple orgasms.

I speed up my pace and my cum starts flowing to my cock. I pull out and shot my cum in Tracy's face. She responded by taking my cock in her mouth and sucking it dry.

Finally we are all spent and collapse onthe bed in a mound of satisfied flesh. No one has enough energy left to move.

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written by mr bi jingle
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