Most Read Hetero Sex Stories

Eating Pussy for a Job

Rick is almost graduated and needs a job in todays bad economy. He goes to an interview where the interviewer ends up being this hot 40-50 year old woman. Perhaps he can use his asset to get this job?
3.4 1903 words 8 mins encounters

Milking Your Breasts and Fucking Your Brains Out

During lunch break Andy hears a noice from the vacant office and opens the door. He finds Donna milking her breast for her baby back home. It turns out her breast pump is broken and she needs help milking her breasts...
3.6 1623 words 7 mins encounters

Being Caught By Sister's Gilfriends While Jerking Off

my sister had two of her girlfriends over. One was Randi and the other Sue. I could get my rocks off watching either one. Randi walks in on me as I am watching TV and spanking the monkey.
3.4 596 words 3 mins masturbation

Mowing the Neighbours Lawn

Two teenager girls and their divorced mother move in next door. As I go over to mow the lawn as agreed with the previous owner I get introduced to Stacy. This is how the story begins.
3.3 1740 words 8 mins encounters

The Busty Student and the Teacher

Amber, the 18 year old busty student, sure knows how to use her huge tits to get what she wants. Her favorite victim is Mr Fields, the government teacher. She loved nothing more than to unbutton the top two butons of her blouse and...
3.5 1171 words 5 mins domination

Sexy Bus Ride to Remember

On my trip home to Buffalo I get down and dirty on the bus with this hot and very well-endowed blonde with the shortest skirt I'd ever seen in my life.
3.6 2705 words 12 mins encounters

Fucking my Neighbour Robin

Robin and I have known each other for a long time, but suddenly we are both taken by storm by our sexual desires and I faced with the opportunity of fucking her.
3.6 2439 words 11 mins friendship

Sex with the Bodybuilder Babe

Byron meets the pumped up body builder woman and is faced with a woman that not only is stronger than himself, but also knows how to handle a man.
3.4 2138 words 10 mins encounters

First Time Anal

A few months ago my wife of three months, Adelaide, and I were relaxing in bed after having made love. Adelaide snuggled up next to me and whispered, "Honey would you like to fuck my ass tonight?" I looked at her, eyes wide in amazement, and managed to mumble an affirmative response.
3.6 1034 words 5 mins first time

Sex with the Pregnant Slut

Even with her breasts pulled heavily down, her cleavage aroused me. Her dress was too short, her sauntering walk in the August heat too inviting for a mother. When we were finally alone, I told her I'd never seen a pregnant lady naked. 'I would feel so much better that's so hot...', she responded; so we both worked to peel off the awkward clothes.
3.5 1352 words 6 mins encounters

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