Truck Stop


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The stop was a good ten km. from town in a heavily wooded area and was well known as a good cruising area to get your nuts drained or drain some. I came here often and had been quite successful in getting cock and that was what I wanted, some hard trucker cock in my man pussy would do very nicely. There were only a couple of trucks tonight as I came in, I flashed my lights and got a double flash of a red light from one of the cabs. Never seen that signal before but I came up along side the driver’s side and an arm beckoned to me. I had shed my sweats so I got out of my car wearing a blouse panties and stockings.

He stuck his head out the window. “Hey sweetie, come around and get in and we will have some fun.”

As I climbed in the passenger side the radio came on, “Hey dude, you going to share?”

He looked at me, “You want to be spit roasted?”

“Sure, big boy, I’m into that.”

I had been dreaming of a threesome or moresome for a while now and it was going to happen between two truckers.

He picked up the mike, “Come on over.”

A big burly man got out of the other truck and came over. I smiled, two big burly truckers with me in between, this was going to be good. I was waved into the sleeper and my new trucker friend followed me. Damn, this was the biggest sleeper I had ever seen, plenty of room for three. The other trucker followed us in and he wrapped his arms around me from behind and I felt his large bulge press against my ass. Oh, this was going to be a good one tonight.

The one in who’s truck we were in said to the other, “I get the pussy you the mouth.”

They quickly shed their pants and I got a good look at the cocks that would be pleasing me tonight. Both good and big and fat, I was going to be well fucked. I went for the one that would be fucking my ass first, drawing the fat head between my lips and proceeded to get him good and hard. What a monster when he was fully aroused. This was going to be some fucking. Minutes later that cock was at my ass hole and the other was at my mouth. Both moved in and I moaned in pleasure and a little pain as my ass stretched to take the large cock. They fucked me good making me groan and squirm with pleasure until I was almost ready to cum.

“Don’t you dare cum, I want it.”

I held off and shortly the cock in my ass pulsed as he bred me with a huge load. Shortly after the cock in my mouth swelled and spewed more cum feeding me a fine load. Feeding me well he took his cock from his mouth and went for mine. It only took me seconds to cum a big load.

“Mmm, that was fine sissy juice. But time to get back on the road for me.”