Hot Wet Panties


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Panties are cumbersome, haven't worn them since my mid teen years. On a recent occasion I slipped into the only pair I owned. I attended a meeting with men groping my ass. They weren't aware it turned me on. My panties were getting damp and when I returned to my office, closed the door, I then slipped out of them by my desk . They were drenched from me feeling horny and sweaty. My nipples erected as if they were ready to lactate. As I was about to put them in the desk my office door opened in walked my editor. He was constantly horny and kissed me as he pulled my chair towards him. Wearing a short skirt he pushed it up. "You are such a slut never wearing panties" he said.
I pulled out the wet panties from the desk showed him how drenched they were. His cock bulged out, and felt so fucking turned on, opened his pants pulled out his cock, wrapped the panties around his hard stiff dick and jerked him off into the skimpy panties.