Dad's pal


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Stan and my Dad worked together in the sawmill. Although Stan was almost 10 years younger than my Dad, they were good pals and every Friday night, they would walk down to the village pub for a few drinks. Stan lived on his own, about a mile up the hill, but he would cycle down to meet Dad and they walked to the pub together.
I was 16 and just finding out about myself and whether I preferred girls or boys, but I did have a thing for Stan. He was stocky, tanned and muscled from all the heavy lifting at the mill, with dark eyes and hair. I was fascinated by the dark chest hair that showed at the neck of his shirt and tried hard not to stare too much when he came round.
My bedroom was downstairs at the front of the house, so even though I was in bed when they came back, I used to stay awake to get a glimpse of Stan as he said goodnight and got on his bike, especially in the summer when it was still light enough to see outside.
One night, about 11 o'clock, I heard their voices, so headed for the window to have a look and realised that the window was wet with rain. I saw the two of them hurrying across the yard to the door, so went back into bed, as I heard the front door open.
There was some whispering, then the bedroom door opened and my Dad came in, saying softly " Will, are you awake ?"
When I sat up, he came over to the bed.
"Listen, it's raining heavy. Stan will get soaked if he cycles home. I said he could bunk up with you. Hope that's okay?"
That was more that okay with me, but I tried to keep the excitement out of my voice.
"Of course, it sounds really bad out there."
I switched on the small lamp beside the bed and Stan came in apologising for disturbing me, but I just told him it was fine with me, which it most definitely was.
Dad headed for the door "I'll just leave you boys to it. See you in the morning."
Stan looked at me "You sure you don't mind sharing your bed with me?" as he took off his jacket which was a bit wet.
I shook my head, "No, as long as you don't snore" trying to make light of it, although inside I was so excited and slightly giddy.
I could see his hair was wet, so I said "Do you want a towel for your hair?"
"Might be better."
I climbed out of bed to the dresser drawer for a towel, forgetting for a minute that I was naked.
Stan whistled " Well somebody's grown up this year", studying my body.
I suppose I had filled out a bit and developed some muscle from swimming and gardening. I now had some hair on my chest and in my groin area, surrounding my cock, which also seemed to have grown that summer.
I was a bit embarrassed, so just handed Stan the towel and got back into bed. It was a bit late to think about putting on shorts, but I was worried I would get a hard on.
Well that happened sooner than expected, when Stan got undressed. The sight of his naked body was beyond my imagination. Manly, with muscled chest, covered in dark hair that continued down over his flat belly to his cock, which hung, thick and long, above his large ball sack, then came powerful thighs and calves, again covered in hair.
I knew I was staring but couldn't stop. Stan was aware of my gaze, but didn't seem bothered. He just said "Ok, Will, shove over, I'm coming in."
I moved over a bit, then Stan was there beside me under the covers, really close, facing towards me, so that I could feel his slightly boozy breath on my face.
"I m feeling cold, Will. Can I have a heat up? " and without waiting for an answer, he wrapped himself around me. It was too much for me and I could feel my cock harden, but was also aware of Stan's cock against my thigh, which was getting harder and longer, nudging my leg as it grew and grew. Stan took my hand and placed it on his huge weapon, then leaned in for a kiss. He tasted of whisky and cigarettes, as his tongue explored my mouth, and I couldn't believe this was actually happening, so it took me a minute to respond. I rolled on my back and he was on top of me, his body weighing me down on the bed and that hard cock pulsing against my stomach.
He sat up and his erection stood proud and huge in front of him. I scooted down the bed and took him in my mouth, or at least as much as I could. His wasn't the first cock I'd sucked, but it was definitely the biggest. I moved to his balls, taking them in my mouth one at a time, before going back to that lovely big cock and giving it some more attention.
Suddenly like a light bulb going off in my head, I realised that what I wanted more than anything, was to have that cock inside me, for Stan to possess me, as he filled my hole with his shaft, stretching me with the thickness of it.
I turned on my stomach, not saying anything, but Stan knew what he was doing. He parted my arse cheeks and worked on my hole with his tongue, getting me good and ready for what lay ahead. When he reckoned that he had me moist and ready, I felt the nudge of his cock and I put my hands back to hold my buttocks apart so he could get easy access. He pushed slowly, inch by inch, till his whole cock was inside me and I'd never felt anything so wonderful, the feeling of being taken by a strong handsome man, when nothing else mattered except his huge, thick shaft embedded inside me.
He pulled halfway out, then back in to the hilt, then again, slowly at first, then faster and faster, till he was fucking like he wanted to be right inside me.
Suddenly it felt like his cock stiffened even more and hot man juice filled my insides, shooting far up my back passage, two, three, four times. Stan's legs were shaking and he lowered himself down on top of me, his breathing heavy and his cock still hard inside me.
I could have lain like that forever, but eventually his cock softened and he pulled out with a satisfying plop, collapsing back on the mattress. My arse felt empty, but strangely satisfied.
Stan patted my behind and gave me a kiss. "Sleep now?"
I nodded and switched off the light.
His voice came in the dark "G'night, Will. Thanks."
In the morning as we all sat at breakfast, I thought that it must be written all over my face that I'd been fucked senseless the night before, but everyone was just normal
Stan had sucked me off early in the morning and just before we got up, he'd given my arse another seeing to, leaving me well stretched and full of his cum.
Now Stan was thanking my Mum and Dad for letting him stay, when my Mum something that I will love her forever for. She turned to Stan and said "It must be a bit of trial, cycling up that hill late at night. Why don't you just stay here on a Friday night from now on? "
Then she looked at me, "You won't mind if Stan shares your room on a Friday, will you, Will?"
I was almost speechless, but managed to say " No problem."
Well Fridays were something to look forward to from then, as Stan fucked me at least twice or three times and always gave me a blow job in the morning. Sometimes I fucked him, but I was never happier than when that huge cock of his was deep in my arse hole.
Friday nights with Stan continued till I went off to University for 3 years.
In one of her letters, my Mum mentioned that Stan had got married and moved away.
And me, I've never really settled down because no one has ever measured up to Stan.