cross dressing

I don’t cross dress. Tried and thought I looked silly. But cross dressers really torn me on. My first experience with a cross dresser was in a London porn theater. The cinema was fairly dark and quite crowded. The fact that the cinema was crowded gave me the ’excuse’ to sit right next to another man. He had his pants pulled down but his underpants still up. Obviously he was waiting for some contact and I obliged him. I reached over and put my hand on his crotch just to discovered that he was wearing lacy panties. He tried to pull them down but I encouraged him to leave them on. I loved the feel of that hard cock encased by the lace. Eventually he insisted on exposing his cock and I gave him a hand job to a good squirt of cum. The guy sitting behind me gave me a pat of approval on my shoulder. He had been watching. No words were spoken but the whole experience left me wanting to be with cross dressers especially in public venues.