cross dressing

wearing my panties, stockings and garter belt at the bath house and starting to get some attention. should be getting some cock soon.
always crossdress
ooooooooo OMG. Just so you know, I have always dressed as a girl. When I got married my wife knew it too as she caught me in her bra as I jerked. For a little background; I dated a girl 22, who was a slut. A friend said I shouldn't marry her because she dated black studs and her mother was a black cock slut. Well, knowing that turned me on. I married her and told her it's okay if she had lovers if they were black. So she had dated and I helped her get ready and was excited when she returned with a pussy filled with BBC cum. I always ate her pussyhole while she called me a sissy slut. I love her. I'm a white black cock too.
Started cross dressing in my teens; bra, panties, thigh high hose and feminine attire. All through school the Black boys knew of my fetish and where they could get a blow job and ass. Three marriages, three divorces and I couldn't quench my desire to cross dress. Now have a steady married Black Bull who likes what he sees in me, his personal sissy bitch who does his every bidding.