Bbc dom and submissive white


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Love it! I see a fine, older black man and my knees get weak! One look and he already knows I’ve sucked and swallowed a black cock before; he knows I’ll do whatever he needs from me. Addicted to Black cock for sure!


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Was never on top bottom stuff. Was usually mutual want to suck eachother. First anal enjoyed black guy after I fucked him. 9.5 or so dick slendar. he was nice we walked under a bridge sucked eachother fucked. Meet at bus stop. I was not dom he not sub he sucked me I sucked his nice one. Fucked him first. First anal experience not pleasurable at all. We talked about it asked me if want to try. I did glad did enjoyed it. Not that liked or prefered black dicks. Just mostly most expriences were with black guys. I never initiated it mostly them they wanted white dick as much or more than I wanted black one. Sweet bubble butts sweet asses. Never got hung up on who is dom or sub just went with it.